I got a request by a fresh graduate on what the normal ways you can make money in Malaysia. Description: You are in charge to sell investment products such as mutual funds based on equity, savings, bonds to customers. PROs: A lot of people don't have the time to invest in stocks which is more lucrative provided you know how to invest. CONS: 3% commission is very low if you are doing like RM30K sales per year which is only RM900. Dollar averaging technique is a good method to encourage customers to continously buy unit trust to ensure your income stream is continuous. So you manage to sell like RM100K yearly premium life policies , you will get in return RM181K (plus minus some percentage) as commission. I have a assumption is that to avoid too many people pilling up to be an insurance agent the commission rate is not well advertised. You have cash surrender value because the true rate needed to insure lets say RM100K in death benefits are actually RM100++ per year for a 20-30 year old. Again some money are needed for the insurance company taking in your risk for the 1st 5 years where they just collected a small amount of premium to take a RM100K risk. Hopefully, in the 20 years you have already become an millionaire and able to retire young from working. Style and fashion can generate a lot traffic here in Malaysia because like what Kris like to do during free time, watching those pretty girls! Does unit trust agent receive their commission every month with the same client just like insurance? Tri Pinnacle This has been a HOT topic among Penangites that wish to own their 1st home. It must be tiring listening to the repeated words of advice from your well meaning relatives telling you to save a few ringgit by cutting back on your mamak sessions or occasional cups of coffee. Best of all, if the service has a mobile app, you can answer the surveys wherever and whenever! If you reign supreme in MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) or MMORPG (Massive-multiplayer online role playing games) games, play and earn BIG BUCKS! The example link on #7 is actually a Dota 2 tournament and Dota 2 is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) not MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game).
There is a lot to choose from, but with so many options hinted, i guess no one can complain life is so difficult to deal with. So sorry, but we’ve only shared sites that we are familiar with, and unfortunately we are not so familiar with the Chinese versions of the sites. I can understand earning money while studying is how much important for the students studying abroad.I am student from USA studying from last 1 year. We specially design the training for all investors or traders in the whole world and share investor Malaysia. Learn or master share investment or trading in few hours without background of  experience or knowledge. 2) Unhappy job: Your working environment is stressful, dangerous, overload, fire fighting among employees.
Learn share trading in Malaysia by learning what share to buy in Malaysia, what skill and knowledge you must have.
7) You know what the weaknesses of share investor Malaysia are and how you can prevent the same mistakes. Are you constantly skeptical about the work from home job offer, not knowing it is LEGIT or SCAM? Are you thinking of starting a HOME BASED BUSINESS but NO CAPITAL, NOT SURE WHAT you can do?
FUN way to keep your kids busy while you are working at home. Effectively limits the interruption from your child to ease your work yet being able to concentrate on building their Positive Attitude and Character with the Tips given! WELL PREPARED mentally and physically to help you sustain during the tough time in order to achieve your dream life. Motivational and Inspirational QUOTES in building your dream and maintaining your momentum in pursuing your dream life.
Do you realize that, many decades ago, you mum or your grandmother did not ever heard about the acronym “WAHM” (Work At Home Mum)?
As opposed to old time, now both parents have to work to support the family finance and single household income is nearly impossible. We can’t deny that there are women who are successful in juggling the role of career lady and housewife, but majority of the mums are struggling in both lives.
A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE and STARTING POINT for you to explore your DREAMS, no matter where you are in your work from home goal! If you are thinking to join the growing number of work at home mums’ club, you may realize that figuring out a legitimate way to make money from home is challenging. This ebook will make you more confident in pursuing your dream because you will be completely ready. Will SAVE you hours of Precious Time browsing for jobs from home and small business ideas !! I would be able to save my few bucks to scammer should i know the way to identify scam earlier.
Before i get to know the tips to avoid scam from this ebook, I am in a couple of freelance and part time job from home on Facebook and I saw mainly similar kind of scam job posts mentioned in the ebook.

This ebook is really helpful in offering useful techniques to identify and avoid different kinds of scam, not only in terms of paying upfront fee, while hunting for work from home jobs.
If you are still wondering whether you should buy this ebook, don’t hesitate any more! I have yet to meet a mum who didn’t dream of staying at home with profitable work from home career. If you are looking for some insight into a get rich quick scheme, this book is not for you because those book and programs are bogus. No matter you are a stay at home mum, full time working mum or work at home mum now, if you are looking to supplement the income but not quite sure what you can do or what you are good at, this book is for you also!
Start working from home by finding a niche that you are interested as a great source of income for you! A checklist to help you make the decision so that you are well prepared and eliminate potential obstacles. You gain access to a special Facebook group of like minded mums, where we hold each other accountable to change our lives! The group is growing with the members from all over the world in few months time after established. Thanks to May’s effort to create the group for us, stay at home mums, who are trying to find work from home opportunities to help out the family. Now I am confident to tell the world that I have transitioned myself to a work at home mum and proudly earned my first paycheck through some of the opportunities shared. RM49 is not much considering so much valuable knowledge and information to learn from this ebook.
Initially I was hesitated to buy this ebook because of the price and sceptical on the value it brings. The ebook will be sent to you seconds after you have ordered and made the payment via credit card.
As a mum, your diaper bag is big and heavy enough to carry an extra printed book, so the ebook which is readable with smartphone or tablet is a smart way for you to bring and read it anywhere everywhere you go. I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Quantity Surveying (QS) from University of Malaya, Malaysia. It is also a result of my passion to explore and learn new things. It includes the solutions to mums’ dilemma in the journey of working from home, from the input of hundreds and thousands of like minded mums as well. I hope after reading this book you can successfully realize your dream and able to spend more time with your family. Work From Home Malaysia – Make Money SolutionsWork From Home Malaysia checked all the programs listed below. Work From Home Malaysia is not saying you will get rich or make $ 10,000 per month, but for sure you will make money, most probably enough to live a decent life, working from home. Nevertheless, if you are really serious on building a solid income and financial security for your future, throughout working from home, then please do pay careful attention to the last of our options, our Featured Option – Work From Home Malaysia Opportunity. You can enjoy 2 forms of payment by completing surveys about various subjects and products. This is a legitimate and professional opportunity in the market for 9 years, since November 2003. Based on Market Research, E-Cash Opinions will get companies that want to learn about their potential customers and gain insight on how people are currently thinking. This is a legitimate and professional opportunity in the market for 3 years, since October 2009.
This company has direct relationships with hundreds of the top research companies all over the world and they’ve asked them to help find people in Malaysia to start taking paid surveys right away. This is a legitimate and professional opportunity in the market for 8 years, since June 2004. This is a legitimate and professional opportunity in the market for 3 years, since September 2009. This is a legitimate and professional opportunity in the market for 1.5 years, since March 2011. As you know, businesses of all sizes are getting a presence on social media sites right now.
Tweet special offers and promotions – Twitter is one of the fastest and most efficient ways for businesses to keep in touch with their customers.
This is a legitimate and professional opportunity in the market for almost 1 year, since January 2012. We know that these are good options, nevertheless we truly believe that for a safe future and financial freedom, there is the need of a solid business.
It is a good investment for older generation that does not know how to invest or look at stock charts.
You can sell life policies, endowment schemes, saving plan cum insurance plan or even fire insurance to insure building. The amount is might be lower than this as some of the percentage needs to go to the insurance company also. They are harder to insure and you get tons of headache when medical claims come in for their multiple illnesses. However they are tons of people motivated enough to grab the opportunity to sell policies to your target group. People might get pissed off if an agent's service is not satisfactory while earning such a good commission.ChampDog, considering to change career fields?

There is no more commission if there is no new purchases.Unlike insurance agent where they still can get some amount after yearly renewal for a certain amount of time as pointed in the posting. Our Ringgit is at an all-time low, the 6% GST (Goods and Service Tax) hit us in April 2015, and the price of mostly everything has gone up. Example of MMORPG games are WoW (World of Warcraft, SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic), Runescape (probably one of the oldest).
You have to pay for something first.The instruction was same although it come from different company.
Unless you are a Kenyan, or can train like two times daily…,, running for prize money is out of the question!
Even they had it, they probably not afford or not worth to send so many of your siblings to aunty sitter. And maybe you are the mum whom faces the predicament to make a choice between Family, Career and Finance. At first I also contacted a few and even paid to get information but it turned out to be useless.
If you are looking for motivation to take the courage to explore your dream with legitimate ways to make money from home, make this book as your Starting Point! I am not a millionaire and I am not going to lie to you that you too can become a millionaire overnight.
They are legitimate and if you commit and make an effort to be consistent, you will make money. You will get paid in Cash always, but there’s also the possibility of keeping some of the products you surveyed, which is a great add-on. They then use this information to customize their products and marketing campaigns to appeal to the current trends of society. Every business is trying to get attention on social media sites and get more fans, likes, tweets and followers. Here are the typical jobs you can get part time to make tons of money provided you are hardworking in it. You will need to sit an paid examination to qualified you as a mutual fund agent in the unit trust industry.
For fresh graduates whom don't have a huge capital to invest in stocks or even the property market.
You do get commission again when they switch their unit to equity based unit trusts because they get charged another 5.5% fee. Even the market is bad, just use dollar averaging there is data to back you up that shows this technique will generated profits when the market rebounces. The possibilities are endless as most things can be insured as long the client is willing to pay the necessary premium in tandem to the risks. I don't expect all 20-30 years old in the whole world that just took a RM100K policy at the 1st year to DIE in the 2th year.
Insurance products also covers education and saving scheme which you can ply to your clients. So you need to be very aggressive to make your MILLIONS and retire from the industry in 20 years time. I’ve updated the blog post to more accurately reflect the game type for the example given. Defining your goals at Early Stage to enable you determining the job opportunities that suit you best and help you through the ups and downs along the way! Perhaps the best job that matches the criteria of working at home that time is “babysitter”! This ebook open my mind that there are indeed many ways I can try to earn extra cash from home. Owing to her tips in the business that we can achieve from home, I have successfully established my own online store selling baby products. I believe by keeping the price low more mums will purchase the ebook and be able to pursue their dream with proper guide. So if you honestly think that the information contained in the ebook is not useful to you at all.
The information that worth to share getting more along the way and so I decided to write this eBook with the combination of my experiences and the knowledge I had learnt about work from home for years. This document may not be copied in part or full without express written permission from the publisher.
Your job includes helping them to switch funds besides buying and selling the unit trust according to clients' wishes. Just approached them when there are just out of university around 23-24 years old.After 5 years when their career have matured , approached them again to buy new policy (a new policy earns much more commission) so that you can earn 2x of the yearly premium. Can’t imagine i can work effectively yet can build up their positive attitude and character! You can climb up to "manager" level that requires you to train up and get more down-line agents.

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