I’ve studied the habits of happy people and discovered that they deal with life differently than folks who let the ups and downs of life get them down…and keep them down. Most important of all the habits of happy people is, when things are going well, they don’t make themselves unhappy by bringing the past into the present.
The habits of happy people include gratitude for all things, large and small.  Gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving.
The habits of happy people keep them from seeing present circumstances as permanent.  Happy people know happiness is a state of mind and not dependent on reasons to be happy.
Regret, blaming and feeling sorry for themselves for past wrongs are not part of their present. They expect to be happy now, not after they get a new job, not when the bills are paid off, not when a spouse magically becomes loving and attentive.

Of course you want your friends to be as happy as you are, but you cannot feel their feelings – you can only feel your own.
Even in times of loss of loved ones, financial hardship and sickness, they know happiness is possible and keep that vision in mind. Concentrate on the present, compare yourself only to saints, be grateful and remember that present hardships are temporary.
Is it a sunny day, did you get a phone call from an old friend, did the dog do something adorable?
Happy people know very well that other people’s lives may be completely miserable, no matter what their material blessings, good looks, social positions or seemingly happy families. A happy person typically compares himself to mentors and role models, to improve the character rather than feel any kind of lack.

It’s a platitude but true – count your blessings and you’ll be astonished how many there are. These are simple habits of happy people that we can learn and master….and reap the benefits for a lifetime! You can enjoy that RIGHT NOW even if you lost your job, you have a cold, the credit card company keeps calling and your marriage is crumbling.

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