There’s a fun fan theory making its way around the interwebs that proposes that Hardy is Max in moniker only.
Maybe someone not so mysterious after all, someone we were already introduced to long ago, though he was only a boy then…a growling, grunting, boomerang-throwing boy.
One of the few things we see in the film that gives Hardy’s character any glimpses of backstory are flashbacks are to a little girl being run over by a big truck.
Like the aged voice of the once Feral Kid in Road Warrior, Hardy’s Max narrates Fury Road (Remember, his world is fire and blood?). At the very end of the film, we see Feral Kid on the bus with the surviving villagers of Pappagallo’s tribe, looking longingly out the window. Hardy’s lines from Fury Road could likely fit on one page double spaced, but his grunts could be pages 2 through 10. In the spirit of holiday season, I’ve made a quick video tutorial on how to model a Christmas Tree in 3Ds max.
It all starts with modeling a single needle, then a small branch, then a larger branch and the you put it all together to make a complete Christmas tree! I didn’t make the video on decorating the tree, but it is very simple, just make some shiny ornaments and hang them where you like. Hi I would love to watch this tutorial sadly the video won’t play for me anyone else having problem playing it?
Hey austris , how did you tackle the furry thingy that swirls around the tree ( don’t know the english word) Is it hair and fur or spline modeled ?
This is Max; Max is the little brother to Ruby who is a very nice, respectful young lady that takes care of her brother even when she doesn't want to. Lastly for this lesson all you will need to do is draw in the long rabbit feet, as well as the puffy ball shaped tail.
Using those facial guidelines you made in step one, begin drawing her eyes, followed by her nose, mouth, and long whiskers. For the last drawing step you will draw the basket she is holding followed by her feet and other arm. Okay now since the drawing of Max Payne is half silhouette, you will only be drawing out the right side of his face.
Now as you can see once you are done with this step your Max Payne should start taking form. You will start preparing Max's face for color in this step so what you will do is draw a wild looking circle around his right eye and then add the collar of his jacket. Not just every character, but every vehicle, every weapon, every costume,” Miller states in the interview. As if Gibson’s Max passed the torch along with his jacket and his V8 Interceptor on to a new Road Warrior…but if this is true, then who is this mysterious man hesitatingly calling himself Max in Fury Road? A music box similar to the one that we see Hardy’s Max have in his possessions, found by one of the wives in the War Rig.

Which is why I think the best way to approach it is a good old fashioned pros and cons list, just like dad taught me to do in confounding situations. Some are remembering this incorrectly as flashbacks to the original Mad Max when Toecutter and his biker gang ran down Max’s wife and child. Through narration, he tells us that he writes the history so The Road Warrior would be remembered for saving them.
Hardy is, after all, signed on to three more films, as was announced exclusively by Nerdist on Monday (two of them are prequels). The process is quite simple, you can use this technique for small and large trees, it’s up to you. For a real tree I wouldn’t bother with doing it by hand, I would use the GrowFX plugin! I guess you could also use something like hair&fur or forest pro for some more interesting effects.
She teaches Max right from wrong but Max is just a little rabbit boy that likes to do things his own way no matter what Ruby says. She absolutely loves her brother Max and will do whatever she can to teach him the right thing. As you know Max Payne started out as a video game character that was created by the same team that brought you the Grand Theft Auto series. Good, first start with draw a long oval shape for Max Payne's head and then add the facial guidelines in the middle so that you will be able to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth in proportion.
So in this step you will add the outline of the facial frame which will look like a mask and then add a small almond shape for the eye.
You will first sketch out the shape of his head and hair which is kind of crazy and messy looking.
And that’s the first major clue at what could be one of the coolest subtle plot points in the Millerverse.
However, Max had an infant son (Sprog), not a toddler daughter…and they were killed by motorcycles, not a truck as seen in the flashbacks of Fury Road.
And that the kid goes on to become the leader of the villagers, who go on to re-establish civilization. We know he learned to speak over time since, as mentioned, he narrates Road Warrior as an old man. Though this could also be argued as a pro if you simply believe along with the Mad Max identity, he also adopted his look (jacket, leg brace, car).
He drops us into this universe that has now existed for so long that in the period of time between Thunderdome and Fury Road, it has developed a culture and a language and a deity all of its own. Sometimes Max antics upset Ruby, but most of the time Max helps Ruby out in more ways than one when she is troubled or confused. Some of the things that Ruby does with Max is read him stories, takes him on outings, and she even involves him when she spends time with her friends whether they are playing, or working on something for school.

Next draw a straight vertical line for the shoulders and then add the lining to the left for his gun. Once you have done that you can start coloring in all the area's that are red in this step, black. Definitely one of the most mysterious, unexplained aspects of Hardy’s character in the film. So the argument could be made that Hardy’s grunts are left over from his days as a wild-haired mongrel. I had so much fun drawing Max and I know my little sister had fun watching me draw one of her favorite cartoon characters on television. Drawing Ruby will be especially fun for those of you that enjoy watching Max and Ruby on Nickelodeon.
I can not sit here and tell you all that I am extremely familiar with the Max Payne game series because I am not.
On the top portion of the gun you will sketch out the lining and shape along with the handle or butt of the gun.
When you are done you can then move onto step six to see what your finished art should look like.
Though on the flip side (with some suspension of disbelief), this could be what inspired The Feral Kid to go on to be The Road Warrior and thus one day re-establish civilization after the events seen in Fury Road.
The only game I played but never beaten was the first Max Payne which was released for the Playstation 2 back in 2001.
So, all that to say, it doesn’t seem out of character that Miller would have created this elaborate connection between his old trilogy and his new trilogy, leaving us breadcrumbs to follow. I know that the Max Payne game was first a computer shoot em up game and then they turned this popular third party shooting video game into console format. After they attack him he later finds his wife and infant daughter killed by the very same hands that attacked him.
He later joined up with the DEA and three years later he becomes an undercover cop to find the dealer that makes the same drug that doped up the two people that killed his family. So he immediately starts investigating the Punchinello mob family because rumor has it that they are responsible for the new narcotic that has hit the streets. I personally love the game I can't wait to play the new Max Payne 2 and I can't wait to see Max Payne the movie. That is because Mark Wahlberg is playing the video game character and I think he is very cute indeed.
Well maybe it is time that we move onto the tutorial steps instead of just sitting here talking about the Max Payne character shall we?

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