Flying can be a stressful way to spend your day, especially if you only fly once or twice a year.
We’ve gathered ten tips that can make your checkpoint experience as stress-free as possible.
I don’t think I can remember the last time I passed through the checkpoint without seeing some poor sole being pulled aside because he or she forgot to remove liquids from their bag. There are obviously exceptions for baby milk and medication, but you will need to declare them at the checkpoint.
Don’t be one of those travelers that walks into the airport, gets in line at the checkpoint and then starts getting ready for the screening. If you regularly pass through the checkpoint with a laptop, do yourself a favor and invest in a checkpoint friendly laptop bag.
Standing around at the end of the x-ray machine doing all of this is only going to slow things down for everyone else. These are some of the images that we found within the public domain for your "Red Particles Effect Transparent" keyword.
We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here.
Not just for you, but for the hundreds of others trying to make it to the other side of the checkpoint at the same time. I mean, how on earth can there still be people left that don’t know about the liquid rules?

Unless you are in a terrible hurry to catch a plane, the area before the checkpoint line is the best place to prepare yourself.
Don’t wait till you reach the x-ray machine to remove your wallet, the safest place for it right now is inside your bag.
These bags are specially designed to fold open, allowing the x-ray machine a clear unobstructed view of your computer. Try not to stuff too many cords together, try and spread your gadgets around a bit, and always check your bag for items that don’t belong there. One of my number one checkpoint pet peeves is people at the metal detector that act amazed when all their metallic objects make the machine beep.
Too often, I’ll see people put a bag, shoes, a laptop, their toiletries, their phone, wallet, keys and watch on the belt. The ideal screening involves nothing more than your bag, jacket, shoes and your clear toiletries bag. TSA agents like to keep the area as empty as possible, and if too many people are holding things up, you’ll delay the entire line. Thankfully, if you follow some simple tips, your trip through the checkpoint can be really simple, allowing you more time to enjoy the dreadful airport food, or to waste your money at the airport duty free shop.
Remove anything metallic, and you’ll reduce the risk of missing that loose change or pocket knife. Don’t forget to put your ID and boarding pass in your shirt or pants pocket, because the screener will want to see them.

Two metal tubes with wires sticking out of them may be nothing more than two laptop batteries and some cords, but to a screener, it may look like something worth some extra attention.
And for your information – the TSA will not let you just waltz on through once you point it out.
Travel is stressful, and it isn’t too hard to forget your phone or laptop at the checkpoint.
Almost every checkpoint has a nice sitting area at the other side, which is the perfect spot to put your belt back on, remove your important items from your bag, and tie your shoes. They will make you remove it, put it back through the x-ray machine, and have you attempt to walk through the detector again. In fact, a prepared traveler is a rare breed, so consider yourself lucky that you are showing an interest in it. And in most cases, they’ll make you do this while I am waiting for you to stop beeping.

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