Using the latest brain research in neuroplasticiy, Heather helps you reach realistic goals by changing the way you think, feel and behave with Mindfulness-based therapy, Hypnotherapy and Brainspotting.
Heather has a professional background of 17 years in public health as an Oncology and Heamatology nurse specialist. Using mindfulness, of body and mind, Heather offers a unique range of mind-body therapies offering you a holistic approach. Brainspotting is a new technique based in brain science used to process release emotional core material. Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy is a very gentle way of exploring our inner world, in a co-creative way.
In this state we can exploring the core processes (thinking, feeling, and moving, internal and external sensing) which allows us to discover the core material and belief’s which shapes our lives.
Despite our longing for deeper connection in our relationships, many people find themselves stuck in familiar patterns and lost as to how to overcome these difficulties.
Heather can assist you to navigate these challenges and offer an opportunity to find a way out of the loop. Hypnosis and counselling will assist you to reduce your stress levels, by teaching relaxation techniques and visualisation which assists the body towards reproductive health and well being. Relaxation and visualization assist with physical and emotional problems which stop you conceiving, and carrying a healthy baby. Hypnotherapy uses deep relaxation and the power of visualisation and suggestion to enhance your pregnancy and birth experience. Heather previously worked for over 17 years as a Registered Nurse in Heamatology, Oncology and Pain management and Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist in Sydney and the UK. There is tremendous power when you reach a point in your life that makes you evaluate your life, and you come to a strong intention, decision and commitment to change your life. Are there any small actions you can take EVERY SINGLE DAY that will move you one step closer to your goal? If you are a sales person, or looking for new business and opportunity, just making a commitment to try talking to 10 people a day.
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Are you or someone dear and near to you facing a health challenge which is a disease, illness or a health problem and want to reach out to God for healing but you don’t know how to say it in words?
If you feel concerned about your health or are scared and unsure of the future, don’t worry anymore.
Mankind may have advanced to a never before level in the world of technology and medical sciences, but still there are so much to learn and understand for the man. These are the un-explainable but very powerful energies of the Universe which can provide health and healing.
O Creator, you also know very well about my present state of health and what I am going through. With total surrender, I reach out to you today as your child, asking for your divine healing. O Dear Creator, as your loving child I have every right to be healthy and well in body, mind and spirit. Please make me your worthy instrument and channel so with my renewed health, I am able to serve you and mankind, now and for the rest of my life. Please provide us with guidance and wisdom if there are any specific doctors or treatments that you would want to use to heal this disease. It is also possible that the health problem may have manifested due to negative emotions such as fear, hate, stress, anxiety, depression etc. Some of the emotions could be so deep rooted or repressed that even you may not be aware about them at the conscious level. Open yourself to receive healing and help from any and every source – known or unknown, expected or unexpected.
Work yourself or with the help of a professionally trained person to set yourself emotionally free. In case you have abused your body by taking drugs or alcohol or smoking, then you should ask for the forgiveness and resolve never to touch them again in your life.

At no stage you should discontinue with your medical treatment or consultation with your medical doctor.
For the benefits of hundreds of others, please share your ideas, experiences and prayers in the comments box below. Also share these 3 Prayers for Healing with your friends and family by clicking the share button in this post. Having also spent many years (since 1992) training in mindfulness, yoga, natural health, and psychotherapy practices, Heather provides a truly holistic system encompassing your physical, mental and spiritual needs.
In 3-12 sessions you can make changes which improve your life. Hypnotherapy will integrate your sub conscious and conscious thinking to change limiting beliefs, or habits and challenge your negative sabotaging strategies. Brainspotting uses eye positioning paired with mindful somatic experiencing to locate and process emotionally charged material. Mindfulness is used during the session and helps support the client to be present and witness what is happening in a compassionate way.
This therapy is a powerful tool for transformation, working with the body, breath, and sound, and discovering creative ways to change beliefs and behaviour that hold us back. This can happen not only in our romantic relationships, but also in other relationships that are important to us, such as with friends, parents, children, co-workers, and neighbours.
Responsibility is the willingness to take ownership over any “baggage” that we bring to our relationships—most of our core wounds, and fears. Listening is the gift of our full presence, with an open heart and without judgment or fixing. I believe there is no shame in choosing to end a relationship when you find that you are both growing in different directions.
Heather can help couples or individuals focus on and study how he or she experiences these inner and outer conflicts. Self hypnosis is easy to learn and everyone is capable of relaxing and hypnotizing themselves.
In 2003 after more than 20 years personal practice in yoga and meditation, Heather decided to train as a Yoga Teacher and worked across the Northern Beaches.
Drawing from personal experience and professional training to offer compassionate companionship, and guidance to all fellow travellers on the spiritual path, or path to healing and well-being. When you finally cross the line from uncertainty into COMMITMENT, it is like shaking the hands of the universe in a deal that if you commit, the universe will deliver the result you want. We know so many things like body’s self healing powers, miracles of healing, the positive effects of blessings and good karma yet these are the things which the medical experts can’t test or re-create in the laboratory. Please let your healing energies full of health and vigor surround [name of person] and free him of illness and sickness. Seek divine guidance to show you or guide you with regard to the possible solution to the health problem or the illness.
Both client and therapist are held in the present moment working with what arises, in an atmosphere of curiosity, and acceptance.
When we chose to take responsibility for our part in arguments and misunderstandings, we create an space for something different to emerge. We can chose to love and respect ourselves enough to share all of ourselves with our partner, even the parts that we think are unlovable.
At times it will stir stuff up—it will make you look deeply at yourself and it will ask you to evolve.
By focusing on the present moment feelings, sensations, thoughts and belief patterns in mindfulness, we can explore the deeper layers contained in each experience. The subconscious is responsible for regulating all your bodily functions including your heart rate, hormone production as well as the emotions. After launching Labour TENS and TENS Pain Relief, Heather also continued to study in natural therapies. Yes they may be simple to do, but if you do them every single day, you will see tremendous result in 1 or 2 weeks. It is simply a positive worded appeal to the Almighty to fill the life of the individual with good health and take away his illness or ailment. Please forgive me of my mistakes, cleanse me of my wrong karmas, and bless me with your healing. I promise to look after my body well and be guided by you in the direction shown by you for the rest of my life.

The guidance or the message from the higher powers may come in the form of a thought or idea or name of the place or name of the person.
Emotional material or trauma is stored or frozen in the body, brainspotting can locate and assist the client to process this through activating the body’s healing response.
When we give the gift of vulnerability to our partner, we are opening the space for them to share their vulnerability with us as well. If there is no medical issues then becoming pregnant and birthing is a natural process that your body understands how to do. Unfortunately we have recently turned birthing into a medical procedure and women are now in fear, anticipating the worst. Hypnosis can help you to deal with, and overcome fear and anxiety and to increase self confidence and trust in your body’s natural ability to birth.
Eventually combining both the TENS business and her personal practice into one place -the Lotus Centre firstly in Freshwater, and now Brookvale. For example, if you want a lean and fit body, you must make a commitment to exercise x number of times each week.
Thirdly, when you take action and be emotionally unaffected by negative results, you have mastered a great skill. With a clean and innocent heart full of faith and belief in your God or Higher Powers or the Universe pray regularly!
While the book was published many years ago it has stood the test of time alongside other great books like The Art of War.Think and Grow Rich, written by Napoleon Hill, is often referred to as one of the greatest personal development books of all time. The therapist is attuned to the client, as the client is encouraged to be mindful of and focused on the body. Unfortunately the modern world can be a stressful environment, or the pressure to become pregnant causes more stress. Even if you failed 10 times, if you do not carry emotional baggage, the Universe will attract to you the right person, right opportunity, right timing to fulfill what you are after.
The book covers everything that a person needs to know in order to become rich.Think and Grow Rich focuses on mindset, the most important thing when it comes to becoming rich and succeeding in all aspects of life.
Often words are unnecessary to treat an issue as the memories are stored in the emotional or limbic brain. When you have the right mindset you will take the right actions, and display discipline and perseverance.The book analyzes the traits that every self-made rich person possesses. Stress hormones like cortisol have a direct impact on our reproductive system, if the stress response is activated often the body has little time to return to normal, resulting in continued and prolonged levels of cortisol associated with chronic stress.
He took people who are overweight and out of shape, and within 12 weeks he turns them into a fit and muscular or slim person. He did it by making those people make a decision and commitment to follow an exercise regimen every day. It shuns the common logic that getting rich involves coming up with a great original idea or that you need to be extremely intelligent to get rich.
Having a great mindset and surrounding yourself with other great people are the two keys to success.The examples that Napoleon Hill uses throughout the book really emphasize his key points.
In addition, the book is not filled with fluff like other personal development books.One of the last and most important chapters discusses the fears that hold people back from becoming rich. If one gets rid of these fears and develops the correct mindset success is inevitable.In the book, Napoleon Hill discusses his visualization techniques. In one incredible technique he imagines some of the greatest minds in history, such as Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon, discussing things. The book covers why visualizations like this are vital to success.The best Think and Grow Rich quotes are valued because they have helped millions of people to find success and become rich. More often, they do not strike their real pace until they are well beyond the age of 50.a€?a€?One who has loved truly, can never lose entirely.

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