Monkey Quest, 8.7 out of 10 based on 28 ratings Monkey Quest is Nickelodeon’s new massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) set in the spectacular World of Ook, a land where monkeys rule! In Monkey Quest, to explore the worlds of Ook, players use the arrow keys on their keyboard. Ka’s shadow minions have surfaced around large sections of Ook, disrupting trade and communication. Like in most of the other MMO’s the main point in Monkey Quest is to complete quests by gathering items, defeating enemies or just find other monkeys. A spectacular world where monkeys swing from vines, bounce on drums (and the occasional unsuspecting octopus or panda!), and uncover treasures beyond imagination. Under the visionary leadership of the Monkey King, the residents of Ook have explored and settled every corner of the land.
The Five Companions are five monkeys that were once pupils of the great Monkey King who vanquished the ultimate Shadow Monster Ka and enabled the Five Companions to establish and rule over the Five tribes of Ook. In the gameplay, your character is helping these Five Companions to battle the evil creatures that seek to rule the land of Ook.
Daily Quests: While most quests are unique, one-time experiences, some residents in Ook offer up special quests that can be accepted once daily and completed multiple times for their rewards. Want to try some games like ToonTown where you can play along with a huge number of players? Wizard 101 had to be the first one on the list as it comes packed with loads of MMORPG elements.
The second option on our list of games similar to ToonTown is Pirate 101 it was created by the same developers of our previously mentioned title i.e. Looking for some more dynamic 3D options other than the cartoon-themed ToonTown alternatives which we have mentioned so far?
The above few games like ToonTown have their own distinct attributes that make them fun to play for people of all ages. Don’t get me wrong Red Dead Redemption comes very close and their Warriors game was near perfection, but Bully remains my favorite Rockstar Game ever. You control Jimmy Hopkins who is dropped off at Bullworth Academy as his mother takes off on her honeymoon with her sixth husband. To remind you that you are in school there are more rules then you would run into in a GTA game.
Jumping is controlled by pressing the space bar and the arrow keys in the direction you want to go. Entire trails have been cut off from their neighbors, filled with monsters that threaten the monkeys’ way of life. The dangers posed have created many opportunities for ambitious monkeys fearless enough to adventure in the shadow-ridden trails. Players must group together to unlock access to different areas, and are encouraged to play with each other, rather than against each other. Populated with a dynamic cast of characters, the promise of wild adventure exists at every turn. The monkeys have formed five tribes, each originating from one of the Monkey King’s five unique companions. The increasing presence of Shadow Monsters, even after the supposed defeat of the Shadow Demon, Ka, threatens the monkey tribes with the possibility of attack at any moment. This bustling area is the center for commerce and trade and the best places to gather information about all the happenings in Ook. They know every stump like the backs of their hands and are on good terms with many of the spirits that inhabit these shrouded glades.

They range from collecting supplies to defeating monsters, and are a great way to earn extra bananas. For instance, in this pick you will get to roam around in a 3D avatar and cloth your character with various wizardry garments that are available. Well, then RuneScape will be right up your alley as here you will get to make a warrior type of avatar for yourself and go on an exploration spree in the fascinating world of Gielinor.
This game is purely browser based, so you can access it at any time on whenever you go online. This game is inspired by anime animation and you can customize your online avatar from head to toe.
The game was controversial before it even came out; everyone just assumed the group behind Manhunter and GTA were going to do horrible things in a high school based game. Besides the classroom mini-games there are the requisite item collection tasks that appear in most Rockstar games.
Originally a PS2 game it was re-released as the Scholarship Edition on the Wii and Xbox 360. Swing, bounce, and battle your way through adventures beyond imagination while you uncover dark secrets and unearth precious treasures from the legendary Monkey King. Pressing control (CTRL) or x next to characters will allow you to access new quests and learn new information about Ook and its residents.
You will encounter many allies in your courageous stand against the Shadow forces, eager to offer up powerful rewards and experience in return for your services.
While all five tribes are very different from one another, they all show signs of the Monkey King’s influence.
From the safe haven of Razor Bay to the perilous cliffs of Cononut Island, you’ll discover enough loot to retire a wealthy monkey.
The following options are some of the very best that we have come across, as they offer you a wide scope of fun-filled missions that you can embark on at any point of time. You will even get to live in a medieval castle and spend some time relaxing and playing with your pet.
Only difference between Wizard 101 and this one is that you will be playing the role of scurvy pirate in this pick.
In Monkey Quest you are allowed to create a distinct look for your monkey character and change the style of its hair, the color of the fur and even dress it up with huge collection of cute outfits available out here. You will find lots to do in this mystical realm right from fighting monstrous beasts to taking up a job to gain cash and experience.
Here you will get to play as a funny-looking cartoon character and explore the dozens of different worlds out here available via the game’s map. Once you finish you will center the virtual realm of Gaia where you can play umpteen numbers of mini-games along with other Gaians.
The developers of these six games have spared no efforts in providing you a quality gaming experience by including the best in graphics and visuals. Then people got to see that your armory consisted of fireworks, stink bombs, eggs, and rubber band shooters; the outrage quickly softened. Like you could guess the game is geared towards children in the 6-12 age group and that’s why there is kid-friendly amounts of violence and puzzles. Just don’t double-cross the dreaded Caption Backtail or you’ll find yourself walking the plank! The increasing presence of Shadow Monsters in the land of Ook, even after the supposed defeat of Ka, threatens the Five Companions and their tribes at all times with imminent attack. There is no lack of the adventure aspect in this one as you will get to explore many magical places with breath-taking backdrops.

The character you will be playing here is one of an ambitious sky pirate who wants to travel the skies of Spiral in search of adventure.
Once you are done with all the customization, you can then head over to the land of Ook where adventure and fun awaits.
The other things you can get to here are getting to join a guild of your own or freedom to go on endless missions to quench your thirst for adventure and danger. Each of these worlds has their own missions and objective which you have to complete after which you get rewarded with various items or you can even unlock new locations to travel to. The main feature seen here is your ability to chat with other users on the popular Gaia forums and make new friends in the process.
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You get rewarded for completing those classes, so they are something you actually want to do. You will get to learn a variety of deadly spells and equip your character with weapons and armor to take down any hostile monsters found on these worlds. In this action-oriented game, you can choose from a list of five separate classes of pirates with different skills of fighting. This place is filled with crazy puzzles and quests that are sure to keep you pre-occupied for hours and design of this domain is done in such a way that you will feel as if you are in a virtual playground. This pick has an element of social networking as you will soon discover that you can interact with the millions of players who come online for their share of fun and exploration.
All you have to do is guide your character across the screen and interact with any of the citizens to get clues as to what you need to accomplish. You can even share common interests by joining separate guilds which are reserved for like-minded individuals. You can skip class or stay out after curfew, but the school prefects will be looking for you if you do that.
As you keep questing and winning your duels with monsters, your avatar levels up allowing you to make use of more potent spells to deal with more vicious enemies and villains. You even have the freedom to own a ship, a house and even a mount that you can use for traveling purposes.
You will watch in awe as your monkey jumps across high ledges and swims in deep oceans to complete the objectives and get rewarded. And to interact with any object in the environment you just have to click on it to proceed. There are also various events and contests that take place out here from time to time that is free for any member to come and participate.
You get a camera at one point and have to take pictures of all the different students in Bullworth. There are lots of worlds to discover in the Skyways out here and lots more treasure to find along with intimidating foes to fight against. Since I enjoy having Jimmy dress like a tattooed longshoreman twice his age, I’m constantly running from the school officials.
Search high and low throughout Ook to purchase or collect them and, once you’ve got everything you need, you can craft your items right then and there.

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