As you know, schools would rather teach us about “x’s” and “y’s” than “dollars” and “cents.” In my home, we talked and learned about money. Do not pay cash for a product until you are satisfied. Do not pay up front for services until the service is complete. If you can buy the item on sale on Monday but won’t be paid until Friday, wait until Friday. If you care about credit card interest rates, you need to stop spending money you don’t have.
Lesson #2:  Cancel all credit cards you do not absolutely have to have and make sure they are off your record. Lesson #4:  Pay off your balances and never pay a dime of interest to a credit card company. Lesson #5:  Reward cards should be left to rewarding those who have proved to manage their money over time. From our very first paydays in 1984, there has never been one paycheck where we did not save a minimum of 10%.
If you divide 72 by the annual interest rate, you’ll know the number of years it takes to double your money. The value of compounding interest. If all your friends want to eat at X restaurant and you can’t afford it, turn the invitation down or suggest an alternative you can afford. Shame is when you let things get out of control, you can’t pay your bills, and your marriage is on the rocks because you’re always fighting about money. Tip #2:  Go for PPO (preferred provider organization) instead of HMO (health maintenance organization) health insurance if you have the choice. Tip #3:  Make sure your “underinsured” car insurance is as comprehensive as your “insured” coverage. When I think of the happiest times in my life, I never think of when I was laying on a lounge chair on vacation. Donors to NAPs can receive a Virginia tax credit for 65% of the value of their total contribution, an increase from the previous 40%. NAPs provide health care, education, housing, job training and food to the poorest people in our communities. Remember that a tax credit is far more valuable than a deduction because it reduces your total tax bill dollar for dollar. Nowhere other than the tax code can you get an instant 56.6% return on your investment just for giving money to charity. To receive tax credits for your donation, first contact the charitable organization and determine if it has any remaining tax credits to allocate to your gift. The Department of Social Services and the Department of Education manage the transfer of the credits.
If you want to make charitable donations to a NAP, don’t wait until the end of the year.
About David John MarottaDavid John Marotta+ is the Founder and President of Marotta Wealth Management, Inc. The article accounts for someone in the top tax bracket getting $110,350 in tax savings for giving a highly appreciated stock on which they would only be able to pocket $70,450 for a net gain of $39,900.
So you've finally finished developing your product or service, flushed out your business model, and you're ready to dive head first into your new business venture — but how the heck do you raise enough capital to get started? Taking venture capital is one way to secure the funds necessary for starting your business. Although there is a lot of potential with venture capital firms, it is important to make sure this is the right path for your startup. In order for venture capitalists to justify the large risk they are taking with your company, you must offer them a fresh business venture that promises to fill a void in the marketplace. Anyone can sell something online, but there are certain products that have yet to be developed — like the car battery that goes forever, or innovative, accessible and low cost energy sources, these are the ideas that venture capitalists would drool over — they are motivated by the next big thing like anyone else.
Venture capitalists are really knowledgable in the startup space, so you must be able to show them why your business is different and better than each of your competitors. Michael Goldstein, founder of DC-based startup accelerator Exhilarator, stressed the importance of determining customer interest. So, the takeaway is this: If your business is a product, demonstrate that people are willing to pay for it and have an unmet need that your product fills.
In a competitive economy where only 2.5% of angel-funded companies go on to raise venture capital, it's important for a startup to show cognizance and relevance in their market.

More importantly, startups should demonstrate the ability to convert that pilot into a paying customer.
Some think that having the right team is the most important factor in attracting venture capital funding. Ryan Feit, CEO and co-founder of SeedInvest, an equity-based, crowdfunding platform that connects investors to high-quality startups told Mashable about the importance of finding the right team.
So whether your team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, or recent college graduates — as long as your team members have complementary skills with a track record of collaborating well, you should have a solid shot at attracting some venture capital funding. My question is other than juice, can you suggest modifications in lieu of table sugar for energy and hydration.
Please send us your questions for our Expert Sports Nutritionist, Kelli Jennings to “Ask the Sports Nutritionist“.
Amanda Houston on Best Back to School Trends & a Giveaway { I get ready by searching up the latest trends and shopping for deals online as well as in stores! Do not pay home contractors unless you have proof they have paid their contractors or you could end up owing double. We use the miles for our race travels, family vacations, and even sending our daughter to China. Like any master, you have to have patience as money takes time to grow but when it hits a certain critical point, the growth is exponential!
Undoubtedly, there is at least one other person in the group who really can’t afford it either. Investing can mean distance between you and your money and detours in between that are not well marked!
I have known many people who play the stock market regularly yet carry huge balances on their credit cards.
A living will ensures your wishes are known should you be incapable of making decisions due to accident or illness. Sometimes conflicts with siblings don’t arise until joint decisions must be made regarding a parent in need. If possible, make sure financial accounts are immediately accessible by a trusted family member (on the signature card) or set up a trust. If want to make a claim for an incident that costs less than your deductible, you shouldn’t claim it anyway. Achievement is the result after hard work has ensued. If you can make money while achieving, you have a winning combination.
A dollar of tax credit could be purchased for 75 or 80 cents, saving a significant amount of money on state taxes. Virginia offers tax credits in exchange for donations to nonprofit organizations serving the truly needy. Well-known organizations such as the Virginia chapters of Habitat for Humanity, Boys & Girls Clubs and the Salvation Army are included, as well as smaller ones like the Soho Center for Arts and Education and the Church Hill Activities and Tutoring.
For many middle-class Virginians, the total tax savings generated through a gift to a NAP is likely to be worth nearly as much as the gift amount’s cash value.
If tax credits are still available, fill out the Contribution Notification Form and send it to the organization. He played for the State Department chess team at age 11, graduated from Stanford, taught Computer and Information Science, and still loves math and strategy games.
One of the effects of using this strategy is that in the year after you use it you have $65,000 less in Virginia state taxes that you have paid. According to recent statistics from Reuters, venture capital firms invested over $4 billion dollars in startups in 2012, and more than $900 million was invested in the first quarter of 2013.
In exchange for the high risk that venture capitalists assume by investing in your company, they generally receive significant control over company decisions — in addition to a portion of the company's ownership.
In an interview with Mashable, Charley Polachi, partner at Polachi Access Executive Search, elaborated on the importance of having a truly unique idea with high barriers to entry. Showing VCs that you have a compelling value proposition is hugely important, and is often overlooked by first-time entrepreneurs.
If your business is a marketplace, be ready to show traction on both supply and demand sides. Early-stage VCs want to see a sizable market opportunity before writing a check, and startups can demonstrate this through a pilot or beta customers. Nina Nashif, founder and CEO of Healthbox, believes that showing market traction is critical, and startups should be able to replicate the process of turning a pilot into a paying customer over and over again.

Startups rarely have the perfect product and market fit right away, and they will probably need to pivot based on customer needs, competitive factors and industry transformation. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
Kelli Jennings is a Registered Dietitian with a passion for healthy eating, wellness, & sports nutrition. Instead of moaning and groaning it’s time to get organized and even the government has some services to make this experience just a little less painful. I keep a running tally of those purchases and deduct them from our business and personal registers so there is never a surprise when the bill comes.
Think of it as your own personal “asset allocation.” I wish every college student and young professional would read this, including those majoring in business. My advice is to choose something close to your heart and set a limit.  Don’t get sucked in to other causes.
There are banks, financial advisors, firms that hold the money market funds to be invested, the mutual fund managers, stock brokers and the list goes on. You run the risk of future increases in your rates or cancellation–especially car insurance.
There is no way I want to be at the mercy of some bureaucracy telling me where I can and can’t go for health care in the event of an emergency of someone in my family. For some taxpayers, a donation to a NAP may yield total federal and state tax savings worth more than the amount they gave away. Virginians in the top federal tax bracket can donate $100,000 to a NAP and receive the equivalent of $110,350 in total federal and state tax savings.
Because his business profits flow onto his personal tax return, he is in the highest tax bracket.
Your gift and the corresponding paperwork must be complete by year-end to receive the credit for 2013. As a result, there is no deduction and you will probably owe $25,740 more (39.6% of $65,000). But, VCs can definitely be an attractive option for startups unable or unwilling to secure bank loans or complete debt offerings; so, if you've decided that applying for venture capital is the right move for your startup, read on to learn about the must-have traits your business needs to attract funding.
She also loves to write about healthy living, fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics on her blog Mama Goes Natural. After he died, my father and grandmother needed a way to make money so my grandmother used her skills in the kitchen to run a restaurant and later own a boarding house for boys.
If you pay John who remodeled your bathroom and John didn’t pay for the plumbing fixtures, the plumbing company can come after you for the money and it’s legal. Ultimately it is supposed to be about companies making smart decisions and products that make you money.
When you don’t have a claim, the money saved is in your pocket, not the insurance company’s. For example, a lab test in a hospital setting may be coded differently than if you went to an independent lab for the same test.
By having adequate “underinsured” coverage, your own insurance company will kick in once the other person’s coverage runs out.
The beauty of not having to watch every dollar you spend is that you can make quick decisions and move on to the next thing you want to do. He can take a deduction of $100,000 against his income, saving him $39,600 on his federal income taxes and $5,750 on his Virginia state taxes. But if you receive more tax credits than you need this year, you can carry them forward to future years. But with all the co-mingling of funds today and so many hands in your pot, investing can be tricky business. Investors need to believe that the market opportunity is sizeable, and that your company can generate substantial revenue at scale. Prahar Shah, CEO and co-founder of Mobee, elaborated on the importance of recognizing the opportunities in your market of interest.
What would have only been worth $70,450 if he had tried to cash it bought him $110,350 in tax savings.

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