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Asia Gem ConnectionCome straight to the source with a trusted connection, and save thousands by avoiding the layers of markup that come between you and the world’s most beautiful gemstones. Whether it’s a gift, a special piece to commemorate life’s cherished moments, or a treasured souvenir of your time in Asia, let Ellen and Jamie help you find a one-of-a-kind piece you’ll love for forever.
There are so many ways to work with & learn about crystals so this sharing can go on FOREVER. Certain crystals can neutralize & transmute the energetic frequencies so they don’t carry specific frequencies that may resonate with those bad feelings. Ever wonder if your citrine is the real deal straight out of mama earth or if it’s been heat-treated?  Does it even matter? One of the most popular classes I used to teach is 1 in which we learned to use crystals for abundance attraction, using the vibration of certain crystals to manifest more prosperity + abundance. Want to learn how to make a Crystal Grid to help manifest your desires & make your dreams come true?
Which has sparked my desire to educate our Crystal Hottie Community and write a whole series of blog posts! Now, that many of us live such fast-paced and stressful lives with less physical activity studies have shown that insomnia is on the rise. These are certain stones you can use along with some techniques I’ve found work very well for me as well as others.

My Crystal Looks Different ~ What Does it Mean when your Crystal Changes Color or Gets Cloudy? I often get asked questions about a crystal changing color, or becoming cloudy, or showing a new inclusion that wasn’t there before. Or sometimes, the crystal is found by someone else in a different place entirely; not even in the same vicinity. So the major thing that  Salt Lamps “do” is that they induce negative ions into your environment.  What’s that?
Sometimes the negativity parties can be so intense or non-relenting that you end up feeling annoyed, slightly depressed, emotionally exhausted or even physically tired.
This way I can learn more from a different perspective while also avoiding those common pitfalls.
That’s always extremely valuable for me so I hope this blog post of my personal crystal experiences does the same for you.
As you saw above, another 1 of my top blog posts is 5 Tips to a Better Night’s Sleep…the Crystal Healing Way but this here blog is specifically about a great crystal mix for a bedroom. Working with stones is a natural way to relieve anxiety that’s safe & completely free of side-effects – & works, My Sweets! The solution I came up with in this instance was a mojo bag.  A mojo bag helps give you a little juju-juice of whatever energy flavor you’re in need of, in this case it’s Anxiety-Busting!
I will look forward to receiving more of your emails and look forward to purchasing your book in the very near future.

Then I came home, went on my computer looking for other crystal information then I found you.
The photos were selected to give you an accurate depiction of how the piece actually looks.
The results are below where I’ve gathered up the top 20 hottest crystal blog posts in one easy reference spot.
I feel it may be a combo effect of our hurried lifestyles coupled with the Yuck & Stuck phenom I’m always harpin’ on about.
Like the crystal manifested itself in a little bag that was locked up somewhere in a safety deposit box – something really, really wild, like that…& it’s completely unexplained. We don’t Photoshop our gemstones or use the florescent lights many websites and department stores utilize.
I am learning a lot about the crystal grids and love looking at this latest email containing information on the Top 20 of your crystal blogs. I just recently took a workshop class on crystals and crystal grids was one of the main topics.

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