Last Updated July 19, 2015 by Rosalind Gardner 25 Comments I opened an email this morning that piqued my interest (because the subject line was SO misleading), clicked the link and ended up watching the whole Commission Cash Code promo video. No doubt you too have received emails about the CCC program from various marketers in the online business opportunities niche as well because the product just launched a few days ago.
OK, so I wasn’t impressed by the mansion (it echoed), but his Clickbank earnings (shown in real-time) WERE definitely impressive.
He did a real-time Clickbank transaction search and selected Affiliates to weed out his vendor earnings.
Commission Cash Code focuses on using Facebook Community pages for the purpose of engaging with folks by providing useful content and promoting products for fast results. I plan to test the code over the next week or two and you’ll probably notice the new activity on my Facebook account.
What I really like about this is that Facebook is so simple – pick a topic you love and just start posting. Commission Cash Code comes with a 60 day money-back gaurantee, so you have nothing to lose by checking it out.
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Towards affiliate marketers that is, or if it was a complaint by a user that prompted them to flag your post in that manner?
Referring to Nan’s issue, I wonder if Facebook is also acting aggressively like Google did a few years ago with Adwords? Then I tried to send you a comment about the above and it failed because said I didn’t have permission to comment or the post had been deleted. What did strike me is that this technology was nothing new and I did in fact already own it!

Correct me if I am wrong but does this not do exactly the same as a programe called FB Fist? I purchased this a while back at a site called FBfistpro, no affiliation at all so feel free to edit this out if you need to.
I also felt that posting on others walls whenever I felt like it seemed a bit grey to me, maybe others disagree. Well, I bought through your link Ros, wasn’t impressed with the 7 minute training video so I sent an email asking questions, then decided to get a refund.
BTW, I do love your Affiliate Blogger Pro membership which I am enjoying and working on at the moment. I operate in a number of different niches, but commodities is way beyond my understanding… I like real estate.
That way they know what improvements need to be made to their training video and tutorials. I also did a bit of hunting around some well known forums and decided not to buy after being informed that the guy was indeed an actor, after looking at the dashboard I certainly was unimpressed with it and could not find any positive results online by users of the program. Oh and as claire, i purchased an ABP membership yesterday after buying your book last year, great update! I spent most of today learning about the intricacies of this kind of investing, and thankfully I don’t have to be the expert in it, I guess as an affiliate marketer. To” website for make money watching youtube videos online definition of futures in the stock market any clean methods.
Trusted name in editor over make money watching youtube videos online ny stock exchange daily quotes at. And can’t wait to make this work for me as i have been gagging at the bits to make something work that will stand the test of time!

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