Intro: Bench Saw Table for a Wood LatheI became fascinated with wood lathes when I was in Junior High.
Step 2: Mandrel and BladeHere you see the parts of the mandrel laid out on top of a 10 inch carbide tipped blade. Step 3: Build the TablePardon and ignore the paint splotch on the piece of old plywood leaning against the wall behind the lathe and saw table. Step 4: Back of the TableI added this piece to the back of the table to give it stability and rigidity. Step 6: Cut a Slot for the BladeMake a slot in the top of the table to accommodate the blade.
Step 9: Countersink screw headsUse a countersink bit to make room for the screw heads so they are recessed. Step 12: Assemble the Miter GageMake a piece of strap iron to reach between the two screws as shown.
Step 13: Square the Miter GageA homemade miter gage does not have a degrees scale, but you do not need one.
Step 14: Align the Saw TableAfter the miter gage has been squared, place the miter gage in its slot. Step 15: Fasten the Cleats to the bottom of the tableOnce the table has been aligned to the blade, slide a cleat against the lathe bed without moving anything.
Step 17: Tilt Table FeatureThe original version of my saw table featured a hinge system so I could tilt the table to make a bevel cut. Step 18: Questions about safetySince I posted this I have gotten a number of inquiries about the safety of the exposed blade below the table. Years ago American Machine and Tool made a line of very inexpensive power tools that worked pretty well, including a bench saw. Though I appreciate the idea of making a tool a multi-tasker, dismissing some obvious safety devices makes me cringe. Safety devices are great, but each time a new one comes along we want to condemn all earlier models made without it as unsafe when people used them safely for years.
I have read several Instructables that I was tempted to try and then after reading some of the comments, I became aware of dangers unknown to me beforehand. I miss the days when magazines like Popular Mechanics had all sorts of DIY projects for making and repairing just about everything. Marla Folkerts, who is studying to become a nurse, cooks dinner while her husband, Michael, attends to their son, Jayden, 1, in their Holland home.

Lourdes College nursing students Matt Brown of Berkey, left, Lisa Whitfoth and Mary Dillon-Tenney, both of Temperance, review procedures for the piggyback IV during a clinical class. When Marla Folkerts applied for the registered nursing program at Owens Community College one of the largest in the country she received daunting news about its waiting period.The length of time to get in?
Full-time registered nurses made nearly $57,800 a year on average in 2004, according to the latest statistics from the U.S. Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem? You very seriously need to consider putting a piece of something to cover the saw blade area underneath.
The most important flaw in a guard or cover is the false sense of security it gives people. With that knowledge, I was able to reconsider and in some cases revise the instructable to eliminate a potential hazard that may have injured me or someone else.
Folkerts, who was able to earn a bachelor s degree in nursing from Mercy in the time he could have waited for a spot at Owens.The 33-year-old man now is a St. Department of Health and Human Services.The Owens situationGetting and keeping nursing instructors has not been a problem for Owens, which last year started an accelerated program for paramedics who want to become registered nurses. Maybe because of the massive screen loads of informing me of the peace treaties and who declared war.
I feel that is one of the benefits of having member comments following the instructable.In the last frame I did tell users to read on table saw safety practices before using a table saw.
Folkerts of Springfield Township knew a job as registered nurse would pay more than teaching at a parochial school, and Mrs.
Still, vying with other programs for clinical space at hospitals has been an issue, officials there said.
We are trying to help the shortage, said Susan O Dell, chairman for the bachelor s degree nursing program at Mercy. Folkerts said of becoming an instructor.Nursing educators nationwide also make less than other instructors in higher education, and poor compensation may be hurting recruiting and retention efforts at schools, according to a recent report from the National League for Nursing and the Carnegie Foundation.
Since the Folkerts could afford to educate just one of them at Mercy, where a credit hour costs more than twice that of one at Owens, Mrs.
Folkerts waited and, after delaying another year to have their son, Jayden, last September, started the two-year degree program at Owens. I m seeing people in my clinicals now that I took anatomy with two years ago, she said.Mrs.

This is partly due to the OSHA attitude that no one can look after themselves so a guard or switch or brake or some other device that can fail is now responsible for your safety.
Manufacturers are terrified to produce a product that may even look like it isn't safe. O Dell, the program chairman at Mercy.Those nurses hopefully will want to become educators, and Mercy is looking at offering an online master s degree program by 2010, Ms.
I like the concept of a little wood lathe generating enormous amounts of energy, perhaps wood lathes are the answer to the world's energy needs. You are now seeing this in the multitudes of drones that mindlessly inform you they can see the blade, so therefore it must be unsafe. And is very easy to make.I responded to Tubehacker01 when I got notice of your comment, but then found I had already responded to his post, so I deleted my new comment.
As regards the lathe shaft, the lathe is designed to handle a large piece of wood, even heavy wood, up to 30 inches long at speeds up to 3,000 rpm. I would love to know younger teens have a safe place to draw ideas from, but after seeing this I wouldn't let my child use instructables without my super vision.
What if an article of clothing got sucked up in there, you would probably take a nose dive into the blade.
I don't know if the lathe can handle this but I do know how dangerous a table saw is with all the extra safety measures. I understand you are use to open blades but be considerate that a lot of children visit this site and one may have the means to make this death trap. Once again for you it seems brilliant and I appreciate your inventiveness but be considerate of others safety.
I always stand off to the right side when using this and use the miter gauge with my left hand, which gives you an idea of how far off to the right I am when using this.
As one person mentioned, this is really no different than the table saw attachment sold for the Shopsmith.
If you did read previous comments, you know my first exposure to circular saw blades was watching my father operate a commercially made saw that attaches either to the front or the back of a tractor.
A table to the left of a blade about 30 inches in diameter rocked on a hinge point into the saw to cut sections of tree limbs for firewood.

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