From the early days of computer gaming, Tycoon games have always been a big hit with gaming fans. One of the newer additions to the Tycoon family is Zoo Tycoon which in a nut shell lets you build and manage your very own zoo full of animal exhibits which you have to maintain financially by keeping all your zoo loving visitors as happy as you can. The game play structure of Zoo Tycoon follows a very close similarity to Roller Coaster Tycoon. You have just created a small zoo and now its time to let the guests into your establishment these guests will determine the successfulness of your zoo so to make sure they are happy you have a large array of food and drink bars, You can hire staff to look after the grounds as well as entertainment and other small entertainment areas to keep your visitors as happy as possible so you can rob them blind of all there money to use to improve your Zoo Tycoon. Moving onto the visuals and sound quality of the game, the game its self does not look overall that impressive it sticks to the 2d graphics which sometimes makes it look a little out of date compared to some of the newer game releases. Get Zoo Tycoon 2 Ultimate Collection today for full and free and make your animal zoo extravagant and enjoyable for the visitors!
Zoo Tycoon 2, like its predecessors, is all about creating great zoos with happy animals in healthy environments. Thrillville is a Virtual World and Life Simulation game by Frontier Developments that allows you to build a theme park for the tourists and all the other online players.
The Island Castaway: Lost World is a wonderful Real-time Strategy Simulation that lets you enjoy being stranded on a remotest island. SimCoaster is a Brilliant new Building and Simulation video game that allows you to have your own Theme Park.
Virtual Villagers is an amazing Life Simulation and community based series of games created by Last Day of Work. The Paradise Cove is a great Management and Building Simulation that offers a The Simpsons: Tapped Out like experience. My Fantastic Park is another great Business, Building and Management Simulation that allows you to build a beautiful theme parks and enjoy being a great manager. Dream Builder: Amusement Park is a cool Business Simulation, Building and Management marvel in this specific genre. Rail Nation is a real treat for all the players who are kind of sick of the medieval settings and wars of the ancient times. Sid Meier’s Railroads lets you control the railway system and enjoy getting yourself engaged into the most epic Railway business Simulation ever.
Unholy Heights is a wonderful Housing, Business and Management Simulator that lets you be The Devil.

Aztec Tribe is an RPG, Strategy and City building and a Life-Simulation similar to the popular Virtual Villagers. Many Years Ago, created by Big Fish Games is a great RPG, Strategy, city building and Life-Simulation that tells the story of a civilization destroyed many years ago by the fierce eruption of the Boggo Volcano. Virtual Families is a wonderful Virtual World and Family Simulation video game by Last Day of Work. The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a wonderful Freemium Building and Management mobile Simulation that allows you to create your own Springfield City, create and customize characters, construct buildings (Houses, Shops, Schools, Hospitals, and Malls) and enjoy being a Simpson. My Tribe is a wonderful Life-Simulation, Real-Time Strategy and a Virtual World that lets you create a settlement for you and your tribe.
Starting with the massively popular hit of Roller Coaster Tycoon which I would say started the entire Tycoon genre of game into motion. You initially start of with a large piece of plane land from which you will be able to change into your zoo masterpiece. Another flaw I have noticed with the game is the view system is very far away so quite a lot of the time you have to squint at your screen to try and see you’re tiny animals and guests which can be quite frustrating at times when you need to edit your terrains or you just want to marvel at your masterpiece of a zoo. So you can't do truly horrible things like get into the bear bile trade, stick kangaroos in aquariums, or make a beaver and a moose fight for your love. The game tasks the players to manage a zoo, make profit and eventually by growing up, become a zoo tycoon and enjoy collecting wealth resources and enjoy. This amazing Business Simulation allows you to be a Zoo Manager, Make lots of Profits by opening the zoo to people and eventually become a Zoo Tycoon.
This free to play title provides with the opportunity to be a wonderful manager of a wonderful zoo.
Well if you want to be the sole manager of a massive Railway and Transport Company, Train Fever provides you with the opportunity to be one.
Your duty is to develop it just according to your standards and decorate it with all the luxuries that are a crucial part of a Theme Park. The game allows you to build whole new city from scratch, explore, collect and manage resources, build massive economies and enjoy being control of everything.
The game tasks you with building and decorating the park using all the wonderful items and upgrades.
The game sets you up into the character of a Park Manager and allows you to rebuild an old amusement park and enjoy.

This game is about raising a family, owning any kind of pet you want, shopping, food, health, etc. You must generate resources from different sources and create means of learning for your fellow tribesmen. The game offers around 40 different animals with corresponding habitats which you will have to edit your self to keep your zoo animals happy, for example if you are wanting to add seals into your zoo you will need to edit there habitat with a large pool and a small piece of land for them to rest on. The sound quality matches the visual quality of the game it just seems to me a little neglected and could have done with a little more work on the audio and video qualities of the game. Zoo tycoon is available to play on Only XBox Platforms so it offers a bit of different gameplays for both of the devices. The game offers a wonderful City Building and Management Simulation type of game-play and tasks you with finding all the lost Smurfs and rebuilding their homes in the village. In this cool game your task is to grow the Aztec Empire by expanding the Aztec Civilization. Here’s a scenario you have got your zoo on the way with a few animals and now you want to add a more exotic animal to your zoo to keep your zoo lovers on their toes, but wait do you really know what every animal preferred habitat is?
In the XBox Version of the game, it offers a 15 hour long campaign mode in which you can enjoy the freedom of exploration (Infinity Mode) and the game will task you to complete a number of small tasks.
Personally I don’t and that’s why I loved the in game handy hints feature which shows you what would ideally suit each of your animals living conditions as well as there health, hunger level and overall happiness which makes this game available for just about anyone at any age to pick up and play without the risk of getting stressed out because you don’t know what to do, it’s a really smart in game feature that increases the game play of this game 10 times over. It’s a pick up and play style of game with endless amounts of playability that will keep you glued for a good few hours. The XBox version of the game also features Kinect-based gameplay that offers more detailed gameplay and loads of fun.
Admittedly it does not full the shoes of the classic Roller Coaster Tycoon But it does a fantastic job of what its supposed to and that’s entertain people to a high standard overall it’s a good game and not one you should miss if you enjoy the tycoon Genre of game.
However, in the XBox 360 version of the game allows you to enjoy a bit of different gameplay in which you can have almost 65 different animals in the game world, and the game offer a bit of inferior visual details and it only features Single Player mode. Zoo ycoon with all the amazing environments, beautiful visuals, addictive gameplay and loads of other exciting things in totally worth playing.

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