One of Tribeca Filma€™s latest documentaries,A How to Make Money Selling Drugs, examines the American war on drugs through the eyes of the very people who sell them.
How to Make Money Selling DrugsA educates while it entertains, and in time may achieve the filmmakera€™s goal of making people more comfortable to talk about the taboo subject. The Tribeca Film opened June 26thA at the IFC Center in New York, and will be available on VOD June 18th.
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GlobalPost and PRI have joined forces to expand in-depth global news reporting to create a more informed, connected and empathetic world. In Nairobi, many street kids inhale glue for a cheap high, and many of the dealers who sell them the glue are women.

In Mathare, a dense slum on the northern edge of Kenya's capital, Nairobi, dozens of kids in filthy clothes hang out along a dirt road.
A few blocks away, sitting on a stump at a quiet street corner, is a woman chomping on a toothpick.
It's a disturbing moral dilemma that Jane faces — exploiting children to feed her own — but she seems to have developed her own code of ethics. But she says she doesn't feel bad about selling glue to children who look like they've sniffing for a long time, or who look like they live on the street. Jane may be taking advantage of street kids — and making judgments about how "innocent"? they are — but she is also being exploited.
Jones Muchedu, the advocate for street children, says a lot of people capitalize on the desperation of mama pimas like Jane.

Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. The film’s eye-catching style will appeal to younger generations who are, after all, the future lawmakers and voices of our rapidly changing country.
The children are healthy and doing well in school, and none of them sniff glue,"? she adds. In his director’s statement, Cooke explains his choice to humanize those we often cast aside as criminals.

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