Copyright © 2012 Rachael Edwards, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. If you haven’t, perhaps you should.  Even if your talent is not quite ready for the New York runway scene, you are about to learn ten sure-fire ways to showcase your passion and craft and earn money doing it.
These are not get-rich-quick schemes but serious enterprises where you can offer your wisdom, craft and experience for a profit.  You may not retire to a tropical island on your earnings, though some sewers do, but in these days of tight money, any boost to the budget is welcome.  Am I right?

Even if you don’t know advanced tailoring techniques, thanks to the internet, the opportunities for entrepreneurs of all stripes abound.  You can turn your particular talent for making home decor sewing, creating holiday sewing projects, offering one day alterations or teaching a class such as Sewing Made Simple. Develop a posse of supporters who will cheer you on as you head for your first sale or commission, and pick you up when the going gets rough and discouragement raises its ugly head. So how can you turn your sewing machine into your personal ATM?  Here are the ten best ideas.

A more frugal approach to your craft is valuable training for keeping tabs on your business’s bottom line, but can also give the household accounts a boost as well.

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