Mike Tyson is known to do some pretty "out-there" things, but how about spending $2.3 million on a golden bathtub and $150,000 on two white Bengal tigers! The National Treasure star once spent $275,000 on an octopus and $276,000 on a dinosaur skull! But how about the time when she spent $325,000 on a custom-made dog house for her pup that was built to look exactly like her own house?!

We rounded up some of the craziest, most expensive, and (probably) useless purchases that celebs have made, and put them here because, wow.Remember when Justin Bieber had his Capuchin monkey, OG Malley, confiscated in Germany?! Yup, Queen B once spent that much on a pair of Balenciaga leggings covered in gold that she wore at her performance at the 2007 BET Awards.

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