Disclaimer and Privacy Policy Note: This website is for parents or guardians to be able to help their kids and teens find ideas for making money. Let us know if we can give you any more details on how to make these ideas make real money.
Also, please see how to make money as a kid ages 6-8 and 9-11 as your kids could do everything on those lists as well. Swagbucks– Swagbucks is a great way to make money fast by watching videos, taking surveys or even just searching for stuff. Movie Editing– If you know how to edit and make videos do it for weddings and other events to. Music Lessons– Whatever instrument you play, teach other kids lessons just like you get taught lessons.
Paint Home Interior- People often want a new look in their home or just need a paint job.  Make money as a kid painting.
Power Wash Homes- Homes get dirty and need to be cleaned from dirt, and cobwebs.  Power wash homes to make money.
I think before we start and you would like to know how to make money fast in south africa id like to take a quick minute to introduce myself.

I have this very simple believe that the more you give the more you will receive and its proven to work over and over and over. I am also sharing this video or how to make money fast in south africa with you cause I am self a South african and I know what its like not having money and worry if we will end up one day like not having enough food and clean water in South africa to supply all of us. For those of you who watched the complete video I thank you and for those of you who are read the blog post I thank you too and appreciate all. SECOND help me by sharing this Blog post to as many people as possible so that we can help Inspire, Motivate an change peoples life's. Errol is a visionary, Online ENTREPRENEUR, professional Forex trader as well as a AWESOME mentor and motivational speaker! Children under the age of 13 are prohibited from providing any personal information on this site. Women usually have a huge “honey-do” list but their husbands never get around to doing it.  Offer handyman services to your neighbors to make money as a kid.
Get rid of spiders, ants and wasps using natural products like diatomaceous earth and essential oils. Gutters get clogged from leaves and sticks.  Clean gutters on homes to make money as a kid.

Haha I will share all the link at the bottom of the page so that you have to them and you can follow me on all the platforms that I am using.
I want to set an example and go to the highest extent in my career possible and by doing that I also want you to join me on the Journey and let me help you become just as successful. I want you to one day send me an email or contact me on google Hangouts, Skype any social media platform and share your story of success with me or how I help you or Pushed you in the Direction or changing your life and living the DREAM that you always had.
Might sound like a lie to you but let me tell you, subscribe to my youtube channel and watch my website as I share videos of my successes and things that I have achieved in live and will be achieving. If you never had a dream the click the button after the video so see how you can start dreaming and create a whole new life for yourself. Your kids or teens will probably be so successful at making money that when they are 15 or 16 and can get a real job, they’ll rather work for themselves. You should now have all the ideas you need so your kids can know exactly how to make money as a 12, 13 and 14 year old.

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