If the idea is to make the manufacturing sector more competitive, and job friendly then there is a need to reduce cost of doing business in India. From the policy side, to make ‘ Make in India ’ brand effective it is important to improve on these aforementioned attributes.
In its Doing Business Report-2014, the World Bank placed India in the 134th position out of a sample of 189 countries, which is worse than China (96th), Sri Lanka (85th), Bangladesh (130th), or Pakistan (110th) when it comes to the convenience of doing business.
As to how a better infrastructure can provide impetus to growth, the stark example is that of The Golden Quadrilateral.
One reason for lower FDI inflow in India has to do with government changing tax retrospectively. Nilanjan Banik is an Associate Professor of Economics and Management at Mahindra Ecole Centrale. The new global Indian youth is on a natural high and prefer Luxurious goods to any sub-standard goods or products.
Founded in 2011 by IIT-ians, VJTI-ians and Finance Professionals ­ MarketExpress is an online financial, business news, insights and research portal. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without the use of soil and giving your garden an artificial environment. Your hydroponic plants grow at a fast rate unlike the traditional growing method, wherein the plants roots needs to spread out and search for soil nutrients. Now, we all know that the light, water and hydroponic nutrients are the hydroponic grower’s secret and essential elements for hydroponics.
RSS FEEDHydroponics Planning: Kick Off To A Good Start August 30, 2013 Chris SmithFoliar Feeding vs. There is also a need for Indian manufacturing sector to participate in global production chain network. In spite of India having advantages in terms of cheaper labour and land, developed countries such as the US and other Western European countries get more multinational funding because of transparency in business rules and low cost of doing business. In 2013, the World Economic Forum in its Global Competitiveness Index Report places India in the 84th position (out of a total sample of 144 countries) when competitiveness is measured in terms of infrastructure development.
This project, started by the Atal Bihari Vajpayee led National Democratic Alliance government in 2001, aimed at building four and six-lane highways to connect four metro cities, namely, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi. All types of cost such as freight and time costs, information costs, contract enforcement costs, and lack of trade facilitation measures such as inadequate logistics of moving goods through ports, inefficient handling of custom documentation, etc., all will be counted as part of the trade costs.
A number of events since March 2012 have seriously dented India’s image as a favourable investment destination. The lack of labour market reform is preventing India to properly use its demographic dividend and to attract foreign investment in labour intensive modes of production.

Only if these aforementioned factors are taken into consideration, the ‘ Make in India ’ brand will sooner become a reality. MarketExpress platform brings together some of the industry's top experts on finance, business, education with a common goal - to provide quality information, insights & analysis.
Instead, in this technique the nutrients are directly applied to plant roots through nutrient solution that contains pH balanced.
This is mainly done when certain plants produce unwanted elements and hence soil becomes useless.
Presently, the success story of Indian manufacturing sector is centred on capital-intensive based industries, involving the likes of Reliance, TATA, Mahindra, etc. Participating in global supply chain has become necessary condition for getting access to cutting edge technology and making our manufacturing sector competitive. Also, because of flexible labour laws and mechanisation of production, labourers are more productive in developed countries. Companies face a maze of government orders, regulations, rules and procedures, which raise the cost of production. To have world class infrastructure, government will require funding from the private sector. According to the National Highway Authority of India, 99.71 per cent of the project work was finished during January 2013. With respect to ‘Trading Across Borders’, in 2013, India ranked 132 out of 189 countries, while Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka ranked 130, 177, 91, and 51, respectively. Examples are numerous starting with Vodafone case, cancellation of 2G mobile licences, introduction of General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAAR) in the 2012, the Posco steel plant case, and the recent Supreme Court judgement declaring allocation of 218 coal blocks as illegal. India has 14,576 judges as against capacity to hire 17,641 judges, including 630 High Court Judges. Added to this is the high acceptance rate of cases and one can clearly see the reasons for such backlogs.
As per Global Competitiveness Index 2013, India ranked 61st in ‘cooperation in labour-employer relations’, and this has deteriorated to 90th position in 2014; on ‘flexibility of wage determination’, the ranking has fallen from 50th to 113th. Hydroponic gardening is quite beneficial to increase your garden yields and make your plant produce brighter, richer and nutritious fruits and vegetables. Many researches has suggested that when using hydroponic method, grow length has been decreased up to 50%! Through this you can manipulate not only the water and light but also the pests that can affect your plant yield. Likewise, state-of-the-art infrastructure such as roads, ports, electric grids, telecommunication, and banks complement business environment.

Considering infrastructure sector funding, contribution of private sector is only 36 per cent in India in comparison to China’s 48 per cent.
For instance, trucks in India have to pass through multiple checkpoints and stop at state borders to pay toll taxes and octroi, for inspections, etc. An assurance from the government that it is not in favour changing tax laws retrospectively will help.
If you are planning to start with hydroponic, Let us look at some of the most important advantages of hydroponic gardening . Also, it is most suitable for the people who dwells in small apartments and have little garden space to afford.
Hydroponic systems allows gardeners to have better control over the things like PH condition, synthetic light, water and other gardening materials.
This is notwithstanding the fact that China’s GDP is almost four times the size of India’s GDP. South East nations and Japan has comparative advantage in providing logistic services, and certainly will be of help to India in its effort to reduce trade costs. There are many places in the world wherein, the appropriate soil is unavailable and hence for such areas hydroponic does a great job. The cost of hydroponic gardening is effectively less than the traditional gardening method. By using the system, you can manage the root growth system and flowering ability of the plants. Due to no soil is used in the hydroponic method, there no soil-borne pests or diseases passed off on to the plants. The gardening is done quite cheaply and you can even try different hydroponic system for your garden.
The most time and money saving system is Ebb & Flow system, all you needed is the growing tray, tubing, water tanks, growing medium, timer and a pump. In traditional gardening, the soil lacks some element or other but hydroponic technique eliminates the use of soil and hence there is no need to use fertilizer for hydroponic system.

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