I was scrolling down my facebook timeline when I saw a shocking status from a friend of mine. This kind of fake rumors are not uncommon in the celebrity world, however, the one (circulated in Facebook) had a link which lead to a Facebook app. In 2008 talent manager Scott “Scooter” Braun accidentally clicked one of Bieber’s old videos while on the hunt for someone else’s.
Bieber’s debut single ”One Time” was released on May 18, 2009 and met commercial success and positive reviews. His next album Believe was released on June 15, 2012 and it introduced the mature side of Bieber with an alignment towards R&B and dance-pop compared to his previous album’s teen pop tunes. Journals was a compilation album released on December 23, 2013 only through online platforms. Bieber’s endorsements with big brands like Best Buy, Macy’s, Adidas, Proactiv, and Calvin Klein rack up his earnings.
With his accumulated wealth Bieber bought different million-dollar homes for himself and for his father and half-siblings. Bieber supports Adam Braun’s (Scott’s younger brother) charity named Pencils of Promise which helps improve education in developing countries.
Bieber also encourages adoption of pets in shelters instead of purchasing from breeders through a public service announcement from PETA. He supports a good number of charities including ALS Association, Comic Relief, It Gets Better Project, Food Bank for New York City, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and World Vision to name a few.
Bieber broke the record of having the most number of songs being listed on the Hot 100 chart.
Recently Vevo announced that Bieber broke the record for having the most number of video views. His My World 2.0 album debuted at the top spot of the Billboard 200 chart in the US, making him the youngest solo male act to do so since Stevie Wonder back in 1963. Bieber’s charity work in Tacloban, Leyte earned him a star in the Philippine version of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Who knows what awaits the unsuspecting social media customers who were eager to find out more about the news.
He grew up in Stratford, Ontario with his mother Patricia as his father Jeremy left them while he was still a toddler. Braun sought out Bieber’s school and managed to contact the young boy whom he invited to Atlanta for some demo tapes. It was followed on November 17, 2009 with an extended play My World containing six songs and was again another success.

It contained themes that focused on heartbreak and forgiveness which was seen by some to be inspired by Bieber’s previous relationship with fellow singer Selena Gomez. The difficulty in finding a musical direction for the album made him lose hope on it one too many times. His large number of Beliebers ensure that his products sell like hotcakes. He released a perfume named Someday in 2011 which targeted teenage girls. He has also made investments on several start-ups like Spotify, Stamped, Shots, and SoJo Studios. He also managed to build up an impressive fleet of cars including a Lamborghini Aventador, a leopard-skinned Audi R8, and a black Cadillac CTS-V he dubs “Batmobile”. His on-and-off relationship with Selena Gomez from 2010 to 2014 was well-known and was also believed to be the inspiration for many of his songs.
The 6,000 square foot mansion is packed with five bedrooms and an equal amount of bathrooms, a home theater, and a gourmet kitchen. He appeared in the advertisements for their campaigns and donated money earned from fragrance and merchandise sales and concert proceeds. He went to Tacloban, Leyte which was decimated by the typhoon to perform a special charity concert and to play with the kids.
It was previously held by The Beatles with 14 songs and Drake managed to reach the same number as well.
He managed to accumulate 10 billion views in a span of six years, with four billion of those hailing after the release of Purpose.
I actually clicked on the link myself but seeing it was an apps, I quickly exit and look for other way to verify the news. No matter what your stance may be towards “Biebs” there is no doubt that he is ridiculously successful and rich despite the controversies that plague him. The two stayed in an affordable housing while Patricia took different low-paying jobs to put food on the table.
Bieber luckily came face to face with Usher and the latter was impressed with Bieber’s talent and confidence.
Despite its success, the song remains up to this day as the most disliked video on YouTube. His 2011 Christmas album Under the Mistletoe contained songs that show the differences in his voice. Critics noted the evolution of the pop star with a deeper voice, while some compared his climbing success akin to Justin Timberlake’s journey from being a teenager to young adulthood. It was highly successful and was followed with future perfume releases namely Girlfriend, The Key, and finally the Justin Bieber Collector’s Edition.

There were many rumors circulating online regarding the other ladies in his life including Kourtney Kardashian. At times he personally tagged along with the charity to build schools such as in Guatemala back in October 2013. His campaign raised more than $3 million which was used to provide access to vaccinations, sanitation, clean water, and education. However Bieber surpassed them both by having 17 songs chart at the same time during the release of Purpose. At the age of 12 he won the second place in a singing competition after performing Ne-Yo’s “So Sick”. Later on Bieber was signed to Braun and Usher’s record label named Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG), and then he was also signed to Island Records in the same year.
At this time Bieber was now at heartthrob status with a legion of preadolescent female fans. Justin Bieber’s Believe was his second biographical film and was released two days after Journals hit the shelves. Recently he has been found to be dating fashion model Hailey Baldwin after a picture of the two on a passionate liplock surfaced on Instagram.
Of course I immediately Googled to see if the news was true (and finding some awesome adidas wrestling shoes along the way” but apparently the news was a hoax.
This performance, along with other videos of Bieber singing, was uploaded on YouTube so the family can watch the young boy’s talent.
His frequent appearances on television plus social media activity shot his popularity up to greater heights. Its focus was mainly on encouragement through uplifting messages and apologies for past misdemeanors. Purpose received positive reviews and it gave Bieber his first-ever largest sales during the first week of release.
Bieber began the Purpose World Tour to support the album and is still ongoing with an end date set for November 29.

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