Donald Trump, the real estate mogul, reality television star and hair icon, today announced he is taking his first run at the White House.
In 2012, Trump launched a Presidential exploratory committee and visited key battleground states before bowing out in May 2011.
Trump has been married three times, his longest marriage to Ivana ZelnA­ckovA? ended in divorce in 1992, he married actress Marla Maples a year later until they called it quits in 1999. The Democrat National Committee responded to Trump's announcement with a statement: a€?Today, Donald Trump became the second major Republican candidate to announce for president in two days. Steve Manning is founder and CEO of Igor, a Sausalito, Calif.-based naming and branding agency, and the creative force behind monikers like Aria Las Vegas, truTV, Boogie Board and Gogo inflight internet. Why is the right name so important?The right name differentiates a startup from its competitors, helps build the brand and sparks an emotional connection with customers.
Even though the right name can help a startup stand out, 90 percent of businesses choose names that sound the same as their competitors.
What are some points to consider?Generic names aren’t interesting or engaging or emotional. What mistakes do startups make when choosing a name?It’s a mistake to be quirky for the sake of it.

There is also a misguided focus on tossing out good names because of their dictionary definitions. But if I get elected president I will bring it back, bigger, and better, and stronger than ever before," Trump said today to a packed room of supporters. No one wants to spend an entire flight talking to someone from Strategic Name Development, but a seatmate with a business named Igor is memorable.
When startups choose names like kwkly or qwerly, all they are thinking about is whether the name is unique, without regard for how it looks to the world.
But no one cares about the official definition; a name should demonstrate what your business is all about. Trump has three children from his first marriage a€“ Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric, a daughter Tiffany from his second marriage, and a son Barron with wife Melania.
A good name has layers of meaning and association, evokes emotion and is easy to pronounce. The name Trump can be found on countless Manhattan buildings along with hotels and golf courses across the globe.
Ivanka had the pleasure of introducing her father, whose grand entrance to his announcement event was a ride down an escalator.

You could choose a made-up name like Oreo or Snapple that is memorable, and because it’s fun to say, people repeat it, or an evocative name like Virgin or Apple that creates emotion and imagery to help position the product. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have a positive dictionary definition, it works because it sounds like a car that James Bond and Jason Bourne would drive.
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