I went ahead and got the card as I was interested to know whether the card can be used online to make payments.
As we are always looking for the tech opportunity for startups here at Techzim, I was eager to know what convenience the EcoCash MasterCard debit card brought to would-be entrepreneurs who often times need to make purchases online. So in a nutshell, the physical Ecocash MasterCard debit card can not make online payments at the moment. I’m still of the opinion that this is a game changer as it compares well to the FBC MasterCard and has a hand up on the Telecel telecash Gold card. Yes, the physical card can be used for POS and ATM transactions, locally and internationally. I was able to use the same VCN twice when paying for local domains so unless things changed very recently, the Econet Customer Services representative must have been mistaken. I love the Ecocash Mastercard but you should be aware that Econet Buddy lines only roam in very few countries (SA, Bots, Zambia, Moz).
A virtual card can not be used once.U can use it as many times for a as long as it hasnt expired.
Thanks for the article, just yesterday i was trying to make an in-app-purchase on playstore to no avail and i thought i was doing something wrong. I’m not too sure why the restrictions, but it could be due to the type of card that they have going with MasterCard. The post above is based on facts as obtained from what happened when I did the transaction.
I had the same problem making purchases with Zimbabwean issued Standard Chartered gold card (VISA). I live in UK and have a business in Zimbabwe.Can I withdraw money from a cash machine here in UK and whats the limit and charges ? Has anyone successfully retrieved the paypal verification code from the mastercard statement? Hi Flint, please may you provide details of the person who helped you out…I called Steward Bank and the customer services rep i spoke to was totally clueless.
Yes, was also advised that it was valid for one transaction by them, but did also find out that this was not true as I managed to do a couple of them.
Incidentally, I’m seeing a potential way to send money to family overseas using the Virtual Card. Reports are that you can use the physical card to withdraw cash from MasterCard ATMs outside Zim.
If you look in the original text message you received from Ecocash giving you the virtual MasterCard 16 digit number, there was an accompanying message telling you card expiry date and CVV number. Do not use your virtual Mastercard to make purchases on iOS as it expires quickly (within 14 days). Are you tired of sending paper invoices to clients, or spending too much on monthly payments and processing fees associated with complicated accounting software? I’ll walk you through just how simple it is to send a payment request with Dwolla, as well as how to send multiple payment requests with our Dwolla MassRequest tool. You’ll get an email notifying you of your MassRequest status and details sent to the reporting email you specified in step 2.
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This entry was posted in Brand Name Bags, Cheap Purses Online, Designer Handbags Outlet, Handbag Designers, Handbag Sale and tagged Brand Name Bags, cheap designer bags, cheap handbags online, Cheap Purses Online, Designer Handbags Outlet, Handbag Designers, Wholesale Purses. The VCN currently CAN NOT be linked to Google Play, so essentially you can’t buy Android app with it. Yes, it may be a bit pricey, but do you make online transactions that often for it to affect you?
Do you think, after the experience that you went through, that it’ll be wise to get the physical debit card? It’s not a replacement for a real international debit card for those that can get one. However in as much as it is a game changer, i think econet needs to be honest with people and give give us a full array of functionality of their Mastercard. The restriction on payment fees was $150, though I will not dispute that it may have given you a higher threshold (kicking myself for not having taken a screenshot). I said okay, was charged and now they are saying send us the code appearing on your bank statement.
I called the Steward Bank customer care number that’s listed on the back of the physical card and they say that the code should have been SMSed to me. It wasn’t straight forward though as i had to contact Steward bank and they retrieved it for me, an unnecessary process as it should be done via ussd (which apparently returns nothing).
This was mentioned in the post above, but some comments here suggest that it can do unlimited transactions whilst only being limited by the validity of 14 days.
Not too sure why the restrictions are still there when one can now buy online and potentially send money out the country. Recent reports are that RBZ has effected a $5000 maximum amount you can carry out the country, not too sure if this will follow through to online payments as well. Specify whom you would like to request money from by typing in their Dwolla ID, email address, or phone number, as well as the amount and additional notes. After you’ve submitted your request, pending invoices can be found underneath the Requests tab, nested under Activity.
By clicking on the Details link next to the Request, you’ll be able to view information such as the status of the request, the document(s) attached to the request, and the request ID. Fill out a CSV file with the email addresses of the people you are requesting from and amount requested. Define the columns of your CSV file with Source ID (the person you are requesting from), amount, and notes. Be sure to check out how to send mass payouts to all of your vendors,  freelancers, customers, and more with Dwolla MassPay, as well as how to export your Dwolla statements and upload them into your online accounting software.
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The least that you can do is verify the company’s mailing address and phone number so there’s someone you can get to if there’s a problem with your order.
Yes, I frantically tried and tried but was continually met with “we are unable to review this card. If you need to make a payment to someone for more than $150, I guess you just have to advise them that their payment is coming in batches.
I’m still inclined to disbelieve the Econet Customer services representative regarding VCN. Oh another thing, I have both Zimbabwean and US PayPal accounts and they have a world of difference from the UI to functionalities!

One thing for sure though is that Ecocash’s VCN limits you to a maximum of $500 per transaction. The next step will be to add your reporting email (the email you would like to have your MassRequest report and status sent to) and to upload the CSV file you just created. These funds are not eligible for individual insurance, including FDIC insurance and may not be eligible for share insurance by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. An IG consultant can also help you devise short and long term goals for your Instagram social media strategy. We all know that outside of the photo or video, it’s the IG caption and hashtags that sets the tone. Hiring an IG consultant can be an ideal choice if you are super busy and need to build your online presence efficiently.
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Wire transfer is never a good payment option since it is unsafe and cannot be tracked if something goes wrong.
Look for stores that openly spell out their return policies, including processing time, refund or credits, restocking fees, and return shipping costs. A genuine business prioritizes customer service, so it should be easy for you to get in touch if you have questions or concerns about your order. There is some kind of linking of card to the EcoCash mobile wallet that needs to take place, and you good to go.
This should not be much of a problem if you want to send money to a friend or relative though. In the end, people are going to be conned pa internet apa because nothing is straight forward! When you have a US account you can pay directly from any card even if its not part of your registered cards whereas with the Zimbabwean account you have to register the card first.
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Thoroughly research the site’s reputation by reading third-party reviews and asking for recommendation from friends. I had enquired about using Ecocash and Mastercard when roaming abroad from an Econet shop in HRE before I traveled – they said it would be fine.
They know what’s popular in the news and they know what’s trending in your area of business.
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Credit cards are recommended than debit cards since credit cards have spending limits and fraudulent charges can be easily tracked.
Most suspicious stores display huge labels of discount designer handbags but will only send you a shabby replica, or worse, totally rip your money off. That might have been a good time for them to ask me where I was travelling to or advise me that Buddy only roams in 4 countries in the region.
Always look for a site that protects your sensitive information with secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption. Ecocash Mastercard is a new product so they can be forgiven for not fully understanding it at all the retail shops yet. You will usually see a padlock icon on your browser next to the address bar when you enter your card number. Still great idea from Econet – gives people more reason to keep a significant balance in their Ecocash wallets!

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