Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Summer Solstice, also known as Litha, occurs as the sun moves out of the sign of Gemini into the Sign of Cancer around June 21st.
Whatever crops are now showing above ground must be tended and supported, as we now have a sense of what we have the potential of reaping in the harvest to come.
Whether we are growing a business, a family, a garden, or any other enterprise, the principals are the same. Solstice fires may be lit to represent the sun and if one has the permission to do so, it is a wonderful and sacred act to ignite an outdoor fire at sunset and keep it alive till sunrise, to celebrate the potency of solar fire, both externally and internally.
This is a time to celebrate our sovereignty and our personal power, vitality, and growth.
This is often a very socially active time of the year, when outdoor activities and festivals prevail. Gregarious energy, revelry, games and friendly rivalries are played out, and the opportunities for joyful, and eccentric interactions stimulate and enliven.
The Sun itself becomes a symbol of the spinning wheel of the year, and as we turn the wheel at Solstice we are energized by its momentum, and carried forward into a time of sustained growth and action.
This is a time to travel and reconnect with neighbors and friends, a time to explore and expand our horizons.
Have or imagine a crown, coronet, tiara, or other head dress of your choosing, and keep this image or item on hand. You may wish to dance or turn in a circle (or close your eyes and imagine a circle dance) to honor the turning of the wheel of the year.
Close your eyes now and focus on the crown of your head, and imagine the sun’s bright light streaming down as you open up to its divine message of power. As you are crowned, I ask that you make a magical statement of acknowledgment of your power to bring the world into being, and state how and what you intend to express and create from your divine sovereign self. The final paragraph concludes the ceremony and I invite you to notice how you feel after having this experience, no mater how you have chosen to undertake it.
The Fortis exoskeleton let you lift heavy tools indefinitely – and it’s unpowered! There are many different takes on what a human exoskeleton could look like, and a few have even been put into service to greatly augment the human body. Designers tested the exoskeleton with a 16-pound grinder commonly used in industrial settings. Having worn my own back through repetitive lifting causing accelerated arthritis in the spine (cartilage worn off the bone vertebrae causing painful inflammation) I can appreciate the need for exo-frames taking the strain off the body for manual work. I would not advise people to do manual work as it currently stands until these devices to reduce stress on the body are available.
To be fair, do you even get a government contract if you aren’t consistently over budget and under-performing?
Project Managers are salivating at the idea of making their underlings volunteer” to work 40x harder for the same wage. Project Managers are part of the problem, but the real problem are the greedy upper management that see 27x productivity increases, figure they can squeeze a round x30 out instead, and pocket all that extra income.
If I had to design such a thing, the exoskeleton would extend the length of the arms, and would lock in place when a button is pressed.
That actually is a nice idea, the lock button thing, and now that you’ve mentioned it, I can’t see how those rotating knee and hip joints can support the weight of the exoskeleton let alone the payload tool? Cool, and that’s only the unpowered exoeskeleton, what do you thing would do the powered one ?.
If a person can’t lift 36 pounds without the help of a device like this, then what they need to do is start taking vitamins every day. I'm a law student who is fond of reading and writing about interesting topics on science (especially cognitive science and psychology), technology, and different extraterrestrial and paranormal stuff.
This is the longest day and shortest night of the solar year, and is directly opposite to Yule or Winter Solstice in the pagan eight-spoked wheel of the year. Hydration becomes an issue, as the watery sign of Cancer reminds us to protect and maintain what we are growing so it does not perish through neglect or spiritual drought.

What has been begun must be given the attention needed for it to thrive and come to fruition.
Their power to increase our abundance and help us grow is formidable, and acknowledging them now will ensure a bountiful harvest to come. We are moved to acknowledge the strength, and the support that exists in community to bring light and love into the world. A time for weddings, graduation ceremonies, and summer fairs which bring us together in community celebration. Like the story of the Sun which is pulled across the sky by a horse drawn chariot, we are moving forward with intention and integrity, and now is the time to check in with ourselves to make sure we are on the path that will lead us to our heart’s desire.
Feel your crown chakra drink in the light, and let it flow through your being, bringing with it the clear and full awareness of your unique and divine sovereignty. You may use the following as a basis for this magical statement and add to it whatever specific declarations inspire you. You can also subscribe without commenting.Yes, please add me to your mailing list for your weekly digest!
A worker was able to hold this tool over his head unaided for only three minutes before needing to rest his arms. Its OK for medical professionals advising exercise and diet after this wear and tear has occurred but these injuries don’t fully repair causing a lot of problems for the unfortunate individuals from health to wealth. My assumption was that the power issue was halting other exoskeleton development, but this didn’t have that hurdle to overcome. Raising your working height, for example, will require an adjustment of the arm’s length. This would allow you to move naturally with your full range of motion, and let the exo carry the load when you need it to. They say that this device can enable someone to lift a heavy object indefinitely, but I noticed that you still have to hold your arms up in the air to control the swing arm of the exoskeleton, so your arms will probably get tired quickly anyway. And to address others’ concerns, the arm does not need to be adjusted to do simple things such as raising your work height. In the Great Fire of London in 1666, which destroyed 13,200 houses, 87 churches, the cathedral of St. The first bomb that fell on Berlin from the Allies in WWII killed the one and only elephant of the Berlin zoo. General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna ordered a full military funeral in 1838 for his amputated leg. At the beginning of the American Civil War, the commander of the confederate army, General Robert E. A man from New Orleans hired a pirate to liberate Napoleon from his exile to the island of St. In 1929, researchers in Princeton managed to turn a live cat into a fully functional telephone. The reason for creating the vibrator was to treat hysteria, as doctors were taking too long to masturbate the patients manually. Warner Brothers Entertainment Company was founded a few months before the fall of the Ottoman Empire.
If the history of planet Earth was reduced to one year, then humans would appear on 23:45 December 31 and their recorded history would be the last 60 seconds of the year. If people think that today’s athletes are compensated with a lot of money, they should think again.
The most successful pirate that ever existed was a Chinese prostitute that owned 1,500 ships and 80,000 sailors. In the middle ages, people believed that sperm coming from the left testicle produced girls. In the 1800s, it was considered a cruel and unusual punishment to feed convicts and prisoners with lobster. Essentially the same formula used today for concrete that is to be used underwater was created in 25BC by the ancient Romans. From the late 19th century and up to 1916, it was forbidden for British soldiers to shave their mustache.

The only known medical procedure with 300% mortality rate was performed in 1847 when a doctor performed an amputation in 25 seconds.
Julius Caesar was kidnapped by pirates who demanded a ransom of 25 pieces of gold for his release.
Alan Turing committed suicide after being forced to go through a hormone treatment for homosexuality and being barred from continuing what he did for a living.
You can perform this as a kind of meditation, or print it out and use it as the basis for a group ceremony, adding your personal thoughts and any ‘bells and whistles’ you are inspired to include.
Lockheed Martin has been experimenting with a more elegant unpowered solution that solves one particularly nasty problem with clever analysis of biomechanics.
Using Fortis, the worker was able to use the grinder continuously for 30 minutes with no problems. If you’re doing grinding at many different areas, this might actually increase the amount of time it takes due to having to adjust it a lot.
Air Force (then part of the Army corps) had 18 pilots and 5-12 serviceable aircraft at the beginning of WWI. It lasted from 1651 to 1986, making it the longest war that ever existed, to which there were no casualties. Violet Jessop is the only known survivor of the three largest ship accidents and sinking in history.
Each line could be read from right to left or from left to right, in both diagonal Xs and in both vertical directions. A locking mechanism is unnecessary as unless your load is greater than 36 lbs it does not move unless you move it. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. She was on board the RMS Olympic when it collided with HMS Hawke and returned to Southampton, despite the fact that there was flooding and heavy damage.
Both the patient and the assistant died from sepsis, as well as a spectator, who died from the shock of what he saw. At the same time, it also reduces the risk of injury and makes manual labor much less tiring.Lockheed Fortis exoskeleton, with a toolThe US Navy has purchased two of the Fortis exoskeletons from Lockheed and will be testing them over the next six months to see if the claimed productivity improvements are legit. Furthermore, the constitution of the confederate states of America banned the trade of slaves while the Union constitution did not. She was on board RMS Titanic in 1912, and she was also on board the HMHS Britannic when it was sunk by a mine in WWI. The Fortis exoskeleton can allow a worker to hold a tool weighing up to 36 pounds indefinitely.Fortis is being developed with military applications in mind. Not for the battlefield, but for the workers who support the military with their blood and sweat. The worker operates the tool normally, but it’s attached to the exoskeleton via the swing arm.
Basically, anything where you need to hold heavy things out in front of you for long periods of time can potentially be improved by a Fortis exoskeleton, and it never needs to be plugged in.Now read: Will we ever have Iron Man exoskeletons? Many of the tools like grinders and riveters that workers need to use can easily weigh 15-30 pounds (about 7-14 kg).
Even a stout working man can only hold something that heavy at arm’s length for a few minutes before he has to rest his muscles. There are joints at the ankle, knee, and hip to ensure you can actually move while wearing the device. Fortis solves the problem of muscle fatigue by supporting up to 36 pounds of weight so the wearer can move the tool around effortlessly. The weight of the payload gets to the ground through the stirrup, which is also attached to the ankle and allows the foot to rest on the ground normally.

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