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There are minimum payout thresholds which need to be met in order to receive your payments each month. I guess you all know what Instagram is, an amazing photo and now video sharing app that was sold to facebook last year for $1bn.

But the world still created a big picture about Instagram, and now the Instagram clones started appearing. There is a huge market out there and everyone is looking for Instagram clone script, that’s why I did a bit of investigation about some useful scripts and website you can buy online to get your own instagram like website and app. Some of the apps are very expensive, and some are still in beta stage or updated regularly, even while I’m writing this. I’m not saying that you can make money with it, everyone needs to work hard in order to make this type of project work. Once they find the product they want on your website, they’ll be redirected to Amazon for ordering.

Every day, we stumble upon the enhanced tech devices, gadgets and gizmos and consider many of them as a necessity rather than a luxury for enabling us perform our daily tasks instantly and efficiently.
That’s right, with a B, now when it comes to making money, they are not making any huge steps toward monetization.

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