Benfica football club is not only one of the most successful clubs ever that has come out of Portugal, but they have won a number of accolades in Europe which make them somewhat legendary within the world of club football.
They have won a record number of Portuguese national league titles with a total of 32 trophies to date. Benfica football club have a supreme record in Europe as well and one is amazed with the consistency with which they have performed although their league has seldom drawn in a lot of money. Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Sport Lisboa e Benfica better known as Benfica are a multi sport club which was formed back in 1904. Benfica football club is an arm of the Benfica sports club and is one of the best known Portuguese football teams known as a part of the big three in Portugal.
Benfica football club has been dominant on the local football scene ever since it was formed and has been a source of some great talent for the world of football.

Benfica football club is one of the most popular football clubs from Portuguese football league. To their credit, Benfica FC have 24 ‘cup of Portugal’ titles as well along with 2 league cups both of which are a national record as well.
They have won the UEFA Champions league which was formerly known as the UEFA Cup twice and have been runners up five times. The club has a rich sporting history with over 18000 trophies in various sports making it one of the most decorated sporting ventures in the world. They got immense success in Europe and nationally since they took the bull by it’s horns and broke the amazing run of European form by Real Madrid FC.
The Portuguese Super Cup is another favorite hunting ground for this legendary club as they have bagged 4 titles and have been the runners up on 11 different occasions.

The club faced dark times in the middle of 1990s when it went through serious financial troubles since they had done a lot of buying and the squad soared to over 30 players with debts accumulating on the side.
They did not manage a lot of success up until 2003 but ever since then have been going through a rebuilding phase whereby they are trying to regain their status as a dominant European club.

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