Most of my clients ask for strategies to help combat the daily stress involved in taking risks in their business, dealing with politics at work and the ups and downs of life.
Affirmations are not a magic lasso that goes out to fill your “order” or a Santa wish list. From my perspective we humans are complicated beings and our brains are quite amazing– but that amazing power can be used for us—or against us.
I highly recommend daily affirmations of some type and have been using them myself for years.
If you are feeling fat, the affirmation should not be “I am skinny.” Your brain will disagree with you and that is an argument that you will never win.
If you are having horrible day at work, your kids are acting up and your finances are shot—affirming peace and tranquility is NOT going to help.

The value of affirmations comes from exposing your brain to your goals and aspirations on a level that helps your subconscious mind look for proof of what you are affirming—which makes it more likely to exist.
I work one to one with people in high level careers who feel overwhelmed and trapped by their professional circumstances--and I work with leaders who are ready to lead with conviction, clarity and far better communication. Daily affirmations get a bad rap often because they are used incorrectly and because they can seem a little “woo-woo.” Here are two tips that can make affirmations both effective and logical. Instead, try “I am making healthy choices.” Find phrases that you can believe on some level instead of picking the opposite of what is true right now.
Affirmations are best as a standalone, brief exercise that you do for yourself for 20 seconds a day or as often as you can. Plus, affirming a somewhat-improved version of something you are struggling with can help you access a more resourceful part of your brain—which again makes it more likely that you will improve in that area.

The idea is to reach for the version of yourself you aspire to be in the key categories of your life right now.
You are building a muscle to help you endure stressful moments—not deal with them in the moment.

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