I’ve spent years building up my ISA balance and to have it destroyed like this in a flash was so disappointing. What were Nationwide thinking of when they made the decision to put ISA accounts in the Quick Transfer box.
I’m furious with Nationwide, angry with myself for making a mistake and disappointed that my ISA balance has been destroyed.
Exactly the same thing happened to me and like you I have lost a substantial amount of my ISA savings. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. For customers of the Clydesdale Bank (what do you mean you’ve never heard of it?), it’s been a long wait for the Mobile Banking App, but that long wait is finally over. On the security side of things, the Clydesdale Bank Mobile Banking App is suitably impressive. As for Transfers, you can only transfer funds between your own accounts, so you can forget sending anyone else money. A few other relatively simple things are absent from the Clydesdale Bank Mobile Banking App too, such as lists of Standing Orders and Direct Debits.
But for what it is (version 1.0, essentially), the Clydesdale Bank Mobile Banking App is pretty decent, with intuitive navigation. Summary: The Clydesdale Bank Mobile Banking App doesn’t replace full-blown Internet Banking, but it’s worth installing for a quick check of your balance on the move, and the text alerts might appeal to some too.
FWIW there are NO UK Bank mobile apps that completely dispense with the need for true online banking. Lewis, why the hell did you choose this app (of the millions out there which you've not yet reviewed) to review? Did you know that Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda currently have a combined active mobile subscriber base of 43.3 million? Someone, somewhere was paying attention to these numbers and in 2007 a revolutionary mobile payment app was launched in East Africa. What begun as a mobile money transfer program launched by the  Kenya’s Safaricom mobile network (affiliate of Vodafone) in March 2007, has now spread across the region, and is replicated by almost all mobile phone companies in Africa. The initial idea behind M-Pesa was to create a service which allowed microfinance borrowers to conveniently receive and repay loans using mobile network resellers.
Since its launch, M-Pesa has captured a significant market share for cash transfers, and grew astoundingly quickly, capturing over 14 million subscribers and well over 28,000 agents across Kenya alone by November 2011.

The growth of the service forced formal banking institutions to take note of the new venture.
The service has now been transitioned to be operationally run by IBM on behalf of Vodafone. By being ahead of other parts of the world in electronic money transfers, M-Pesa has made Africa a serious global player in the technology sector in terms of innovation. Infact at a recent gathering of African leaders, the former deputy governor of the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) floated the idea of establishing a Centre of Excellence in Cyber Science in the region. Nonetheless, M-Pesa is making waves across the globe, enabling the further revolution on mobiles and enhancing the lives of millions, especially those in the developing world.
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Initially, the drum is given a total positive charge by the charge corona wire, a wire with an electrical current running through it. After the pattern is set, the printer coats the drum with positively charged toner -- a fine, black powder. With the powder pattern affixed, the drum rolls over a sheet of paper, which is moving along a belt below. By putting the e-ISA option in the Quick Transfer list Nationwide made it far too easy to do, far too easy to make a mistake, no warning, nothing.
I have written to complain to Nationwide but they are unwilling to do anything but put the whole blame on me for making the mistake. I used your situation to support my complaint and Nationwide have now agreed to put the money back in to my ISA.
As soon as you log in, you’re presented with the details of your first account, and other accounts can be accessed with a simple swipe to the right. You’re automatically logged out if you close the app with the Home button, receive a call, lock your phone, or remain inactive for 4-5 minutes.
While Internet Banking demands your 10-digit customer number and three characters from your password and the answer to one of your security questions, the Clydesdale Bank Mobile Banking App uses a simple 8-digit passcode. For starters, the Transaction descriptions are abbreviated to fit on the screen (portrait) and there’s no way to expand them. Even just being able to see them would be nice; we don’t necessarily need the option to cancel or whatever.
It was hoped that the users of the service would gain through being able to track their finances more easily.  However, when the service was trialled, customers adopted the service for a variety of alternative uses and complications arose with Faulu, the partnering MFI.
In December 2008, a group of banks reportedly lobbied the Kenyan finance minister to audit M-Pesa, in an effort to at least slow the growth of the service.

He said this was a growing field that would require better preparations if the East African  region was to fully exploit potentials in the e-business sector.
In 2012, key industry leaders in Africa are calling for an effective regulatory framework and a robust cyber laws regime to help underpin this essential service which has big potential in the region’s economic development. For example, if, as a vendor or service provider, I accept payment on my website through M-PESA in Kenya, could an M-PESA account holder in say, Rwanda pay for my service using their account? Before the paper rolls under the drum, it is given a negative charge by the transfer corona wire (charged roller). I think Nationwide should remove this option IMMEDIATELY, and they should make customers go through a warning level.
They are not even prepared to offer any compensation as an act of good will even though I have a substantial amount of money invested with them. I replied I wanted the money put back into my ISA account – he agreed (I understand this is a very manual process for Nationwide to do). M-Pesa was re-focused and launched with a different value proposition: sending payments across the country anytime and anywhere.
This charge is stronger than the negative charge of the electrostatic image, so the paper can pull the toner powder away.
ISA transfers should be considered thoughtful transfers and certainly not something you could achieve with the click of a button. The system can also work with the charges reversed -- that is, a positive electrostatic image on a negative background. Since it is moving at the same speed as the drum, the paper picks up the image pattern exactly. There was no way they were going to help me, and in the end they seemed surprised at what I had achieved.
Ours is an enterprise which has been expanding for lastcouple of years and the transactions have increased for more than Rs.
To keep the paper from clinging to the drum, it is discharged by the detac corona wire immediately after picking up the toner.
In order to keep pacewith the rapid expansion of our business enterprise we face problem of securingadditional funds for a certain period of time.In order to make it through such times, we would be highly obliged if you pleaseconsider granting us the overdraft facility of Rs.

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