You know, as crazy as it may sound to you this right now, but with time exercise becomes a natural part of your life and your daily routine, and you really miss it when you aren’t able to go to the gym. Monday Is a New Start “Good things don’t come to those who wait. Fintess Monday Motivation Don’t let another Monday go by without working towards your goals.
Funny Fitness Quotes Did you ever wonder what normal people do on a Saturday morning?
Start Strong, Finish Stronger How you start your day is the first step in determining how you will finish.
The reason that yoga helps you to lose weight is because it is dedicated to helping your body eliminate toxins. Not only do you eliminate toxins through the various poses, but since yoga lowers levels of stress hormones and increases insulin sensitivity, your body can then go into fat-burning mode and burn food as fuel rather than store it as fat. The best part about yoga is that since it is low impact, you can practice it at any age or any fitness level. Bikram Yoga is a yoga class that is held in a room where the temperature has been raised to over 100 degrees in order to sweat out toxins.
The series of postures are arranged logically so that you move smoothly from one posture to the next. Your mind is the powerful determinant that controls whether or not you give into that cheeseburger and milkshake craving. The below session, gives you complete relaxation and implants a powerful suggestion in your subconscious mind for weight loss through hypnotism.

For every person out there who has a darn good excuse why they are depressed, overweight, unhealthy, tired or has failed, there is a person in the same exact situation with the same exact past who is succeeding.
Your body kind of becomes addicted to it. Any form of physical activity leads to the release of happy hormones which make you feel good. From the food we eat to the air we breathe to the water we bathe in, toxins invade our body daily. The more you practice yoga, the more you learn to sit still, meditate and breathe and the more you will train your body and your mind. Train your mind to be in diet and never regain the weight which you have lost by following diet. Even if you follow the dieting and lose those extra pounds, as soon as you stop dieting, within no time you find those extra pounds you lost added again. This cycle is a never ending because once we complete a rigorous diet plan, we are tempted to eat more thus over eating and gaining the lost weight in no time. During diet we train our body to survive with the least amount of calories that we intake, but in this process we forget to train our mind to be in diet! Your subconscious mind will accept the suggestion and start working towards the suggestion i.e. Even if some thoughts come in your mind, just ignore those thoughts, eventually those thoughts will fade away. Toxins can be found in almost every product we use daily, from the food we eat to our household cleaners. Imagine being able to quiet that little devil up there telling you to be bad and eat the processed-full-of-dairy-and-sugar-chocolate-chip-cookie-pie.

As SOOOON as you think a negative thought, you have to stop that thought and replace it with a positive one (or at least replace it with a truth you can hold on to).
I’ve known SO many people who have joined every gym in town and finally started to learn how to use the gym and become a success. When you want to repeat a mistake, claim the new you saying “that was the OLD me!”, reminding yourself of who you are NOW and who you are BECOMING! Step out of your comfort zone and decide to try things that you know will grow you, strengthen you and improve you. I’ve know people overweight alllll their life (fully convinced they just inherited fatness) get fit – and even get shredded with physiques that belong in fitness magazines! However, when you look at your goal, and look at other people reaching their goals, you realize how little excuse you have.
When I see one of our members rolling her wheelchair through the gym, or a overweight member hitting the elliptical for 45 minutes, all my lame excuses to skip cardio pale in comparison. I don’t know how often someone asks me what I do to stay fit and as soon as I talk about diet, they tune me out.
You are your own science project – keep experimenting until you get the result you want!

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