Making money is easy when you know howI have played SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition for quite a while and find it very addictive. Alyaa Hesham Elkhafif 3 years ago I get what you're saying but honestly I can't keep my income *more* than the expenses. LennyP 3 years ago from Iowa If you don't mind *cheating* then there are several mods you can install to make money easier.

I find that many beginners complain of the sheer difficulty in balancing the budget and scratch their heads when it comes to generating revenue to put into their cities' coffers. After deciding how you should build your city (either self-sufficient ones with all 3 type of zones or sprawling megalopolis that span a few maps), start by zoning low density first. Every other way though requires you to expand far more slowly, otherwise your public spending for things like public services and education will bankrupt you very quickly.

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