The Kennel Club has named the winners of this year’s dog photo contest, after reviewing more than 8000 submissions in different categories. LinkedIn reacted quickly and disabled the affected user account passwords on their sites, communicating with affected users to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.It appears however that LinkedIn has not been the only target of attacks in recent times. Dating site eHarmony confirmed that "a small fraction" of user account information had been compromised, and that all affected user account passwords had been reset as a precautionary method.Members affected by the breach will receive email instructions on how to reset the passwords.
The company is not revealing how many users have been affected or when they first became aware of the breach.

Users who log in to the service see the security announcement after log in.Unlike eHarmony and LinkedIn, passwords have not been reset yet. Here you switch to password, and enter your current password and the new password that you want to use.It is highly suggested to select a secure password to make the decryption of the password difficulty to near impossible in a reasonable amount of time.Have you been affected by any of the password breaches today?
Our great grandchildren will use quantum computers that will playback our lives even when our PC's were turned off. Even today cell phones can be tracked when turned off, and one day we'L find out it's mic was listening too.We say "o'common, that just science fiction," but our grandparents said the same thing about cell phones.

We are in the early stages of the exponential curve of web technology growth, and there will be a time when the scales tip and there will be nowhere to hide.

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