There were reports that "Kabali" movie was leaked online and the full film was available for download in the Dark Web. A section of the media had reported that "Kabali" was the latest movie to be hit by piracy as it was leaked by some miscreants in the Dark Web.
Pahlaj Nihalani, the chief of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), had also told the daily that such leaks do not have any impact on big banner films. Pre-booking for "Kabali" has started in several cities and tickets in the main centres have been completed sold out. However, producer Kalaippuli S Thanu has now denied the news and said that they have taken all measures to ensure that it does not make it to illegal websites online. But the online fans of Rajinikanth had displayed their confidence on its success at the collection centres as they proudly claimed that they will watch "Kabali" in theatres and will not encourage piracy.

The exhibitors are now forced to have additional and special shows to meet the huge demand. It has to be noted that Kalaippuli S Thanu has obtained an order from the Madras High Court to prevent illegal downloads from 225 websites and countless other unknown sites.
Posted On : July 27, 2016 Post Views: 2,829Have you seen Lavell Crawford lately?
He’ll definitely make you do a double take because he looks quite different these days.

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