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After a series of murders in New York, cocky and abrasive Ty Grady is partnered with Zane Garrett, a serious model agent, and it's hate at first sight. Even if you don’t have the money to support me, I still want you to be able to enjoy the hobby by making it yourself. While they seem like the typical odd couple, they soon find they make surprisingly good partners. Asexuality: There's a rather heartwarming moment in the third Sidewinder book, Part and Parcel, where Digger figures out he's asexual. Kelly brings up this possibility when Digger confesses he doesn't like sex and Digger admits he hadn't known there was a word for it before.
After a couple books of wondering what his attraction to Nick means and being unsure of labels it seems he's done some research. Ty is an FBI agent and Force Recon Marine, Earl is a veteran and stated to be in great shape for his age, Chester is a veteran and deadly with his shovel, and while Mara and Deuce are the more docile of the bunch they can certainly hold their own.
Badass Grandpa: Grandpa Chester shows on one or two occasions that the Grady boys take after him. Similarly, in Part & Parcel when he finds out Nick's father is actually an Irish Mob boss and not Brian O'Flaherty he is initially upset because Nick was hiding it from him. Later, his only real reaction to the news is to wonder what the protocol is for inviting a mob boss to your wedding. Owen is presented as the most Slytherin of the group, but Kelly may be the most morally questionable, at least when it comes to his loved ones. Mara Grady may be one of the sweetest, most loving ladies you will ever meet, but she has proven on more than one occasion that you do not want to mess with her or her family. Bi the Way: Ty, Zane, Nick, later Kelly, though he also at least partially identifies as demisexual, and possibly Liam, though we pretty much only see him express interest in men.

One of the most notable occurs in Crash & Burn after Zane curb stomps a guy who tried to kill him.
While in NOLA Zane talks about the last time he was there being the first time he remembers being attracted to a man. This leads to some self-reflection and research in regards to labels and Kelly eventually figures out he's probably demisexual. Coming-Out Story: Ty and Zane spend a few books coming out to various people at their own pace. Nick also has a bit of a Coming Out Story, but most of his coming out happens off screen, even if we do see the fallout. Cowboy Cop: Both Ty and Zane, though Zane at least tries to be more by-the-book, especially in the first book. Dead Man Writing: Sets off the plot of Part and Parcel when Nick finds a letter addressed to him from Eli Sanchez. Eli's death is brought up several times throughout the series, mostly after the rest of Sidewinder is introduced, and even plays a significant role in their lives (and the plot) later on. This is brought up in the first book when an EMT is examining Ty after a car accident and asks a worried Zane if he's his partner. Zane of course answers yes, but didn't realize the EMT had no idea they were FBI and has to clarify. Though he's not so much evil as he is a somewhat unstable Jerk Ass with wavering loyalty and loose morality.Though he may cross the Moral Event Horizon when he blackmails Nick into helping him by threatening to murder Kelly in gory detail, but YMMV. Family Theme Naming: The Grady's have a very specific tradition for baby naming (for sons at least). The first son is given the maternal grandmother's maiden name, the second son the paternal grandmother's, and according to Ty, after that it just gets too complicated to go into.
Heartbroken Badass: Zane at the beginning of the series, as he's still getting over the death of his wife, Becky.

Happens with Zane again in Touch & Geaux when he finds out he's been Ty's assignment the whole time. He didn't answer the phone when Sanchez called for help on his case and was killed before Ty got back to him. It Doesn't Mean Anything: Ty and Zane spend a good amount of the first two books doing this until they get over their issues enough to admit they're lying to themselves.
Jerkass Has a Point: In the last book, as much as everyone hates to admit it, Liam has a lot of evidence stacked up against Richard Burns. They especially come off this way at work (though their coworkers don't know they're actually an Official Couple).
The Grady's are relocated to Texas for safety reasons and stay at the Carter-Garrett ranch. This is where the two families meet for the first time, which is probably for the best as both Ty and Zane had expressed anxiety over it while wedding planning. Arguably happens when Zane is introduced to the other members of Sidewinder for the first time. The Nicknamer: Ty gives most people nicknames and almost every contact in his phone is under a nickname instead of a real name.
He often has multiple nicknames for the same person, especially when it comes to Nick and Zane. Papa Wolf: Earl Grady may be strict, but you mess with his boys and he will not hesitate to come after you, no matter who you are.

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