If you follow Credit Repair Nerds' proven business model, you will succeed and make a great living doing it. To many nonprofits, this may seem counterintuitive; but Allyson makes an excellent point that ultimately comes down to your relationships with your donors.
If you take the time to identify your key advocates and build relationships with them, the return will be worth the time investment.
Identifying key advocates and influencers: Conduct research to compile a list of those who are your strongest advocates or can influence others to do so. Developing opportunities of value: Think about all the different ways these key advocates can help your nonprofit – such as, like Allyson mentioned, volunteer opportunities and social events. Keep building those relationships: Keep key advocates and influencers updated with new information and opportunities, ask for their input on a continual basis, and use their feedback. Today’s guest post is written by Nathan Anderson, Director of Operations here at Patron Technology. Only once you start being honest with yourself about the real scope and makeup of your work can you begin to effectively manage your priorities, and give yourself permission to implement a system that will let you control which things are taking up your time and attention. What I have below is a starting point for acknowledging that there might be a better way to do the things you need or want to do. Troubleshooting allows you to specifically consider what it is you’re doing now, so that you can eventually either change it or come to peace with it. On his show Back to Work, Merlin goes into (seemingly) all the problems (both literal and philosophical) that any one person could possibly have while working. Few musicians have the luxury of independent wealth or the backing of a record label with enough cash to cover the cost of recording. Before you start raising money, you should have a budget for your recording and know exactly how much you need to raise.
Here are some creative ways to raise money that have worked for me and they can all work for you too if you invest the time and energy to do them properly. This is one of the best ways you can fund a recording because the money you raise is revenue (rather than a debt you need to pay back), you have some record sales you can count on release day, and there is a potential to promote your campaign and create awareness for your band and recording with social media.
Once you finish your recording, you can then go back to your fans with a similar campaign to raise money for the release or for tour support. You may be able to find a local business and or non-profit organization that will donate to your band or sponsor your recording.
If you can book shows and make a few bucks from them, play everywhere you can within a short distance of where you live. The good thing about this is that on top of raising money and not having debt, the band and everyone in it improves their musicianship and showmanship and you add a few fans to your fanbase along the way. When I was in my early 20′s I used to head up to northwestern Canada and plant trees all summer to save money for touring with my band in the winter.
The best situation is to get people to donate or pre-order your new material, but if you are not hitting your goals with that exclusively then taking on investment is another option. The most effective way to do this is to structure your band as a business and develop a basic term sheet that describes the investment – how much money you need and what it is for, how and when they are getting their money back, and what they stand to make in profit, over and above getting back their investment. It is best to have at least a short business plan and a budget to present to potential investors that indicates your expenses, anticipated sales, project strategies and timeline. This method requires you to pay money back much like a loan, however in this case if you don’t succeed in selling records and growing your band then you are not necessarily required to pay the investors back like you would with a bank loan.
Banks traditionally do not consider emerging artists as businesses so getting a business loan for recording your project is fairly unlikely.
You will likely need to develop a business plan to support your loan request but there are many resources online that can help you with this if you find a program that is a fit.

Remember that once you finish your recording you will need to release it and tour to support it.
If you have any questions or examples of the creative ways to raise money that have worked for you please leave them in the comments section! Darren Gallop is the CEO of Marcato Musician, owns a record label and is an artist manager and an artist himself. The purpose of this time limit is to ensure that registration is available to as many people as possible. McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams.
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Many nonprofits are so focused on raising money and meeting their budgets, they often don’t treat their donors as important stakeholders in the organization.
Offer value and make them an important part of your efforts and organization, and you will see them giving more of their time and money in return.
Check out this handy infographic from SmallAct and BlackBaud on identifying your influencers and scoring them for fundraising efforts.
Other ways might be through online word-of-mouth – spreading the word through their social networks through a blog post, tweet, donation widget, etc. Through ongoing relationship and community-building, you can develop broader fundraising programs that engage not only them, but their communities. We were there to help them use our technology as a tool to solve their everyday work problems. Since we were there to help with technology, the answer brought some laughs as something we could conceivably do anything about. In order to do things, you must know what things there are to do, or else you won’t do them, and you certainly won’t improve how you do them. There are endless ways to make sure you’re doing what you want to do, when you want to do it. He may not fix what specifically ails you, but he will absolutely get you to consider that what you’ve been doing isn’t working, and yet: there’s a tremendous amount of hope for you. If you feel you’re not in control of your own work life, or you simply want to get better at it, David and Merlin might be helpful for you.
Canada and many European countries have programs where you can receive a low or no interest loan or even a non-rapayble grant to record and promote your music. This be a significant tax write off for the business or organization in many parts of the world. This was how I used to do it before I knew how to write business plans and grants and pitch to investors.

The work was complete hell but at 12 cents a tree I was planting about 2000 trees a day on average with 6 day work weeks for 3 months of the summer. These things will also have a price tag attached to them and you need to budget for these well before you need them to happen. He has been coming up with creative ways to raise money for his bands’ recording and touring projects for more than 20 years.
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Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. In this excellent post on Frogloop, Allyson Kapin outlines some ways nonprofits can boost donations in 2012. Your donors are a critical part of your community and want to be a part of your organization fighting for social change. Focus on those who respond to your outreach and concentrate your community-building efforts on them.
But what would happen if we made all the tasks that surround the goal of “raising money” easier? It’s a system, not a weight-loss pill — and it’s not for everyone, but if you’re at all interested in rethinking the way you work, it’s worth a read.
So, if the hardest thing you do is raising money, make sure the problem isn’t about how you do it. Contact other musicians, music and artist organizations, arts councils and your local government to see if there are any programs that may be of help.
In addition you can offer, for example, signed pre-release copies of the recording, their name and or logo on the CD and release posters and mention of the sponsor in your newsletter and on your website. We played for every coffee shop, bar, private party, wedding… anyone or anywhere that would give us any money to play. You’ll also want to check with your local Chamber of Commerce or any other local organizations that are focused on economic development in your area. All of the above creative ways to raise money apply for funding these important projects too. Show them how they can help you meet your mission through actions, volunteer opportunities, social events, etc.
What if we knew that every step we took along the way to finally getting that signed check was the right step, taken at the right time, in the right way?
That stuck “E” key on your 15-year-old keyboard that you don’t really like anyway? If you are lucky enough to find a program in your area, contact the organization that administrates the program and find out about the application process.
I met a bunch of musicians one summer who were doing the same thing, only instead of touring they were all saving their money to make a recording and dedicate the winter to their music. Give them several paths to engage with your organization and make them feel like they are a valuable part of your mission.
Those things are diverting your focus and getting in the way of you doing what you theoretically want to be doing — the place where you want your time and attention to be. You don’t want your tools and your methods to be the new thing your time and attention are going to!

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