The UCBI banking apps allow an individual to conduct financial activity on their Apple or Android phone. Online banking customers who accidentally send money to the wrong account will get more help to reclaim it under new rules.
All it takes is one incorrect digit when filling in an account number or a sort code, and funds can end up in the wrong bank account. If the bank cannot reclaim the funds immediately, for example if the person who receives the funds resists giving the money back, it will investigate further and report the outcome back to the customer within 20 working days. A spokeswoman for the Payments Council said people's experiences a€?can differ widely depending on who they bank with and just how helpful bank staff area€™.The only information used to address payments is the sort code and account number, and not the recipient's name, meaning that if these details are wrongly entered the cash could end up in a stranger's bank account. Payments cannot be automatically reversed.Banks should ensure the way their online banking and mobile and telephone payment services are set up cuts the risk of people making mistakes under the new code. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Towards the end of 2014, Steward Bank, the Econet Wireless owned financial institution, introduced the Agent banking model which allowed selected mobile money agents to offer some services in line with mainstream banking. This model allows any Steward Bank account holder to get certain services from the mobile money agent, that would only be accessible from the traditional brick and mortar bank or through online financial services. Not to be outdone, another institution, ZB Bank, is rolling out its own agent banking model. This last bit on prepaid electricity is likely going to be the biggest drawcard for most people or companies that end up signing up.
Prepaid electricity is already available from some retailers, so it wouldn’t be surprising if these distributors become the first ones to sign up as ZB Bank agents. On the part of ZB, this is a great way to avoid the costs of branch setup and management (which have been affecting several local banks lately), enter more markets and offer financial services through informal ways.
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Most banks have many different options for transferring funds abroad depending on your account type, destination country, or amount of cash to be transferred. You could withdraw some cash and send it via mail or take it with you to your destination country. Most credit card companies nowadays allow clients to use their credit cards or debit cards to load up someone else’s card.
You can transfer funds from your bank account to the recipient’s bank account using direct deposits via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) facilities. Most financial institutions nowadays allow their customers to transfer funds online to other accounts locally and abroad. If you are transferring large amounts of money on a regular basis, typically above $1,000 per transaction, it may be much more cost effective to use a reputable forex broker.
Money orders have been with us a long time and still remain one of the cheapest options for sending cash.
There are many Money Transfer Operator (MTOs) firms which offer money transfer services through agents. One can send cash electronically through online services such as PayPal and Skrill (formerly MoneyBookers).
Writing and signing a personal check is an effective and affordable way to send money anywhere, whether locally or overseas.
The world of virtual currencies was driven into deep shock recently after it emerged that criminals have been using Liberty Reserves to launder money and fund criminal activities.
Major banks and building societies have signed up to the voluntary code, which will give customers greater protection if their money does go astray.
However the new rules do not guarantee that you will get your money back if you make an incorrect payment. Customers could be asked to input details twice and they may see extra warnings about using the wrong account details.

There have been adverts flighted by ZB Bank inviting interested individuals to come and register as a ZB Bank Agent.
However, it doesn’t sway people away from mobile money as the main channel for the free flow of money in a largely informal economy. The trend in banking is such that people are looking for convience and in the long term fewer people will be visiting the banking halls. If not, maybe you need to pay your freelance workers who are abroad or purchase items from a merchant abroad. The simplest bank options are the ones where you send funds to another account held by the same bank in a branch located in another country.
This can be done online at a small fee and may take anywhere between a few minutes and a few days for the transfer to be complete. They are reliable, secure, globally acceptable, and widely available from banks and post offices worldwide. They have their agent locations anywhere from malls, stores, hairdressers, hotels, and even on street corners.
These are cheap cash transfer methods and are even free for exchanges from accounts within the same company e.g.
They have since grown in size and technological capabilities and you can send money through them to reach your recipient within a short period of time wherever they are in the world. However, the firm had many legitimate account holders who used Liberty Reserves (currency known as LR) to transfer legal funds for legal use at a cost effective price.
WebMoney (currency known as WM-units) and BitCoin (currency known as bitcoins) are two of the major players in the virtual currency world. Wrong payments have become an increasing problem as more people move towards online banking and mobile payments. They may also be prompted to check old payment details they have stored and perhaps delete them. The big question however if people are willing to do their banking transactions through an agent who, because they are not a bank, may compromise client confidentiality. Whatever the case, you might find the need to send money to someone abroad and this will require some form of international money transfer. The funds recipient can then easily withdraw funds from any bank or ATM wherever they are or use their card to process payments and make purchases. To send cash abroad, you will require the recipient’s name, address, account number, bank routing number, SWIFT code, or IBAN code. One benefit of using this method is that you will always get favorable exchange rates for whatever currency you need to withdraw funds in. You can purchase money orders, cashiers’ checks, and bank drafts in any currency from any country. Once you have signed the check, you can simply hand it to your recipient or send it to them by mail. To send money through their services, you have to identify the closest branch to the recipient and send the recipient a control number through text, email, or other means. In contrast to the now fallen Liberty Reserves, these two firms are highly regulated and anyone suspected of dubious dealings usually finds their account closed and investigations initiated. However, global fund transfers pose a problem for authorities in that they may easily become conduits for criminal activities such as money laundering.
Until now, customers who transfer funds incorrectly have had little or no protection because the rules are so vague. But the Payments Council, which is overseeing the code, said it would put that person in a better position as they would find out where they stood more quickly and they could then take their complaint further. Your bank manager or bank teller can help you set up a wire transfer or other transfer method.
It typically costs about 10 cents per transaction and is a popular option for US firms with big numbers of overseas-based employees. This method is favored for those transactions that have to be made regularly such as mortgage payments for property abroad or salary payments for overseas employees.

It is also possible to trace them if they do not reach their intended destination and this makes them a secure choice. Most of these companies offer instant transfers and the recipient will receive the funds in a matter of minutes. Currently, there are mobile phone applications that allow you to scan a check and email it to your bank for processing. The two firms also do not offer the anonymity that was enjoyed by Liberty Reserve customers. To ensure that you are safe, make sure you know who you are sending money to and check on the background of the firm providing the money transfer services. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.
Until now there has been a lack of consistency in the way banks deals with customers who have made a blunder over a payment. You will need to have your recipient’s full names, address, bank branch, and account number. It will be very difficult to get compensation or to even trace where the mail got misplaced or stolen.
The services are more expensive than any of the other cash transfer services but they are also very convenient in terms of speed of delivery. This means one can write and sign a check, use their mobile phone to take a picture of the check or scan it, then send the image to the recipient who then sends the image electronically to their bank. One has to use genuine government-issued identification documents to open an account and make transactions.
If you are sending funds to another bank, you may also need the bank’s routing number, International Bank Account Number (IBAN) code or Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) code.
Therefore, it is easier to trace any criminals and detect money-laundering and other criminal activities. When using online money transfer methods, use secure payment methods to avoid scams, phishing, and identity theft. Other banks signing up to the code are Clydesdale Bank, Coventry Building Society, Coutts, Tesco Bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Ulster Bank and Adam & Company. You can choose the currency you want to hold your account in, leave a balance on your account or withdraw it, and make payments directly from your PayPal account, with your credit or debit card or by direct transfer from your offline bank account. All of them have pledged to incorporate the code by the end of May and other banks are expected to come on board in the coming months. Although it's easy to set up an account, PayPal limits its use until you confirm your identity by verifying your account. If you have a business or premier account you will be asked for additional business information. A High Street bank will not open a bank account for you unless you can provide proof of identity and address, such as utility bills.
As an online banking service Paypal will allow you to open an account using only your name, location and email address, but places limits on the amounts you can send, receive or withdraw until you verify your account and confirm your address.
You need to enter these two amounts on the PayPal website to prove you have access to the account. Once you've reached your sending limit, you won't be able to send or withdraw money or close your account until you've completed all the steps.
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