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Keep that attitude in mind as you check out the following jobs for travelers.  To help you decide which could be a fit for you, I’ve divided them into two categories – jobs that require a location commitment and jobs that can be done from almost anywhere. And I didn’t overinflate the list by separating out all the different teaching, boat, and freelance jobs. You can have it all: make money while traveling from one of the best travel jobs where you get to hang out in places like this on your lunch break! So what are your options for jobs that allow you to have a change in environment, but still require the same basic lifestyle? Pros: You can often access a country for a length of time that is unavailable to most travelers. English is a popular suggestion, but you might also teach any other subject over which you have mastery.
Resorts can be like small cities, with jobs from the restaurants to the repair shop and all points in between. Often needed in the same locales as resorts, but without actually having to work at a resort. Most people looking for jobs to do while traveling picture themselves as mostly traveling and only working a little. You don’t have to be an acrobat, guitar player, actor, or dancer to travel with a traveling show. Cons: Going from city to city to city can turn into a bit of a blur of road signs, airports, hotel rooms, and performance venues. Second only to being the performer, working as a roadie is one of the most awesome traveling jobs. Cons: Friends might think owning a business abroad and living as an expat counts as one of the best travel jobs.
If you’re keen to hang out with the 18-25 crowd, and if you like serving as a mentor, consider escorting a group on their international sojourn. If you weigh at least 110 lbs (50 kilos) and know you’re going to be in one place long enough for a few medical appointments, check out Donating Plasma to find a location worldwide.
Have you ever dropped some coins into the case of a saxophone or guitar player on the corner? Pros: Fun!  Low level of investment hif you’ve already got the skill and aren’t counting the thousands of hours you’ve spend learning it. Especially if you’re traveling during the summer, there are festivals and gatherings galore all looking for some temporary help.

Your hostel or hotel might be super psyched to let you teach a yoga class in the common area.
If you make jewelry, other small crafts that are easy to pack around, or are in a country where you could put local items on ebay for a major profit, this one might be for you! If you own your own dwelling, do what homeowners around the world do to keep paying the mortgage while away. And inquiring minds want to know: which of the 24 Jobs To Do While Traveling seems the most lucrative?
January 7, 2013 By Robyn Tellefsen 1 Comment If you’ve been out of the education game for a while, going back to school as an adult can be a hard sell. A new State Policy Resource Center report from the association of State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) reveals that college degrees clearly result in higher earnings for the vast majority of individuals nationwide. Just look at the numbers: According to the analysis, people with a high school diploma have a median annual income of $29,423, while those with an associate degree earn $38,607, and bachelor’s degree holders earn a median income of $50,360.
For those of you who already have a college degree but have been toying with the prospect of graduate education, the dollar signs are in your favor, too.
You may be making ends meet now, but think about what a salary boost could mean for you and your family.
The report presents national and state wage premiums for seven discipline categories and examines median earnings variation across disciplines and across states. Some of the fields of study that offer the best return on investment are health-related disciplines, as well as science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).
No matter how old you are, a college education will never go to waste – that’s something you can bank on. The CollegeSurfing Insider is here to tackle some common career education questions, debunk career school myths, and share unique insights about various professions.
Yes, having a job these days if something to be proud of, with so many layoffs that have caused people to head back to school.
But if you dread going to work or are no longer getting the job fulfillment you desire, you can do something about it. Maybe a job that pops up on that list is something that’s always been in the back of your mind, like being a sales manager or registered nurse, and seeing those professions on the list could fuel your desire to go back to school and earn a degree in that field.
Online programs are growing in number, and you’ll also find programs that offer only weeknight or weekend classes, allowing you to stay in your job while getting the education you need for your new career. And some schools have created programs specifically for certain age groups, like women over 30, and single moms. The government offers an overview of things non-traditional students should consider about college and an overview of the financial aid options. Additional reporting by Delaney YoungBecome One with the GMAT: New Infographic Shows You How if your ultimate goal is to attend graduate school, you need to become one with the GMAT.

Getting the job requires networking, possible visas, possible language requirement, and possible payment to an agency for placement.
However, while the plane may be changing location, that location is determined by others who require the bulk of your time. That means you can paid for walking 10,000 steps (read: visiting the Coliseum, Vatican, and Trevi Fountain) or logging your food (pad thai, pineapple, green curry, pad thai again, papaya…). Not only will you get to practice and make a little cash, you’ll probably make cool new friends! Maybe you’ve heard that the learning experience is amazing, but you can’t imagine taking time out of your already busy schedule to pursue a degree.
The report, entitled The Economic Benefit of Postsecondary Degrees: A State and National Analysis, indicates that almost without exception, despite variation across states and disciplines, each successive level of higher educational attainment yields additional economic benefit. The report shows that individuals with a graduate degree have a median income of $68,064 – 35.2 percent more than those with a bachelor’s degree.
Health-related disciplines have the highest wage premium (123.4 percent) over a high school diploma, with health-related bachelor’s degree holders earning a median income of $56,427.
The wage premium for bachelor’s degree holders may be the lowest in the trades, but the median income of $40,305 is still 39.9 percent higher than the salary for trades workers who only have a high school diploma. How do you put your best digital foot forward when it comes time to turn your college pursuits into a career? If you’ve been laid off, you can continue to collect unemployment benefits if you’re pursuing college and vocation programs and receiving federal and state aid, USA Today says. Or perhaps you’re doing just fine with the job you have and you don’t want to rock the boat.
We know that at this point in your life, when you’ve got a lot on your plate, you need a really good reason for adding something new to the mix. And median incomes for the STEM disciplines are above average for each degree level analyzed in this report.
Testing Job Candidates a New Trend Exams may not stop after college, as some companies use tests to gauge skills.Make Your Own Career Luck on St. And maybe it will be profitable just like that mythical pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! But the latest statistics on the financial benefits of higher education might change your mind. Patrick's Day Whether you have the “luck of the Irish” or not, it’s possible for you to make your own career luck by pursuing education in a field that excites you.

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