During last weeks' hometown visits on "The Bachelorette," fans learned a bit more about Jordan Rodgers' strained relationship with his successful brother, Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.
Viewers learned that not only do Aaron and Jordan not speak to each other, but it seems like the entire family has a hard time even mentioning Aaron's name. During the hometown visit, Jordan gave the slightest bit of information as to why the brothers don't speak. While Jordan was on "The Bachelorette" digging up family dirt, Aaron has stayed pretty mum about the whole thing. The keyword there being "competition." It doesn't seem like Aaron really takes his brother's quest for love very seriously, by referring to it as a "competition," and not an engagement to the woman Jordan has "fallen for," JoJo Fletcher. According to FOX 31, the rift between Aaron and the family could have happened around July 2015, when a friend of the Rodgers brothers, Francis Blay, got married.
FOX 31 says that another strain on Jordan and Aaron's relationship might be because of Jordan's ex-girlfriend, Brittany Farrar.
After spending a year economising and driving a nice little Vauxhall Corsa, I decided I needed a larger car to suit my outdoor lifestyle and transporting the dog. Having used crates for Bentley in the past I have found them a little cumbersome to use and also the incessant rattling drives me crazy, so I prefer to have Bentley sat in the boot. I had also moved house and was living in a more rural location, so my new route to work consisted of pot hole riddled country lanes which were starting to prove troublesome in the little car. Having researched various different option of new and second hand 4x4s I opted for the new Vauxhall Antara.
It is important to state that the Antara has a very high boot floor, meaning Bentley does have to jump up and into the boot and I may have to get ramp if Bentley develops any health issues that would prevent this leap.

Having covered around 4000 miles from new so far I can report that the mpg on the Antara is not as great as I hoped; I get on average around 36 mpg, which, in the real world, means ?85 of diesel returns around 480 miles. Simon loves finding new products for Bentley, his 4 year old Rough Collie - from dog toys to treats, plus he loves going out on long walks in the Kent countryside - usually in search of a pub! Perhaps what Aaron doesn't approve of is that Jordan went through shortcuts to chase "d-List fame on a reality television competition," as the Huffington Post put it.
He only recently gave a brief statement on his relationship with Jordan, to ABC affiliate WISN 12. Farrar is a personal trainer who is very good friends with Aaron's girlfriend, actress Olivia Munn.
I may be criticised for not using a dog harness with Bentley but I find them too restrictive and Bentley doesn’t seem to get very comfortable. I have always been against 4X4s and SUVs (sport utility vehicles), but had to admit that this type of vehicle seemed to be better suited to my needs.
The new Antara is fairly rare on the roads but has a very impressive specification list for its price, and Vauxhall also boast a lifetime warranty and 0% financing. My SE Nav specified model, is part time four wheel drive (only activating when the front wheels lose grip), has a full leather interior with heated front seats, in built satellite navigation on a touch screen display, iPod connection, Bluetooth handsfree , electronic hand brake, heated electric folding mirrors, xenon headlamps and 19” alloy wheels.
All he cared about was the size of the boot and whether he could look out at other car drivers! Smaller dogs would have problems with this height, which is approximately 130 cm, but a well behaved small dog could be easily lifted in and out. Those 4000 miles, however, have gone by in style with no problems, the seats are the comfiest I have ever had the pleasure of sitting in and the four wheel drive has been faultless in the snow.

I got caught out when we parked up for recent walk and the lower lip on the front bumper just grazed a log. Then Jordan and Aaron's oldest broke Luke, had posted a photo with some passive aggressive hashtags on Instagram, like #truefriendsshowup and #rememberwhereyoucamefrom.
After a successful test drive I put my order in at the end of 2012 and my new car arrived in December. I currently store mine and Lucy’s walking boots, a folding plastic step, a large blanket, deicer, and ice scraper plus some other bits and bobs. But unless you are off road all the time the Vauxhall Antara is a perfect motoring companion eating miles effortlessly in any weather.
Jordan told Farrar that he broke up with her because he was concentrating on his football career.
After buying the car, I decided to get a custom made boot liner to protect the surfaces from Bentley’s claws, which also fits in the storage area. The boot is a brilliant size for a medium to large breed dog and has excellent storage for all your dog related items.

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