If you follow the right steps discussed in this article then setting up eCommerce store will be quite easy for you.
If you have expertise in any industry or already own brick and mortar store then it becomes little easier to select a product. You can search our Big eCommerce players like Amazon, Ebay to get basic know how of the product that they have competence in. Alibaba is trusted place to source product in bulk, considering that 12.7 billion orders have taken place in it. Alibaba also offers Gold Supplier partners which provide extra safely and authenticity to buyers.
After you have decided on product and source, you need to choose a platform for e-commerce development. Your web development partner can help you choose you a good platform for your eCommerce website.
While choosing the platform you need to keep in mind that after developing eCommerce website, you would be able to handle the backend side to manage your eCommerce website. Once you have selected on product and chosen the platform, the web developer will start the work on the backend side.
It’s really important for you to have frequent communication with a developer in order to develop your store according to your likes and taste. However, other than technical aspects of setting up the store, you also need to focus on copy writing. You need to highlight USP (Unique Selling Point) of your product, make sure you write a precise and convincing description. We have discussed how you can decide & source product, but also how can you choose the right platform for eCommerce development. We hope that you will get inspired and start a store of your own and see how things work out for you.
I hope you will find this post very useful regarding How to set up eCommerce store and generate Sales.
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I think those articles are barely enough for anyone to start an online business with niche website.
This month I order one more tiered link building package for my site and one more high pr link service.  Consistent link building will help me to keep the site strongly at #1 as this public case study will drive more competitors.
For sure, what happened to Spencer’s site was unfortunate, but not unlikely given the public nature.
The link to the tiered link building service is broken so I wondered if you could post it again.
I am starting my own niche site using amazon associates and hope that it can be as successful as yours.
I noticed the visitors that stayed on your site the longest were the ones that typed best adjustable dumbells… they can’t spell or read perhaps!! You can actually shorten your links with amazon apparently, so they don’t look so long and spammy! Hey if you could do a post on how you brain storm and go about finding your keywords that would be cool. When Google penalized me haha… I just focus on link velocity and gradually building more links. I have never heard of anyone else making close to $1k (with Amazon or any other affiliate program) within 2 months of launching a site from scratch!
Is (on site) post inter-linking something which you’ve done for this particular site?
I think you could create a private coaching soon with the new-built experience of starting and selling niche blogs — did you think about it?

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ErrorSorry!This page is currently unavailable while we undergo routine maintenance.We apologize for any inconvenience. If you are interested in setting up eCommerce store and don’t know where to start, this guide will help you steps that you need to take in order to setup money making & profitable eCommerce store. This post has been placed into logical order based on how you decide on product, source product, choose theplatform, launch & grow a profitable business. If you don’t have set a channel for the sourcing product then you can meet the local producer of that product and ask them to give you products for your eCommerce venture. Sites like Alibaba make it easy for the purchaser to conduct due diligence and get know about the seller.
You need to explain your product & your business model to the developer and they will present your various options available for development. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) is an important element from a user perspective.
It doesn’t require too much work and money to build a successful niche website, the key here is to take action on your first.
This is my first time being an Amazon Associate and honestly I’ve never thought that my site was freaking profitable like that. The funny thing is that the keyword “adjustable dumbells” gets 1300 searches per month and it brought me 75 visits in May !!
I still have 9 unshipped items and once they are shipped, the rate will increase to 7% so the commission will definitely be higher. Now it’s time to scale it up and make my site become the ultimate resources in the niche. Spencer’s site is getting so many copy cats so I have to prepare myself for the battle if I dont want to be outranked. If you havent liked Cloud Living Journey’s fanpage yet, do it now to get more updates! You mentioned that you have 2 different link building strategies (the Sarkar one and your own blog network). I’ve been building niche sites as well, but I have to definitely build an Amazon niche site. I think refering people to a landing page where the product appears is better than put them into the shopping cart section.
Does Amazon credit for sales outside US Affiliate program (which I think you’ve subscribed with yourself)?

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