The series Rockstar GTA is one of the most anticipated series of action-adventure, crime and role playing games.
In the next generation console GTA 6 it is expected that there will be a break from the cities that have already been explored. GTA Vice City 6 is expected to feature its own currency which can be used to purchase different items ranging from buying explosives, guns, weapons, and even sex with a prostitute.The available weapons vary in size and damage level, one may instantly kill someone, while another will just mutilate or injure, based on the number of times they are hit with the weapon in question.
A huge number of GTA fans are using the previous leads to predict the Grand Theft Auto 6 release date. It is very likely that Rockstar will launch the game in late 2018. The Rockstar CEO, Leslie Benzies, said in recent interview that “we received more than  45 years’ worth of ideas we want to do and we really don’t know what would GTA 6 be, but we’ve got some interesting ideas.” Proposals will certainly be innovative and unique.
It is expected that unlike the previous series, it will be possible to customize the appearance of the main character.
To increase the excitement in GTA 6, money making missions can be included to provide more exploration. There are strong rumors that Hollywood actress Eva Mendes will give her voice to game’s lead female character. In all the past GTA series, there were more aerial mission as compared to flying and marine.
In GTA 6, there will be more stylish clothing styles, the main character will have the ability to buy any cloth for each character, and this includes cloths from multiplayer. There are lots of rumors going on around about the location, feature, release date, trailer of Grand Auto Theft 6.
Although there may be inclusion of a female character in the game, a female playing a leading role will not portray the legacy of Rockstar in all other previous series. A rumor also circulating is that there may be a drastic change in Grand Theft Auto 6, in that a single main character will lead the story. Switch things up and fold the wings close to the nose of the plane for a different flying experience.
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Whatsapp Guess the Indian city names and State Names PuzzleWhatsapp puzzles are getting really very popular these days. Grand Auto Theft 5 had huge success, so the focus of all die-hard fans of GTA is the new GTA 6 that is expected to bring on a new excitement and adventure.
Just like the previous series there will be a system in place that can cause the death of the main character.
This feature will include the customization of the general appearance, including the features and appearance. Although these vehicles are wonderful, but still there is no real feeling associated with the GTA concept.
There are strong rumors that upcoming installment will allow player to teleport from one place to another.
In the upcoming series a female character which is actually the most wanted character will act as the main protagonist or even as the main lead character.
Female characters may be included in the game but taking up the lead role will not effectively depicts the legacy of Rockstar in other grand series of Grand Theft Auto. Although there is no confirmation of this, but it is highly rumored by fans all over the world. Most paper planes are created to fly, so a little experimenting might be in order to find a plane that soars through the air.
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It will also be interesting to add new professions, such as the leader of a political party or some alien leader.
The area feature in the game would include: bars, beaches, restaurants, nightclubs, caves, forests, caves, Atlantic wastelands and deserts.
It is also a possibility that game will be released for the newest PS4 console and also Xbox one.
So, an addition of monster trucks like: Hot Rods, Chevy SS Camaros, 1950’s Ford Pickup Truck,1967 Shelby GT500, and 1950’s Chevy Pickup Truck. If this gossip serve to be true then it will be same kind of teleportation feature like as Need For Speed 2015. Game would also make it possible for players to customize the cars and guns the way they want them to be.It will also be an added feature in upcoming Rockstar game, to bring back the health system that have been used in previous series, whereby the health is numbered to 100 and the player dies when it reduces to zero. Although most fan of the game still believe that upcoming series 6 will be set in an American city, probably New York or Miami. The female protagonist is another hotly debated issue among fans; some support it, while others speak against it. However Whatsapp is not limited to this feature and that’s the reason it is so popular among people (millions of people use it daily). Ordinary people are making a difference by setting up websites where people can donate to help kids in Africa. After you finish, simply reverse the directions and you have your own origami plane instructions. They then use this money to buy food, water and general supplies that we have in Australia that are in high demand in Africa.
The content may include: swearing, stealing cars, violence and even beating up passerby, especially old people.
It has also been rumored that Rockstar will eventually have to release a trailer for the much awaited video game GTA 6; a lot of fans are looking forward to this as it will confirm the location of this series.
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