Anyone who watches Swamp People knows that alligator hunters care about how much money they make. As the show’s narrator often reminds us, many of these men make half their income for the year from the alligator we see them catch on the show. So, according to these estimates,  when Troy Landry pulls a 12 foot monster alligator out of the swamp, risking his life and straining his body, he might get up to $180 for a perfect hide. UPDATE – The prices continue to inch up in the Swamp People Season 4 Alligator Price Chart! Pricing is also tough to estimate, but I’ll go out on a limb and take an educated guess. CLICK HERE to find out exactly where the mythical “quarter-sized kill spot” mentioned numerous times on Swamp People is located! When you watch your first episode or two of Swamp People, the connections to the crab fishing portrayed on The Deadliest Catch jump to the fore. Alligator hunters, on the other hand, have to either have some other gig or have to live very simply in order to stay in the hunt. This show cracks me up how they havet to translate for them underneath when there talking LMAO!!!
We do it for the fun, but its not really a living, Lousiana has gator farms all over the bayou area.
Anyone who doesn’t think that’s the way the system works with the rich making the lions share off anything is extremly niave! I forgot to say that if they ever do anything for the fans, I would love to go out with them just 1 time. Boy am I glad I got netflix, I don’t have any cable and I was dying to watch this show.
Wished you got the money you deserve from the big guys that are really pulling in the bucks selling off your hard work.
To me it is cruel, I guess it is just me, I can not enjoy killing an animal or seeing one suffer all because of money. Lets see do I work for 500 a week and bring in 2000 for the month or do I bring in potentially 15-20K for that month. Willie, I don’t think you need to let your daddy shoot, somehow you get hit a little too often.
I would laugh if a saltwater croc had slipped into that swamp see how they fair against a 18ft Aussie croc. I would just like to use this medium to give a quick advise to any one out there that is having difficulty in his or her relationship to contact Dr.Madu because he is the only one that is capable to bring back broken relationship or broken marriages within time limit of 48 hours and any other problem you can ever think of in this world . VIDEO Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar engaged, see the announcement!Just one month after announcing they were courting, Counting On stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have taken the next step in their relationship and are now engaged!
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The number of tags you’re assigned is based on the size of your land and (if applicable) the number of tags you filled the previous year.
Troy Landry, who is the big daddy tag-rich King of the Swamp got 320 tags in 2010, but most professional hunters have far fewer. I live by the port everglades in miami,and every night on the news here you hear about a gator in someones back yard,or on thier porch. Onefether needs to realize if the gators were not harvested, eventually gator populations would increase to the point to where there would be no food for their existance and then the gators would starve to death.

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With the notable exception of the Guist brothers, the hunters featured on the show are quick to talk about what makes the difference between a profit and a loss during the one-month alligator season in Louisiana.
Let’s say our hypothetical hunter has a healthy allotment of 200 tags and property in both regions (for a 37 day season).
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The Louisiana Alligator Advisory Council has all the information (and more!) that you would ever want about how to lawfully hunt wild alligators in Louisiana and sell their hides and meat for a profit, but they tell a little bit rosier story about the industry than any of my other sources.
Hunting is hunting, though, so we’ll say that 2 out of every 10 is a baby 5-6 footer.
Sorry for ramblin but thought i’d i’d share a little story and say I love the show keep it going!!!!!!
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