Too often people focus on the wrong thing when they truly desire to learn how to make more money. Do you feel like you are working really hard but still don’t know how to make more money from home?
To me it is terrible when I see people stare at their results and get depressed or beat themselves up whereas if they just turned their attention to the actual problem, they would be able to turn it around!
In the video I did mention that we are doing our fundraiser for the MDA again this year, if you are able to, would greatly appreciate anything you can offer, this is their page to donate. If your product is right, but you earn too little from your current customer base, perhaps it’s time to look around. About This BlogThe Car Detailing Blog is the Internet's leading source gf auto detailing news, information and insight. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive my free 2016 SEO Keyword Planner and to stay up to date with all the latest from Singing Through The Rain. During my blog coaching sessions I get asked a lot about other sites that could possibly help bloggers make more money. I have made money off of Blogvertise through sponsored posts here and there It’s great for making occasional money. I haven’t accepted any offers from Business 2 Blogger yet, but I love that they send me emails with offers that I can browse through once or twice a month. Thank you for this because a lot of us newbies want to learn how to make money blogging and a lot of bloggers don’t like to tell you how to do it for fear that you may over shadow them (I guess). Hi!I'm MarieYou have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there.
In today’s episode of MarieTV, we’re tackling a money block that holds a lot of us back and prevents us from being as successful as we can be.
If you ever feel conflicted about wanting to make more money, as though your desire to make more money somehow makes you less of a “spiritual person,” watch this video now.
Because you may have some toxic beliefs about money (consciously or unconsciously) that not only limit your income but your happiness too.
You’ll also get to see one of the weird things I did as a kid — which I am SO grateful for now!
Click here to get your free audio training now.Download NowGet StartedClick here to get your free audio training now. Tell me the specific limiting belief as well as a new more empowering belief you can replace it with. Remember, please be as specific as possible in your comment because thousands of people will benefit from your experience.
As a child I said to myself I’d never want to struggle like that so I got trained as a qualitative researcher (6 years of uni) and worked 6 years as a researcher.
However, I believe we cannot escape our true desires (and possibly genetics to a degree) and, sure enough, when my son was born, I got the strong urge to open my own business and make some real money while making positive changes in the world. In terms of exactly HOW I made the shift, it started out of desperation from being a single mother but has morphed into my full passion.
Fantastic topic Marie, I have actually been working on the topic of money for the last month. I’m not gonna lie, this has been a toughie lesson but what I have found that has been working for me is a whole lotta GRATITUDE for the things I already have!
I have definitely worked on this myself although I never had the belief that having money is not spiritual. I work with so many deserving, beautiful, amazing, loving, smart women that have GOBLINS (hey, I have Goblins too!) regarding money BUT the good news is that once you pinpoint that nasty money Goblin you can shift it! There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. I think building philanthropy into your business model can help immensely when you’re trying to get a new perspective on making money.

I also realized that my quality of life directly ties to how much energy and passion I have for my business, my friendships, my writing, and all the other little things I do. Love the idea of using a giving program to help to motivate you to earn more money so you can give more Gigi. I’ve started to see a shift in the language about philanthropy, too, where terms like donation or giving are sometimes swapped out for investment, capital and related terms. After all, what really is the benefit if we ourselves amass great riches or success and it doesn’t result in effective and positive change for anyone else.
I just launched my first program, Ground-Breaking Goals and was inspired to donate 10% of the program cost to great causes. I write a tiny blog and I’m happy to link charitable causes in my right hand column for free. I will adapt the wisdom I find here in the MF community until I am on the other side of this. Perhaps you are frustrated because you feel like you are doing everything your mentors and trainers are telling you to do but no extra money is coming in? It can drive you bonkers at times but if you commit to prospering you can catch yourself each time you think LACK in terms of money. Even after making the decision to establish better habits, old habits can still kick in occasionally.
It is easy to get distracted by other issues, such as creating new products or managing day to day tasks.
Example instead of selling them an upscale car wash, offer a complete detail or offer added value services such as carpet dying and headlight repair. If you’re are spending your time on routine tasks when you could be out there making sales or providing your service, you are losing money. Like last week i had no jobs, but winter is finally gone and this week I at least have a job a day. Not because they are selfish and greedy and want more money, but mainly because they want to help support their families through blogging. Plus you can go on the website and browse through their list of opportunities anytime you want to! They also send you emails of opportunities you can choose from and the payment is usually ranging from $75.-$100.
There are plenty of networks that offer bloggers the opportunity for product reviews, free products, and unpaid opportunities, but we want to move a step beyond. I have joined them more recently, but they are definitely getting better and have more offers as time goes by.
It’s easy to use and easy to mix in a few advertisements with my regular tweets and earn some change per tweet! After 8 years of blogging I’ve finally decided to start trying to make some money from it. I’ve just started blogging and have been looking around for different sites like this! While I didn’t realize it at the time, some of my childhood obsessions foreshadowed who I’d become as an adult. Do you have any beliefs about money that limit how much you make or that limit how much you enjoy it? I went form a place a judgement (it’s wrong to make that much money) to a place of non-judgement and even appreciation. Rich truly is a state of mind and when you achieve financial success your trepidations about money, or having too much of it, will likely result in you being a very good philanthropist.
I’m going to re-read right before B-School starts to totally clear my path to success!!
It’s just another belief system that we took on from others that doesn’t serve!

From the start, I committed my business to donating 10% of our profits to causes we care about.
I totally agree and will definitely head this advice because I’ve been pondering on it for a while.
Just tweaking the idea a bit can help us think more strategically about philapthropy and (perhaps) as a more natural part of our business model and finances in general.
During my twenties, I took a 180 and spent my own money hardcore, just to prove everyone wrong, and put myself into debt along the way. Since then, I have this engraved belief that hwen someone SAYS there is No Money, there really is. Please comment below if it helped you at all and feel free to share around if you would like. I find that sometimes,I get so busy that I forget about focusing on the habits and actions. When you get nervous looking at your appointments, Like i always do, remember, most people set up an appointment a day or 2 ahead of time, not weeks. I have not accepted any opportunities from them as of yet, but I enjoy getting them in my inbox.
I have made money from this, but you have to start your tweets off lower than a $1.00 per tweet to get started and to get noticed.
As well, I think deep down I was afraid to admit what I was worth and I was afraid to stand out (the feeling of needing to shrink or stay low so as not exceed others).
The second part of your comment resonates with me, but I still feel a sense of shame about it. One question, do these groups have a minimum requirement of the blogger before they will work with you? My father was an entrepreneur and I saw him stuggle his whole life to make money and got very negative associations with making money as an entreprenuer. We are a small retail business and I love what I do and what we aim to help our customers create. Keeping a gratitude journal and thinking about all I already have is a great practice to step into abundance mindset.
However, in most cases, people simply have not developed the habits that would DICTATE they make more money. Yet, how many people have truly mastered their habits and get the results that they deserved? So, I’m going to get right back to what is important – developing and sticking with the habits!
Somehow we’ve learnt there is a cap to how good we can have it and how much we can allow ourselves to receive.
I’ve always believed that your surroundings (a nice home filled with beautiful things that you love) is so paramount to your individual happiness and thus the happiness of those you live with.
I’ve always believed that your surroundings (a nice home filled with beautiful things that you love) is so paramount to your individual happiness and thus the happiness of those you live with.
The below video will help you with this especially if you are a work from home entrepreneur. I recently read of a man who had a shoe shine business for 30 years and had saved his tips over the years which amounted to $200,000 and he donated it all to a Children’s Hospital. Now it’s time to kickbox the old beliefs, lift the lid to our personal money limitations and create wealth! Any tips or ideas… I guess the shame things also comes from thinking…..well it’s just ‘things’- so many people in the world live without a pretty vase or cushion????

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