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How to Transfer Money from SBI to Other Bank Account using the Online SBI – Internet Banking SBI. We are the best technology blogs out their noted that users were left confused between all these various different models, makes and sizes of phones. Being abroad means I have to send money home from the United States to the Philippines from time to time. Tip: When claiming your money bring your MTCN (money transfer control number) with you, check multiple Western Union branches and compare their rate to the online currency exchange rate. So in sending money to the UK, one of the questions that people asked me was how do I send money to Zimbabwe.
Well, for those of you that still have relatives and friends that are still here, the need often arises for you to give them a helping hand. As such, I’ve come up with a list (not exhaustive but rather comprehensive) of how you can send money to Zimbabwe the most effective ways. We knew where their offices were, opening and closing times and would even have a stash of their forms at home. MoneyGram operates a lot similar to Western Union, where the person in Zimbabwe will have to visit an agent to collect their funds, however with the exception that their sending capabilities are 24 hours, you can do it online! There are a host of locations locations in SA, where you can transact:  Shoprite, Spar, Pick n Pay, Lewis, Fnb. Recently having partnered with Ecocash this service allows the recipient to receive their money directly into their Ecocash wallet. This is a lot similar to the above methods, however, what stands out for me here is that they have direct deposits for things like tuition. You can also sign the transaction in such a way that the money can be delivered in the future or use stuff such as multisig (multiple signatures) which means that the transaction also goes through only if 3 authorised people sign it.

Do you have another method of how to send money fast (and even better if it’s cheap?) No, not the buses but some other method that we could have a look at and perhaps review? Please can you exclude Hand2HandTransfers from this list to spare your readers the nightmare service.
They are simply not ready for business and please all do yourselves a favour and stay away from them. Except where otherwise noted, content on and from this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Just go to near branch of airtel or register online and you have to keep balance of fund in your airtel money account. See following screenshot of my bank account in which I have received money from airtel money. For this, airtel  will deduct some charges from the party who will send money through airtel money. No doubt the hits on YouTube reviews for these phones must have also doubled at least from the trend experienced previously on such videos. So for now, the recipient will have to take that 10 digit code, together with the test question and answer to a Western Union agent and get their money.
Get your relative in Zimbabwe to take out this card, so that whenever you need to send money home, you can do it through the card.
Highly convenient for those in South Africa, as there are USSD codes that you can dial and access the service – *130*567# and do your transaction. Kazang, Inter-Africa, Boxer stores. The registration requirements are rather pathetic though, if you ask me, proof of identity, residence and income, I mean seriously? With Ecocash having over 4 million subscribers chances are high that the person to whom you are sending money to, either has an Ecocash account or has access to someone who does. This definitely avoids the headaches and heartaches of you sending money to family on the pretext that it is for school fees, to then find out that they have diverted the cash and used it for something else.We covered them here. The forward thinking bank, has signed up with OK, the large listed supermarket that has a huge branch network and flexible operating hours, enabling people to go to the regular store and get their funds.
I used my real name and my email address so if anyone from the company want to contact me you please do so. Calling potential customers and people who took the time to give you feedback fraudsters without any ounce of proof.

Yes Bitcoin is a new form of Digital Currency which can be used to send money fast to Zimbabwe.
Just curious: you mentioned that there might be a few companies in ZImbabwe accepting Bitcoin.
Expanding payout options to include Ecocash mobile money, bank transfers and cash collections. You can transfer money to any bank account with airtel money even there is the bank holiday.
Now, within few minutes, your airtel money will reach party or your customer's bank account.
Bdo bank philippines has a remittance account that will not charge you more in claiming your money.
Some of them exchange it like almost 2 dollars less plus the charge document stamp tax which I think are unfair for their customers.
Hmmmm, or did he?Process is very simple, you visit a Western Union outlet, fill in a form, stating the amount you’d like your recipient to receive. Too much info people.However, this service seems to be popular with a bunch of Zimbos in Mzansi.
As per its M-Commerce, you can send money to any bank account and pay different bills of your expenses. And if you have been a regular customer at a same western union branch,  they will only confirm the id number and may not ask to see it anymore since they already have your record in their database. Mukuru have gone ahead and partnered with both CABS and telecash, essentially allowing your relatives to go to even more places to get their funds.
But it’s also the cheapest payment system out there because transactions are only 4 cents each. Make sure you find out what the monthly, transactional and deposit fees are, before you make the plunge. The best thing about BitPesa is that it has competitive exchange rates on small transactions, so sending $2 is almost the same cost as sending $20 or $200.

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