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If you’ve alway been good at Photoshop, 99Designs is the perfect place to cash in on your skills. Great post, I personally use Fiverr, and I have even written an ebook on how to make money off it. Dennis, I sure do , heres a link to the affiliate program, as well as graphics to help you.
Elance is still good if you can develop marketable skills such as blog posting, link building etc.
Yup, as you said, these are not ways which are going to make you rich but are going to keep you humming along the way for the mean time :).
I am actually currently writing my second eBook on making money online and am going to sell it there as well as setting an affiliate commission of %65!
By the way, I like the way you through all those images of the sites in the post along with their descriptions. Do you ever find yourself aimlessly perusing blogs and websites and then realizing that you have “wasted” an hour or more of your time? Some sites definitely pay more than others, but there’s a myriad of ways to monetize your time spent on the internet. Free time can become paid time if you have 20 minutes to an hour a day to complete some pretty basic tasks and if you have a decent internet connection.
Qmee is an app which works along with your regular browser and pays you anywhere from a few cents to a dollar to click on advertisements that appear alongside your search bar. Note that since Qmee has a policy of not holding any of your financial information, you have to have a PayPal account to receive your reward money. Once you have your PayPal account set up, Qmee will pay out your rewards as soon as often as you like. It’s a pretty simple process, and it’s an easy way to put $5-$10 extra dollars a month in your pocket without much extra effort. Searching via Swagbucks – If you use Swagbucks search engine instead of Google, you will earn Swag Bucks.
Watch Videos – If you watch videos on Swagbucks instead of YouTube, you will earn more Swag Bucks.
Shop via Swagbucks – If you shop online at one of their partners through their portal, you will earn Swag Bucks. If you want to be a UserTesting reviewer, all you have to do is apply, verify your email address, and then set up the screen recorder.
You will also need to have either a built-in or an external microphone to complete the review. Receiving $10 for just one review is pretty great compensation for simply visiting a website and giving honest feedback. While you may not win a trip to the MLB All-Star Game or a $5k trip to Waikiki beach like DC did, you absolutely have a chance at winning some huge prizes – but only if you enter.

IZEA is a company that brings together influencers (anyone with a social media account) and companies. Short Task is a website which pays people to complete menial tasks which are better completed by actual people, instead of robots or computer programs. You won’t be able to quit your full-time job using Short Task, but if you have a time where you’re just mindlessly online anyway, this is a way to at least make some money while you aren’t doing anything else productive. These are just four of the easy ways to earn extra money online in your free time, but there are countless copycat websites that dole out cash to users with the same modus operandi as the companies listed above. Especially if you like searching for things on the internet, or perusing websites and blogs, then why not make that extra ounce of effort to monetize your time online?
Bear in mind that none of these are get rich quick schemes, but all of them together might just pay for your Amazon prime renewal or your Starbucks habit. J?oin our online community and get the first chapter of our new book Hustle Away Debt absolutely FREE!Learn everything you need to know about how to make money through side hustles! Kristi Muse is a freelance writer, blogger, police officer’s wife, and millennial mom to two beautiful children. The user testing sounds interesting both as a reviewer and by receiving feedback as a site owner. User testing is a pretty good way to earn cash, but you have to be available to jump on it when a site wants testing. So I started using swagbucks around spring and I watched their videos, shopped with their affiliate links for stuff I would buy anyway. I used to belong to this company called Pinecone research, you would take surveys, get points and cash out the points for cash or items from their online mall. Join our online community and receive the first chapter of Hustle Away Debt absolutely FREE. If you are, join Experts Exchange and answer people’s questions on hardware, software, programming and more, to receive rewards. Make money by completing tiny tasks online for people such as signing up for sites, Digging articles or linking to sites. Students who need help post questions with cash rewards and depending on how well you answer it, you receive the cash.
People offer jobs such as installing WordPress plugins, computer programming, translations, designing business cards and much more. Those little things make a big difference in the overall perceived quality of your entire website. If you want to make some easy extra money, check out these four ways to earn quick money online in your free time. Once you’re signed up, all you have to do is search online with Google, Amazon, EBay, Yahoo, or Bing.
This is not something I plan on doing, but if you like to spend time playing games on your phone or computer this may be a good way to make it a more productive use of your time.
UserTesting pays people to simply go to, interact with, and review a complete stranger’s website or blog.
UserTesting reviewers help the owners of websites to pinpoint flaws with their site, how users interact with the pages, and where changes could be made for a better design or basic functionality. The website will walk you through how to complete the tasks, record your session, and upload your review to the server.
Especially if you like to peruse blogs and websites anyway, becoming a UserTesting reviewer is a great way to pad your pockets with a little bit of extra cash.

The nice thing about Harris Poll is that, unlike other survey sites, Harris Poll rewards you even if you do not qualify for a survey. As DC described in his post how to make money entering giveaways, it’s possible to make thousands of dollars a year entering giveaways.
One thing people may not realize is there are literally thousands of giveaways that start every single week. It helps explain why you should enter giveaways for things you don’t need (or want) as well as strategies for selling stuff you win and converting it into cold hard cash.
Once you sign up for an account companies will see you when they search for influencers based on keywords.
Some of the tasks include researching a website for detailed information, transcribing audio and video recordings, or identifying the objects in pictures. Amazon Mechanical Turk is another website which offers similar compensation for menial online tasks. You can join an in-person focus group if you happen to live in Nashville, TN, Miami, FL, or Charlotte, NC.
Once they have your information, you will receive either an email or a phone call to let you know about any upcoming research studies. I haven’t done many other things to earn the easy cash online because I really hate filling out forms! I’ve cashed out my swagbucks for amazon gift  cards and pre-ordered Fallout 4 (a video game that comes on Nov.
This is something that doesn’t really take a lot of time, especially if the site uses Rafflecopter or some other device that makes logging entries easy. People who are looking to make the first dollars online should start checking these sites out. Sponsored advertisements fund the Qmee click campaigns, and users are able to earn money by interacting with those advertisements.
So if you go through the screening questions and are told you do not qualify, you will still receive a credit for your time. You can go ahead and bid on campaigns you find interesting and decline campaigns that you would prefer to not participate in.
Many of the panel reviews and surveys take place online though, so people from anywhere in the country can take part and voice their opinion for money. According to the website, “You will be asked some survey questions to help determine if a study is a right fit for your profile. They pay you to visit websites or apps, complete a set of tasks, and speak your thoughts out loud into a recorder. You don’t have to respond to every survey, but this is the first step to being considered for a research study. However, I believe that there are a lot of real opportunities online to make a few bucks here and there. Again no shortcuts to becoming a millionaire, but realistic ways to make a bit of cash quickly.

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