Daily and weekly leagues are an entirely different beast; while figures aren’t official, it’s estimated to be over a $600,000,000 industry and increasing in size quickly. There are tons of different sites to choose from and the difference in prize pools, support, website, and financial backing is significant.
Once you create an account, and make your first deposit, you will navigate to the Lobby area of the website. In daily fantasy sports, a percentage of the prize pool for each contest is taken out by the website hosting the contest. Rake is important because in order to make money on your entry fee investments, you need to factor in the lost money on your investment. Jonathan is the author of the Fantasy Football for Smart People book series (most recently “Daily Fantasy Pros Reveal Their Money-Making Secrets”), and a member of Team DraftKings.
In my latest book on daily fantasy sports, I interviewed some of the game’s top players to learn how they’re so profitable playing daily fantasy sports on DraftKings. Mirage88 (if you think I’m going to continue to refer to a grown man with his real name, you’re sorely mistaken) is a big proponent of using the Vegas lines to create daily fantasy lineups, and I spoke with him about how he does that.
I think it’s important to understand how the Vegas lines are created, which then aids us in figuring out how useful they are. The problem with that is that there are a lot of sharp bettors out there with a lot of money, so if Vegas indeed produces a line to equalize bets but it’s weak, those sharps are just going to pound that bet and Vegas will be in a really poor situation in terms of expected value.
So the way I like to think about Vegas is that it’s really where the most risk is in terms of projecting any player results—at least the most financial risk from one entity making projections, anyway. Vegas doesn’t want to put themselves in that position where they can be arbitraged, so it’s really important for them to create an accurate line from the start. Ultimately, making accurate lines is just a safer way for Vegas to make money than trying to predict public opinion, especially when there are sharks out there who might not agree with public opinion.
Once I have the total for each team, I look at some historical scoring rates—what percentage of scoring has typically gone to each position for certain teams. You need to be careful there, too, because there can be a lot of turnover in the NFL, so things change.
I think that’s also a good example of projections sometimes being really scientific and other times being more of an art. You can actually do the same sort of thing when projecting kickers, looking at a combination of the line and then what percentage of points the kicker has produced, assuming there haven’t been giant shifts in offensive philosophy or personnel.
Many sportsbooks offer individual team totals, but as Mirage88 mentioned, you can calculate a team’s projected total very easily.
For example, this week the Seahawks are 4.5-point favorites against the Broncos in a game with a total of 49. Using the current Vegas lines, here are the teams projected to score the most points in Week 3.
I think the common argument against using the Vegas lines is, “Well that’s just common sense,” but I don’t really think that’s the case.
Plus, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t have ranked the teams above like they’re currently listed. This is pretty meaningful stuff, I think, because it has an obvious impact on fantasy output.
I’m a huge proponent of using the Vegas lines for information because they’ve proven to be so accurate.
That is, I look at the Vegas lines and use those to help me figure out which teams are going to be able to score a lot in a game.
Overall, though, I am 100 percent a Vegas-based daily fantasy player; I use the lines as a very strong foundation for my projections and lineups, and I don’t think there’s a more efficient and useful way to go about playing daily fantasy.
If actual team scoring is a good proxy for fantasy production, we can assume that, over the long run (i.e. Subscribe for a constant stream of league-beating articles available only with a Premium Pass. Below we have some daily fantasy golf strategies and tips to help you Make Money Playing Daily Fantasy Golf just like the fantasy golf experts do.
As much as we all want to win a big contest jackpot playing fantasy golf, the reality is that the odds are stacked against you. Some top PGA Tour tournaments, like the majors or some of the other big tourneys, have the top 50 golfers in the world competing.
If you really want advice on who to pick for your fantasy golf team, dona€™t waste your time reading blog articles with picks and predictions of who will win the next PGA Tour tournament (if they really were any good at picking winners, do you think theya€™d still be writing a golf blog?). Join DraftKings here and try out these concepts that are proven fantasy golf strategies to make money for you. Defense Vs Position - This shows you how good teams are at guarding against a certain position. GrindersU - Good if your new to DFS, they really go in depth on all the information you will need. Incentives - Follow the instructions they provide you on how to gain access to the incentives. Tournaments (Consisting of Leagues and GPPS) - This is where you have the chance to make BANK. Recent Performance - Its always good to see how a player has been performing recently, if they are on a bad stretch then you may want to fade (term for passing on a player) him and go after another player who is performing better. Blowout Risk - This is something I usually do not consider often, but sometimes there are match ups where one team is heavily favored over the other.
Nikola Mirotic: Injuries gave him the opportunity to have a big game but he just had a bad day.
Jusuf Nurkic: The starting C got traded thus giving him the start, the coach opted to go with JJ Hickson down the stretch which hurt his production.
Feel free to ask me any questions about the Industry, Player picks or just general information. True, this has been posted before, but I actually am attempting to give people the information that others have not given.
There are also many winning players who treat DFS as a side hustle, something that they do in addition to their full-time job. As someone who personally knows people who made a ton of money during the poker craze a few years back, I naturally have met a few others who are treating DFS as a money-making exercise. Because variance is so high in DFS you need to have a large enough bankroll to deal with variance inevitably impacting your results.
Time Commitment – Probably the most important factor of whether something is a good way to make money is the time commitment. If you are going to approach DFS as a side hustle you really need to commit both financially and with your time. There are more things to consider when talking about whether or not DFS is a good way to make money or not, but I think I hit on all the big ones. Some of you will hate my answer, but I think it depends on each person as to whether DFS is a good way to make money. Second, I think that there is potential for a profitable data model in Basketball, Hockey, or Baseball because you have a lot more games to spread the risk. With that being said, since I started playing DFS I’ve had a lot more fun watching the NFL games on the weekend. If you are interested in playing Daily Fantasy Sports, go to DraftKings and use the promo code FFML to get a $600 100% first-time deposit bonus offer. J?oin our online community and get the first chapter of our new book Hustle Away Debt absolutely FREE!Learn everything you need to know about how to make money through side hustles! It is a form of gambling, but the NFL, MLB, NHL etc are backing sites like this because you are not concerned on the outcome of the game, but rather the performance of he players in them.

MoneyMiniBlog All the friends I have that do DFS are very serious about it and treat it as a side hustle. DebtDiscipline I know a lot of people who would disagree with you, especially those with long-term (i.e. Andrew LivingRichCheaply You don’t have to, but I think most people naturally move from the free to the paid games.
I bet there are very few who make consistent money with fantasy sports, probably like the card counters. Eyesonthedollar In this post I’m talking about Daily Fantasy Sports, which is a different thing than the traditional season-long leagues. I’m always looking for ways to make more money as well DC, but I would really have to consider the time investment as much as the monetary investment. Join our online community and receive the first chapter of Hustle Away Debt absolutely FREE.
Like most industries, there are few leagues that dominate the market share and have the most money for marketing and business development. Backed by Federal US Law, fantasy sports are officially a game of skill, which puts it in a non-gambling category. It is absolutely imperative that you are familiar with the scoring in the league in which you are playing. Rake varies depending on the type of game, the number of entry fees and number of entrants. Using the example of above, instead of needed to win 50% of the time with no rake, you’ll need to win over 55% of the time to break even.
So if Vegas posts a poor line—let’s say they post a total that’s way too low—then all of a sudden anyone who can bet on that who is relatively sharp will just start hitting the over, and Vegas will realize that the bet isn’t really balanced.
That’s fine, but then there’s this area in the middle which was over the initial line but under the new line movement bet that’s now a really bad place for Vegas.
Even if they don’t guarantee a profit by getting equal money on each side, they can limit their downside—their risk of ruin—by making the line accurate.
So let’s say we’re looking at the Packers and the Giants, who Vegas has projected at 24 points each. For example, the Giants have a new offensive coordinator and an entirely new offensive philosophy, so that data on how their touchdowns are usually allocated might change. Maybe the Packers’ wide receivers account for 50 percent of all touchdowns, but they’re facing a defense that has really short cornerbacks who get picked on in the red zone, so they allow 65 percent of touchdowns to opposing receivers. If I could project games as accurately as Vegas without even doing any research and getting by with common sense alone, I think I’d kick in the research time, beat Vegas, and stop waking up every morning to write about how a 21-year-old’s hand size is going to help him throw a ball.
In my book, one of daily fantasy sports’ top players (and fantasy millionaire) CSURAM88 discussed how he uses the lines to go after specific teams instead of starting with players that he likes. One thing the lines allow me to do which is different from some other players is target teams over players. Then, I try to predict which players on that team are going to be the main beneficiaries of that.
In addition to game totals, I look at team totals, line movement, player props—anything I can get my hands on. These are all tips that you pick up watching the coverage and hearing what the announcers say.
You can enter free contests at sites like DraftKings and Fantasy Aces and see who finishes in the bottom third of the contests all the time. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Over the past year though it has gained a larger player base and has gained much more popularity. Since it is basketball season I will be showing you several tools that will help you build your lineup. They even offer Podcasts and shows that give analysis on whom they believe are the top and bad plays.
These are not needed since you will be able to find all their picks when your researching but it can be helpful. They get all their news from twitter but its easier just to look players up on RotoWorld to get an outlook of any news that has already been announced.
Tournaments consist of 100-1000+ players, in tournaments you want players who offer high upside. Generally any news that breaks can effect your lineup so I recommend that you are at your computer for the final 30 minutes at least.
Your job while making lineups is to create the best possible lineup with the given cap and player pool. The way you find what a player needs to achieve value is by taking the salary cap (60,000) and multiplying that by the score you want to achieve.
Use the defense vs positon from Rotogrinders to see how well a team does vs a certain position.
Although sometimes players who are struggling get to a price point and a great match up to where you want to roster them. Which involves risk given how the starters of both teams will generally play limited minutes.
Giannis had an excellent first half but with the Bucks up by 20 the coach decided to leave him on the bench for the entire second half. Paul Pierce is the starting SF for the Wizards, he was given the day off for rest which granted Otto Porter the start.
The point of this post was not to just share a website that others have already heard of but to also give those who are interested and new the tools and information to actually be successful. They aren’t spending the same time researching or building models to put together the optimal lineup or lineups, nor are they likely going to commit enough of a bankroll to see themselves through the ups and downs. If you know how to work the formulas, you could do really well, but the average person would be clueless. There are far more player options and plenty of opportunities to find value on more obscure players.
There are few niche football money leagues that offer high stakes and private software to their community, but 95% of the market is taken by the top 3 leagues. There is currently no risk of football money leagues being shut down and in turn these leagues have been operating legally since 2009. Be careful creating open H2H contests as grinders (fantasy sharks) will scoop up your H2H matchups and until you have some games under your belt, this will be a losing proposition.
There are a certain number of entries and a pre-determined breakdown of prize distribution. Free games are the perfect way to get acclimated to the process and see how the various sites work.
If the rake is 10% and you are in a contest that costs $10 with 10 people, you can calculate total prize pool by subtracting rake from total entry fees.
For long-term grinders looking to make a living on fantasy, rake is a serious consideration. It’s fully automated, so you don’t have to verify your desire to withdraw over the phone 2-3 times (I’m talking to you off-shore sports books). And to some degree they probably want that in many situations since they’ll guarantee themselves profit just from the juice (the commission they charge to play). If the game ends up in that spot, they could theoretically lose a whole lot of bets to sharps who bet the original over, but at the same time lose late bets that came in on the under when the total was higher. They really don’t want to be in a situation where they set a bad line that moves a whole lot and they could potentially lose their share on both sides of a bet.

So that’s my little rant on why we can trust the lines and why the idea that all Vegas wants is to balance bets is false. By looking at historical scoring, we’d see that we should project Aaron Rodgers with more touchdowns than Eli Manning just because Green Bay scores a higher percentage of touchdowns to field goals, and Rodgers also accounts for a much higher percentage of the Packers’ scores than Manning for the Giants, even with the same projected points.
For the Packers, on the other hand, we can pretty much assume the same scoring rates since not much has changed for them in terms of coaching or personnel. I’d probably have the Eagles as the top-projected team, and I don’t think I’d have the Lions projected ahead of Green Bay. That’s in opposition to some other daily fantasy players who start by looking at individual players.
I wouldn’t have guessed that to be the case, which I think suggests that the Vegas lines can give us really useful, accurate insights (in a hurry) that are extremely actionable, especially when playing DraftKings’ weekly version of fantasy football. They watch the most golf on the planet so they know almost everything that is going on the PGA Tour.
More often than not, one of the top guys at least contends in the tournament and he should be sitting in your fantasy golf lineup. Pick a few of these fishy players and challenge them to small head to head games (dona€™t try to scare them off with a big money challenge). They can be used for betting purposes, but their picks translate well into the fantasy golf world. Remember that injuries and lineup changes or common in basketball, so you must stay up to date on the news so you dont have a late scratch.
Remember to stay upto date though, sometimes the coaches switch things up or give the wrong starting lineups, although that is rare. Everyone has their own opinions so yours may vary from theirs but its always good to hear anothers opinion or to hear of players who may not have even been on your radar. These things happen and its unfortunate, but given his popularity he didnt kill me in my h2hs.
I still am not scared to play him due to his enormous upside he carries at a cheap price tag. This also opened the window up for Rasual butler to get more minutes as well vs a bad Knicks team. If you want you can even play free games to practice before you hop in and start playing money.
Since it’s based on pure luck, things outside of your control I would not think this is a good way to make money. My sister and law did win a few thousand in a fantasy football league a few years ago, but I think it was mostly luck as she hasn’t been able to repeat.
The remainder of the entry fee is broken down into prizes for a pre-established number of winners. Some states are joining the party late and aren’t as welcoming to fantasy money sites, so if you are unlucky enough to live in Arizona, Montana, Iowa, Vermont or Louisiana, you can still play free games (free rolls), but can’t play money games. Entry fees can range from $2 to $1,600 and 1st place prizes can range from $2.70 to $1,000,000. If you win that qualifier match, your prize is free entry into a $1,600 tournament with million dollar prizes.
If they are that bad to finish poorly in a free tournament, chances are they will be good for a few weeks of wins against your fantasy golf teams. Even if they dona€™t pick the winner, their insight and picks usually gets you a golfer or two that will net you several top 10 finishes which results in a ton of fantasy golf points. On the surface DFS sounds like easy money, but it is not as easy as you may think and actually requires you to spend a lot of time dedicated to research just to be competitive. You can also play it safe if your just trying to make sure you place inside of one which also is a viable strategy. 60 x 5 = 300 so every player we choose we want them to at least score 5x their salary as well as have the potential to score more. Also look at the minutes of players, that is one of the most important stats, Minutes = Fantasy Points.
I chose him over Otto Porter since history has shown us that when Paul Pierce is out Rasual butler has 30+ Fantasy Point upside given his ability to score the ball. If you put in the time and actual attempt to try to get better, even through all the downs you can make a living off DFS. I just wanted to get a rough draft out there for anyone who is interested in playing, Or to help those who have already started playing.
We have been playing on these sites for quite some time and have in depth reviews, videos, screen shots and offer money bonus codes.
As a general estimation on larger tournaments, 1st place receives 25-35% of the prize pool, 2nd place receives 10-12% and 3rd place receives around 5%. He’s actually written some ridiculously awesome articles here at RotoViz on how to use Monte Carlo simulations to win best ball leagues.
Dona€™t get me wrong - you still need to do the research and pick the best fantasy golf lineup - but it is a lot easier to win when 50% of the contest gets paid out.
My goal in this article is to show all whom are interested the basic functions and tools you will need to get you started on your DFS adventure, and hopefully become one of the top grinders in the Industry! FanDuel does not offer that feature, but it will not hurt you as long as you follow the news and make sure you dont have any players who can possibly be a late scratch. He did not give us that output but he did offer a near minimum price player that exceeded his value slightly.
Each of the top 3 fantasy football money leagues we review on this site had a weekly NFL contest in 2014 with a total prize pool over $3 million and a first place $1 million dollar prize. The money league websites player salaries do vary, so you may be able to find value picks when comparing the three sites.
The rake is similar to that of casinos and is the main way daily fantasy sites generate revenue.
On each of our fantasy league review pages, we have documented the rake percentage for every type of game on the site and the associated rake percentage.
In last years $3.1 million dollar tournament at DraftKings, 1st place won $1 million, 2nd place won $450,000 and 3rd place won $150,000. Salary tiers are broken up into your Studs (8-12k players), Midrange (5500-7900) and Value(3500-5500). Now is the time to hop aboard the bandwagon and learn the game so that you can start making profit asap. Our point being, if you want to make real money, it’s time to graduate to the fantasy football money leagues.
The total number of entries in these million dollar contests are a little over 2,000 people.
Simply click a link below to read a review and draft your team for week 1 of the NFL season.
So, Jamaal Charles may cost $9,500 or 20% of your total salary, while Jordan Todman may cost $3,000. There are about 2,000 people between you and $1 million dollar prize for drafting the best football team for one week. There are tools you can use to increase your chances of creating that perfect lineup like NFL lineup generators.

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