What if you could just make a post on Facebook and anyone that clicked from that post and played a FREE game would automatically drop into your down-line. Vappey is a fully integrated Facebook app and you'll be able to play the awesome Vappey Games directly inside Facebook or on the Vappey website from June 9, 2014 when Games will commence and players start winning Cash while they play games for FREE! Video games have become increasingly more popular to the point where both male and females have developed an increasing interest. There have been several books written on the subject including this one below that has some great tips. It is far more likely that you will make a living playing video games if you start letting other people watch you play video games.
The other way to make money playing video games is to record videos of yourself playing to post on YouTube.
If you can create YouTube videos of yourself gaming it unlocks the ability to earn a passive income while you aren’t even playing.
While it is possible to make a living, even a good living playing video games, it isn’t easy. Coloring Kids - Princess Coloring Pages, Disney Coloring Pages, Cars Coloring Pages, Halloween Coloring Pages, Christmas Coloring PagesDisclaimer: All characters coloring pages are copyright and trademark of the respective owners. As if our inaugural track car racing in collaboration with Tamiya is not competitive enough, we are driving straight into the professional league at our next event! As mentioned in our earlier post, we will be running a series of engagement programs for our Pocket Racers GT (PRGT) Facebook Page.
Hot on the heels of the successful launch of Pocket Racers GT only last week, we are now onto the next pit stop! Our partner GToken recently participated in the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco.

After months of negotiations and planning, we are excited to announce the launch of a new mobile game today- the Pocket Racers GT! About VenViciWe are a Singapore mobile games marketing company backed by venture capitalists investing primarily in the gaming industry. It is a lot of hard work to get to this point though because you have to start to make people want to subscribe to you. In today’s world almost everything is recordable and you can easily capture yourself playing video games. Dag can’t be defeated, so we’re hoping to encourage him to pursue his other hobby more for the sake of our gaming experience. Click the thumbnail pictures below to see the full sized printable picture, then print them out and fill the black and white images with any colors you like! This time, all the top channeled track Tamiya car racers from Singapore will be competing for the honour of being crowned a “Tamiya-VenVici mini 4WD” Champion! With the PlayToken app, you can easily download games that they publish and also from their partners. While there, they were interview by Mofang, one of the top 10 mobile gaming websites in Taiwan. The most common thing that people think of when it comes to making money playing video games is game testing. YouTube gamers make money by posting videos regularly and allowing YouTube to place promotional content at the start of the videos. And if they don’t buy your in-depth knowledge of a particular game, you can self-publish an eBook on Amazon or make a blog dedicated to that particular game.
The basic gameplay is modeled after the popular Japanese track racing cars Tamiya, running on channeled tracks.

Twitch is a service designed to allow gamers to watch other gamers play their game live while a video of their webcam accompanies the stream. Go search our collection or take a look at our random and recent coloring pages or simply browse our coloring pages collection using our gallery below.
Games need to be tested to find any potential problems with the game that are only found when used on various systems and played through by users who aren’t looking at the game every day during development. A lot of people have found this as a successful way to make money or even use it in conjunction with a Twitch streaming account.
Game testing also allows developers to get a gauge the reception of the game from a gamer’s point of view.
By trying to make a living by playing games on Twitch you are committing to be an entertainer and personality. Another good suggestion is to start off small and only plan to make a part time living off playing video games. Viewers can talk to you via text while you play and you can’t forget to interact with them.
There are a variety of people who have done this such as “Trump”, “Leah Loves Chief”, and “Pro-Tech”.

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