Pre-order customers of Pokemon GO Plus look to make some money on their yet-to-be released peripheral, inviting bids upwards of $100 on eBay for the device. Mobile phenomenon Pokemon GO may be free to play, but that has not stopped a number of different parties from pocketing cold, hard cash from the title.
As it turns out, Pokemon GO has turned out to be a bit of a money-spinner for the individual, too – particularly those who managed to pre-order one of the Pokemon GO Plus peripherals. It’s easy to see exactly why the Pokemon GO Plus has proved to be so popular in advance of its July 31 release.
It’s yet to be revealed exactly when a new batch of Pokemon GO Plus devices will be available, but hopefully interested gamers will not have long to wait before they are able to get their hands on one without resorting to huge eBay prices. Welcome to our final Gym Guide where we will show you hints, tricks and tips to help you defeat the ultimate challenge: The Pokemon League! This guide will be a little different to our usual guides, but should be just as easy to follow. By this point you should have all eight gym badges, defeated Team Flare, and caught yourself a legendary Pokemon before travelling through Victory Road.
The Pokemon League is the place where the best trainers of central Kalos test their skills.
Tip: If you lose to any one of the five trainers, you must face them all from the start therefore it is important to rest your Pokemon at the Pokemon Centre outside and stock up on as many items as you think you will need before even entering the building. Tip: Try to finish off Gyarados as quickly as possible as his move Dragon Dance which will raise his attack and speed stats making him stronger with every move.
As water Pokemon make up Siebold’s team, we recommend leading with Electric types in this battle as this is the only weakness all his Pokemon have in common.
We suggest leading your team with Fairy type Pokemon such as Sylveon (check out how to get one in our 10 Best Pokemon to catch in Pokemon X and Y guide) or Gardevoir. Water types are your best choice for beating Malva quickly, especially a Water type that knows Surf such as Vaporeon. Tip: Watch out for Aurorus as he has two attacks which can be quite damaging if you want to take Diantha out quickly.
Tip: Gardevoir will Mega Evolve at the start of the match so be ready for the hardest battle yet.
How to defeat Hawlucha: There are a lot of types that will be super effective against Hawlucha including Electric, Ice, Flying, Psychic, and Fairy.
How to defeat Tyrantrum: You can use Ice, Fighting, Ground, Steel or Fairy types to take on Tyrantrum, but remember to avoid Fire type moves.
How to defeat Aurorus: Because of Aurorus special moves, it is really important to defeat him quickly.

How to defeat Gourgeist: Due to the Ghost type, you obviously cannot use any Normal or Fighting moves in this matchup and should avoid other Ghost types as these are weak to their own moves. How to defeat Mega Gardevoir: This is a tough one, but with the right Pokemon you can do it. If you found this guide useful remember to check out our other Pokemon X&Y Gym Guides, and let us know if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to help you. Since the game was released, the Nintendo share price has soared, and with good reason, given that the app is more popular than Tinder. The device is supposed to retail at a mere $35, but Pokemon GO Plus was unsurprisingly quick to sell out across multiple online stores. One look at the successful sold eBay listings shows off a number of devices seeing final bids upwards of $200. The device allows gamers to play Pokemon GO without having to rely on getting out their phone at regular intervals, through it’s use of Bluetooth to send alerts for nearby Pokemon, and the ability to throw Poke Balls with the push of a button. Fake Pokemon GO applications have been jumping up the charts across multiple app stores, asking for in-app purchases to stop advertisements and luring players into giving five star reviews. In the meantime, Pokemon GO players can help hone their skills without the use of the peripheral, by learning how to how to catch rare Pokemon or how to use Pokestops.
Every Friday we’ve been guiding you through one of the Kalos Region Gyms in Pokemon X and Y, showing you everything you need to know to beat them and get your badges. By this point you should have defeated all eight gym leaders, Viola, Grant, Korrina, Ramos, Clemont, Valerie, Olympia. Here, your skills will be tested by many trainers, and if you manage to make it through, there will be two buildings waiting for you at the end: A Pokemon Centre and The Pokemon League. It holds the top five trainers of the region, and you must face the four members of the Elite Four before you can challenge the Pokemon League Champion.
If you saw our 10 Best Pokemon to catch in Pokemon X and Y story, we suggested adding a Pikachu to your team, as their powerful Thunderbolt attack will knock out most of these Pokemon easily.
We recommend leading with a strong Fire type as Fire will work on all of them except for Probobass. Probobass is probably the most difficult overall because there is only one type that will be Super Effective against him and that is Water, yet if you look at his moves, Probopass will use Discharge, which is very strong against a Water type. In order to tackle this you could get your Pokemon to hold a Persim Berry to cure confusion. Light Screen halves special attack done to all of Diantha’s team lasting five turns, whilst Reflect does the same thing but with attack.
We suggest using Fighting or Steel type Pokemon and moves as they give Aurorus quadruple damage.
You will want to try and use a Poison, Ghost, or Steel Pokemon here, which makes Aegislash a great addition to your team again.

Make sure to check out Lumiose City where a ceremony will be held for you and your friends to congratulate you on your victory. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. Now, pre-order customers are capitalizing on the demand for the device, and are selling the Pokemon GO plus for over $100 on eBay. Meanwhile, bundle deals are also going to outrageous money, with a set of two Pokemon GO Plus peripherals going for $385. However, fans of the game hoping to get their hands on the peripheral will no doubt be disappointed to see them being sold at such a large markup.
You can take on the Elite Four in any order, so feel free to chose what works best for your team. To get around this you should use a different type Pokemon that has learned Water type moves, or if you do use a Water Pokemon just make sure that it is really strong. To do this you must take on and defeat Champion Diantha in order to be crowned Kalos Champion. All in all if you make sure you have an Electric, Fairy, Steel, and Fire type on your team, you should win this battle easily. Whatever you do, make sure not to use Dragon or Fighting, as these types won’t do well in this battle. If not, check out our other Pokemon X&Y Gym Guides to finish the game before coming back here to take on the best of the best. As we suggested in our 10 Best Pokemon to catch in Pokemon X and Y guide, having Charizard and Greninja on your team could help you win this one.
Therefore it’s important to also have a Pokemon who also knows Ice moves on your team. She is much tougher than the Elite Four was, as she has six Pokemon all of different types.
Two of Drasna’s Pokemon are also weak to Electric types as well, giving you plenty of choice for this battle.

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