Its the summer of blockbusters and major studio releases; the summer of Iron Man Three, Man Of Steel and now World War Z.
If you are not familiar with the film, its a very quick and basic take on ten easy steps which shows you how to make money from drugs, featuring a series of interviews with drug dealers, prison employees, and lobbyists arguing for tougher drug laws.
This documentary is an eye opening film that is also Executive Produced by Adrian Grenier (of HBO’s Entourage fame), Bert Marcus and co-written by Grant Jolly. How To Make Money Selling Drugs is a must see doc and now playing nationally in select cities.
The Humor Mill Magazine is a on line digital magazine, website and TV show that’s about the Urban Comic & Urban Hollywood for the general audience. We also feature comics who have been on the scene for a while but haven’t quite become a household name yet. All that, plus what’s going down for the week in the latest issue, The Humor Mill covers it all as it keeps you IN THE KNOW! Sherrod Small and Christian Finnegan learn how to become a black actor from David Alan Grier’s Massa Class. If you ever thought about getting in the business yourself as a black market entrepreneur because you saved up a lot of cash, make sure you’re not a drug addict yourself, smoking and snorting all your revenue. If you live on the West Coast in states like California or Oregon, being a pot dealer is like selling snow to Eskimos. Expect to find out which one of your friends are total cokeheads once you start selling yayo.
What is with Street Carnage and their fucking obsession with how well written or terribly written this crap is? Let’s pretend they are some meta motherfuckers and float away on that cloud of self-satisfaction. Around here, drug dealers seem to be mutant white trash mongoloids, which are infinitely more scary than a thugged out black turd.
My reasoning behind this is that the white trash mutant is more likely to rip your dick off with a telephone cord while simultaneously microwaving your girlfriends dismembered head in his trailer.
I’ve had a resonsible job paying tax for 20 years, but I can still remember those six months. Or even, maybe, a breakdown from all the different types of dealers (weed, coke, H, E, GHB, PCP)? Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". His subsequent project, The Massacre, was a successful venture as well selling 1.14 Million copies.

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Its the summer of which film is going to cross the $100 million to $500 million dollar mark.
Hats of to Matthew Cooke, as he is one of the few film makers who have such a hands on approach while keeping the film still  in tact as he not only wrote and executive produced the film, but he was also the cinematographer, film editor, visual effects editor, and film narrator.
We also feature articles on Hollywood actors who we see all the time but just don’t know their name yet. I thought it was an awesome way to make money, meet coke sluts, and generally party for free along with being invited to the party as that guy who’s gonna bring the party. You have two ways of selling drugs: You either deliver or have people stop by your house to pick up. The capitalism of the black market of drugs has the same trappings of all other businesses. You can be investigated and indicted by a grand jury for dealing any controlled substance, especially if you have been being clocked by the cops while their confidential informant made several contolled buys off your ass while they built a case on you to be presented to a grand jury. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. But in the underbelly of this summer’s film releases are several good films, and the new documentary How To Make Money Selling Drugs is one of them.
Yes, it does take a brief look at several of these steps to climb up the ladder in the drug business as director and writer Matthew Cooke writes a brilliant script to keep you engaged in every step of the film. The Humor Mill Magazine features comedy, music and movie news, while we also discuss some important issues.
As soon as you get that brick of weed, coke, or that pharmacy in a bag, you become that guy looking for black helicopters and developing code words for various paraphernalia. Written probably by some rich boy who sold drugs for a week cause he watches too many movies and fantasized about being a mobster. Cooke also conducts several interviews with well know actors and musicians who have had a key in the drug trade as an activist or as a former drug user, like his chats with rapper Eminem and actress Susan Sarandon just to name a few. You either run the risk of letting sketchy people know where you live or having drugs on you, thus risking getting caught by some cop being a dick and frisking you.
Unless you are a major player investing in dozens of pounds of marijuana at a time, you are barely gonna break even selling the green.
I got all caught up in it and wound up falling on my ass, breaking all for vials in my rectum.

I mean, you’re carrying around more than 5 grand in cash or in product and tons of sketchy people KNOW that… how is it NOT going to happen?
50 cent has sold more than 30 million albums world wide and has won numerous awards including a Grammy.
Dre and Eminem, highly impressed by 50 cent, decided to sign him to a $ 1 million dollar deal.
Without giving away too much in this film, there are several interviews that really stood out, but none more than the interview with a former police officer who was hired by a drug cartel. Now he pretends to be an ex-drug dealer to impress his other rich faggot friends and naive 17 year old girls. That interview really carries the weight of the seriousness of cartel and the drug industry in the film. Because sooner or later they’ll find someone else who will give them the candy they want and forget your flakey ass. Do you disagree, or were you trying to make some kind of point about that being so obvious that it goes without saying?
I know this is the internet and you feel safe enough to be the punk you are, but that’s a gross violation and you are gonna get fucked up. There are various ways you might attract the attention of the police and they don’t give a fuck about warrants and privacy since the Patriot Act, so once you catch their eye, you are kinda fucked. Also, I have known plenty of people in my time who handled large quantities without ever having grown a single plant. She told a doctor and By the Grace of God, they did a toxicology test and realized why I was having the seizures.
You will be spending all that money money you made on a good attorney to represent you when you’re being indicted with possession and intent to distribute.
LUCKILY, The policeman on duty had an emergency and never got the paperwork of the incident.
You might as well use that intelligence to find other means to make money, otherwise you get whatever is coming to ya: jail or death. After I got shot nine times at close range and didn’t die, I started to think that I must have a purpose in life… How much more damage could that shell have done?

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