Stephen Maingi is a young Kenyan developer with a great entrepreneurial spirit and many good ideas. Stephen’s journey began in 2009 when he started application development, all self-taught by using the internet for resources. According to a recent research by VisionMobile, 54% of mobile apps developed in Africa are designed for the international market. But, according to Moses Kemibaro, Director of Sales for Africa at InMobi, export-driven app development is not sustainable in the long run. Kemibaro explains that this rapid evolution in consumer discernment has meant that, while there are still immense opportunities for app developers to make money from their applications, they now need to be more innovative in order to do so.
According to Kemibaro, this requirement is particularly true within the fast growing EastAfrican mobile market. This is the smart approach Stephen needed to employ after pitching at several app developer competitions failed to attract investors. He then went the route of direct sales by personally visiting schools and marketing his applications to teachers. During this time, Stephen did manage to get 12 apps registered on GetJar where users would download the applications and get the activation code after paying for the app via PayPal.
However, the commercial success was very limited with many users either not having or using a PayPal system at that time, and the sum total of his efforts amounted to around 2,000 KES per month. However, in August 2011, Stephen’s dreams were re-ignited when he heard about the Nokia Store and the ability to publish apps for free.
Within the first 2 weeks, Stephen had already received revenue of almost 19,000 KES from his downloads. With Samsung recently pledging to support local android app developers access global markets, the playing field can only grow for a chance to make money in apps.
One way to make your apps provide income for future is to build an e-mail list with the registrations for the app. Your customers will use the Paid 2 Save App to locate the deals in your town [or when you are traveling]. You get everything laid bare – all the details you need to take full advantage of the psychological facts that people enjoy a far more intimate relationship with their cell phones and tablets than they do with laptops or desk computers.
Make money on mobile or the monetization techniques through mobile is the new age smart methods of income. These term have been extensively used by the monetizing techniques that are implemented to earn money through mobile.
The earn money through mobile phones is quite the hot trend as people often no w a day looks around for those particular apps can make them earn some smart phone .
Make money through surveys and subscription are one of the highest ones through which a person can earn good money through mobiles. Thus make money on mobile phone and having a extended balance of money to enjoy at the end of month is quite an entertaining stuff. By now, most of us have been through many different phones, and once the old ones are discarded, they usually get left lying around somewhere in a drawer, under the bed or, worse, add to our already serious landfill problem. This idea has grown in popularity recently, and now there are loads of companies out there who’ll pay you for your old mobiles. Rather than letting phones end up in landfill, recycling them means they can be re-used in areas of the world with growing economies – those which have the demand for the type of mobile technology some of us would class as obsolete. Of course, with so many companies out there offering cash for your phone, you need to make sure the one you choose is legitimate and will give you the best service.
Luckily, we’ve created a tool that automatically compares the prices offered by all the main phone recycling sites – so you get the best deal with the least hassle!
If you don’t know what model your phone is, it should say on the handset and in your phone manual. Once you’ve found your phone, you’ll be shown which site will which site will offer you the best price. Once you’ve selected the phone model and the site that gives you the best deal, you’ll be asked to enter the IMEI number of your phone.
Mazuma, Weeebuy, Top Dollar Mobile and Envirofone all provide you with a pre-paid jiffy bag to send your phone in.
All you have to do now is send off the phone and the order confirmation form which they send with the email. Be advised that none of the companies will accept phones without their security code, and will pay you according to the condition of the phone and the battery. The recycling company will check that the details you’ve given them are correct before sending the money. If you’ve opted to receive payment by cheque then allow a bit of time for it to reach you.
The easiest (and quickest!) way to find the best price for your phone is to use our comparison tool. Newest Make Money TipsMake money the easy way and beat the banks The quickest way I know to get rich… Got a money-making idea? Mobile phones are preferred to get reviewed because of day to day innovation in this industry and people tend to earn more and more money in this regard.
Until and unless a company does not have a proper plan to market their items, it suffers failure.
There are sources like paid social media, indoor advertising and outdoor display advertising. The second most important factor is concerned with the viewership of a particular mobile phone or the brand producing that phone.

Reviewing mobile phones for different companies and affiliated marketing sectors has got another significant aspect that is getting sponsors.
Your experienced reviews and feedbacks regarding a mobile phone serve as a bridge between buyers and sellers.
A great many websites are there with the sole purpose of performing mobile phones’ reviews and feedback for customers and buyers. Mobilesiri is one of the most up to dated technology website and it has been growing largely in this area. Covering all the happenings in global and local IT markets, the news section of Mobilesiri provides a gateway for the customers to enter the room of complete detail of the particular item. Highly optimized search feature with latest SEO criteria makes its contents available to the readers in its best way. Mobile9 concerns with the computing technologies in general and gaming and mobile devices in particular. Through the Nokia Store, he has managed to convert his ideas into cash; netting around Ksh100,000 per month from downloads.
While Kemibaro admits the worldwide shift to app interactivity has created untold opportunities, not to mention its fair share of overnight millionaires, this, in itself, has also resulted in potential barriers to profitability.
However, with no personal transport and some health issues, this process was slow and limited, and eventually he had to get a regular job. By mid-October, he had published the first 12 applications, rebranded under his new company Dolphins Data Systems. With this incentive in mind, he pushed forward, more determined than ever, and has since published around 200 applications to Nokia Store. Making fast money is the new age formula apart from the standardized pay scale income from the organizations and co-operatives that one is attached with it.
The call to actions are so lucrative and once when one get the feel and taste of earning these money through ease and without doing any search hard toiling work, people get the hobby of searching applications that would in turn fetch them quite a fat money. The application where in you will get some antivirus for the mobile security o say some mobile trafficking software, which are a great utility, so people would click on them readily. There are certain apps that have promotional surveys and opinion polls which you need to fill up from a certain number of people, if you success in that in a stipulated time then you will make good lucrative sum. With no more than may be 15 -20 minutes needed to spend on the money you will earn this is really a great way to get fast money through money. So, instead of chucking your old mobile phones in the bin, why not do your bit for the environment by getting them recycled and make yourself some money at the same time?
Don’t worry if this sounds complicated – they all explain exactly where to find it, and it’s very straightforward. Once you’ve filled those in, you’ll be given an order number and will receive a confirmation email with instructions of what to do next. You can experience how this sentence appeals the attraction and desperation of people eager to know the clues to earn money online. Once you thoroughly get to know about the phone, its features, applications, software grading and specifications, you can make a good number of viewers by suggesting audience to check the phone with its overall view. You get the knowledge about the phone so that you can convey its pros and cons to concerned customers. The one interested in buying a cell phone can get satisfied and take decision on basis of reviews.
Writing reviews for a specific brand becomes a kind of advertisement for that brand and widely spread through social media and websites that make you earn a good fortune. It has been launched in recent past and is considered the newest and easy to reach web venture providing best updated knowledge of revolutionized technology and computing systems.
It has been in function for a long tenure in providing accurate and precise knowledge of mobile and other computing technologies including gaming devices, home entertainment appliances and tablets etc.
It means that the customer gets proper comparison charts between two sets with all specific major and minor differences.
The latest applications with all other necessary features are provided in the reviews and news articles on this forum. I recently attended the Open Innovation Africa Summit in Nairobi and this has inspired me to keep on developing mobile apps – there is so much opportunity in this space.
When they click on those apps at the immediate they get to earn few bucks of money in return. We received our cheques within a week from Weeebuy, Top Dollar Mobile and Mazuma, and the amount was exactly as promised so we’re definitely satisfied! Apparently even the very old phones have a part that is used for tracking devices for caravans. Many service providers in this regard have been serving as online market providing different kinds of jobs. There are many brands that need to generate traffic for their website in order to get a productive marketing. It is one popular online job falling in the category of advertisement and marketing as well. For instance, if you have experienced a mobile phone and are perfectly able to explain its diversified features, you can get affiliated to the advertising sector of that brand through online portal and promote the item with the brand name. You can get a wide variety of in-depth reviews and latest news about specifications and features of mobile phones and other home entertainment systems. The search categories for smart phones based on Network, Brand, Prices, Ram, Display, Camera and Speed makes it much easier to get to the appropriate model.
Review and feedback provide assistance to make the item earn good revenue through the website.

Not only mobile phones but also it deals with the apps and services provided by the company with updating criteria and information. It’s really easy, the web service allows to make mobile apps in minutes, and without programming skills at all. Though many in the earlier days used to speculate that the money making apps were primarily aimed at making money and creating a promotion and no such information driven force were involved in them. There are some apps which have ringtones and songs in them, these compilations are great material for anybody, on return they have to just pass on their referral url for download to others who in turn if download then they would get good money in return. We received our payment from Envirofone within about two weeks, so a little slower, but it was the amount we were promised. One of these includes reviewing the items or products recommended or presented by a specific platform or company.
The trend of writing reviews and feedbacks for mobile phones regarding their features, appearance and specifications has caught roots.
Your feedback and reviews must be appealing and interesting so that the sponsors with utmost benefit may become the fate of the item. Reviews, feedback and gadgets provided on Phone arena are quite specific and accurate since the viewership and traffic of the website is huge as compared to other websites.
It also involves free downloading of android and blackberry applications which makes it an exception relative to above mentioned portals.
Once the deal has been redeemed, your customer will present the deal to the merchant and enjoy your savings! Generate an income sharing great deals.
There are multiple ways to create income allowing members to generate immediate and long term income.
There are selling companies willing to get their products tested and reviewed to get a feedback that becomes mandatory for customers’ requirement at times. Now a day most of the mobile apps developers make apps that are informative or attractive or have something to make people really appeal to download those apps for use. Just so you can put all your efforts into studies, we have compiled 10 more ways for you to make money online. Affiliate MarketingIf you have a good fan following on your website or blog, you can make money online using affiliate marketing where you need to just promote some services, products, and companies. Sign up to Affiliate Window which is a famous affiliate network, go through all the offers listed there to choose which matches the blog you write, grab the embedding link and share it instantly. Recycle Your Mobile Phone To Make Money OnlineMobile Cash Mate is a website that lets people earn money through recycling old mobile phones. If you too have a few mobile phones lying around in your house for no use, you can showcase it on the site to get a fair price out of something which would be a part of trash soon enough.13. Click WorkerThe concept of Click Worker is based on the internet crowd sourcing where business people display different tasks they want to get completed quickly. The tasks may vary, but the most common ones include data entry, form filling, and web research. Make Money Online By Claiming Back TaxMany students work in their holidays or part-time to earn some extra money.
Many countries do not cut tax money from the salaries of young individuals who are students.
If you think you have overpaid the tax that you shouldn’t have, you can always claim it back and make money online.15. Cash Back While ShoppingQuidco is one of the websites that pay you the commission they would earn otherwise. There is a list of exclusives and retailers that can make money online for you by just signing in and shopping.16. Part Time Student Jobs To Make Money OnlineA part-time job is sometimes difficult to tag along, especially for students. Therefore, there are sites such as Student Gems that help students find jobs and make money online. You can also check the local classified page, student job portals in your campus or freelancing websites. This will not only make money online for you but will also provide you means to fill the experience section in your CV.17.
Try FiverrFiverr has become the world’s largest marketplace to sell your gigs and make money online easily. The jobs include freelance writing, short video clips, web development, social media posting and what not.
Music ReviewingIf music is your passions and lifeline, do not hesitate to make money out of it. Slice The Pie has been booming since its birth where the reviews of latest music releases and others can be found easily.
You can start from low, but once people start loving your reviews, you can add up the pile of bucks.19. Take Part In CompetitionsThe world of internet is saturated with the competitions related to almost all walks of life. If you are a freelance writer, you can search about the free competitions on the internet to make money online.

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