0 Comments   The age of information technology and hyper connectivity is upon us. 0 Comments   No matter from which country you belong, you could easily transfer your money online. RemitONE is the leading provider of end-to-end, multi-agent, multi-channel, multi-currency and multi-region money transfer software solutions for banks, money transfer operators (MTOs), B2B Specialists and a variety of small, medium and large payment institutions and other businesses. RemitONE is the world’s leading provider of multi-channel money transfer platforms for banks, money transfer operators, FX companies and a variety of SMEs around the world. Headquartered in the UK, and with reseller offices in North America, Africa and Southeast Asia, we deliver remittance solutions that empower money service businesses to send and receive money flexibly via agents, ATMs, bank branches, EFTPOS terminals, mobile phones, prepaid cards and websites.
Our Management team comprises highly experienced professionals from business, technology and finance backgrounds. Our well-known R1 Community™ service to clients where we connect them through facilitated introductions and ‘link’ their RemitONE systems together, enabling them to tap into new markets rapidly.
Our R1 Consulting™ service which looks after new businesses wishing to apply for money service business licenses and acquire bank accounts.
RemitONE is an ideal partner for money service businesses, be they banks or money transfer operators, as we assist them from start to finish i.e. We continuously strive to deliver products and services of the highest quality to our clients. We encourage fair competition and transparency by working with leading international money transfer price comparison sites.
We hold our clients, partners and resellers in high regard and believe that integrity is pivotal to any successful business relationship.
Our expertise and thorough knowledge of the remittance industry, combined with our focus on innovation, gives us first-hand knowledge of trends and technologies which we use to improve our systems. We constantly receive feedback from clients and regulatory bodies from around the world which helps and influences the features we rapidly make available to you.
This level of focus on compliance and regulation is one of the main reasons major banks, industry lobby groups and financial institutions favour RemitONE.
The RemitONE systems are renowned too for their robustness and reliable security measures, so you don’t need to worry about downtime and other security issues. A number of large banks and MTOs from around the world that manage remittance operations prefer to use our systems, demonstrating RemitONE's reliability and the sophistication of our business, security and compliance features and functionality.
RemitONE is much more than a provider of industry leading money transfer products: we support you through every stage of your business journey. If you are just starting out in the remittance business, or moving to the next phase of growth, the R1 Consulting service gives you access to our partners who are industry experts. Our R1 Community helps you grow sustainably by introducing you to other RemitONE clients, who include some of the largest banks and MTOs in the world.
Because we’re immersed in the remittance world, we know about the latest trends, developments and regulatory issues. We add over 30 new features every month to make sure our clients meet the latest industry demands, and can offer customers the best possible service.
Our evolving system ensures you’ll always have access to the latest trends, such as online and mobile technologies.
We believe in transparency and fairness in all our dealings with clients, partners, suppliers, and employees.

The once dominant BlackBerry handset surely put a lot of money in the coffers at the company formerly known as Research In Motion (RIM). On Tuesday, Bloomberg reported BlackBerry is testing a service that could be tied to its instant-messaging functionality. Instead, BlackBerry is reportedly launching a pilot project with PT Bank Permata, an Indonesian bank partly owned by Standard Chartered, a firm that provides personal and business banking services to clients in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Moreover, while it might seem this functionality would be available on the new BlackBerry Z10 handsets, in fact the service would only work on BlackBerry 5, 6 and 7 devices. In this pilot program, users will be able to set up BBM Money mobile accounts, which would be issued by PT Bank Permata. BlackBerry subscribers can then use a BBM Money account to add cash at a PT Bank Permata ATM — for which the bank reportedly has about 700,000 in Indonesia. The choice of Indonesia might seem like a strange place to start, but the nation of nearly 250 million people is also one of BlackBerry´s remaining bastions, and the handset remains the leading smartphone brand. However, there are more than 60 million BBM customers worldwide, with about three out of every four BlackBerry subscribers utilizing the handsets free instant- messaging functionality. It could also be a way for the Waterloo, Ontario-based mobile phone maker to get into an industry dominated by Western Union, MoneyGram International and even PayPal. Have you ever thought about why such fantastic products that Google and Facebook are offering can be free of charge? The problem I often see in both my own company and many others is that we have a very short sighted view of what a value is and we only measure it in money at the first level.
Either you want to send money to your neighbor or to any overseas countries; you can send money online now.
A number of the world’s most respected and trusted brands from the remittance space use our products and services in over 75 countries and push millions of transactions annually through our money transfer systems worldwide.
We are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and our R1 Technology™ business wing encompasses our money transfer product lines and bespoke solutions. We work with our highly experienced partner consulting firms that specialise in compliance and regulation. By tapping into established networks, you as an R1 Community member gain instant access to new countries with minimal investment in terms of time and cost. In turn, you’ll be able to differentiate yourself, stay ahead of your competitors, and offer much more to your existing and potential customers.
This gives us a thorough knowledge of the industry, current regulations, and the latest technologies. Now comes word the Canadian smartphone maker might be getting in the money transfer business.
This partnership could allow users to transfer money to contacts via the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service. The service will likely be supported on the new handsets, which haven´t been announced for release in Indonesia however. The bank will process the financial transactions and reportedly manage bank-grade security measures that could include passcode, encryption and even monitoring. With this money in the tied account, users can make payments to other BBM contacts and transfer money to other bank accounts, after visiting a designated bank location for a one-time identity check. BlackBerry has been on a long slow decline, and has seen its worldwide subscriber base drop from 80 million to 79 million by the end of last quarter.

This could be an opportunity for BlackBerry to take advantage of this fact by offering options to send more than just text.
We invest with our time, energy, ideas and data, which create a value for these companies that they can exchange for money from advertisers at a later stage. They have to generate money on their own and if they can’t be quantifiable from that narrow view they wont happen. The BBM Money program will also allow Indonesian users to purchase mobile airtime and pay for prepaid SIM cards for family and friends.
E.g Energy from the sun is stored in a tree that we can cut down and re-use to heat up a nice fire. Every business that does not make money will disappear but the question is how are we going to make money and at what stage do we exchange the value for money? In a similar way can a business value transform from one type of value to another (there is one important difference and that is that a business value can easily be destroyed but energy cannot be destroyed, but you get the point). I am referring to financial services especially money transfer from one country to another. Now, things have changed drastically and you can make an international money transfer within minutes and the money is received on the other side almost instantly. Online money transfer is the most easy and convenient way as anyone could transfer money from anywhere. With the passage of time, the rates charged by these money transfer companies have also drastically reduced and quality has improved by many folds which are good for customers.
Gone are the days when you have to wait for days and in some cases even for weeks to receive money. In most cases, your money can be picked up by the party on the other side within minutes, without the need of a bank account. For this purpose, an account number and a routing number is required for the transit recipient. You need to check a routing number based on some digit code, which is the identity of the bank or its branch location that properly provide address of sender.
This method takes 2-4 days but it is a highly secure and some banks could charge for their services.
The receiver can collect the money from a suitable agent location in the home country by providing valid identification documents, just minutes after the sender has made the transfer.
In the cash-to-card mode of money transfer, receiver can redirect a cash pick-up transaction onto a card via a call center. It is better to send money online that keeps it on a secured transaction but also a simplified procedure which could be done from any place to anywhere in the world.
This online money transfer keeps money secure as you have the proof to claim for your money on any unsatisfactory condition from nearby branches.

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