I wanted to share my success with my garage sales, what worked and what didn’t work, and how you can hold your own sale and make money from home. Three years ago I decided to host a pop up shop in my garage, selling some of the pieces I no longer wanted, along with pieces of furniture that I transformed.
Last year, we started thinking that we’ll be downsizing in then next couple of years, so I started selling lots of my own personal collection.
Let me share each step of how to hold a successful garage, yard or pop up shop sale and how you can make money hosting one of these events. Months before you decide to host a garage, yard or pop up shop sale start to prepare yourself and gather things you’re planning on selling. This year I used wallpaper, because that’s what I had, and I was trying to be frugal and not spend anymore money than I had too. Since I wanted my garage to look like a shop, I hung painters tarp from the ceiling beam using furniture tacks that I had. Selling shabby chic, chippy vintage, architectural pieces, small furniture, lighting, rugs, white ironstone and much more! We had so much stuff to sell at my latest sale that we had to pull things out into the driveway.
I used pink poster board, and used a black sharpie to write the name of the sale, address, date and time. This was my first time doing this, and I think it’s why this last year was the best ever!! Since we knew that buyers at our pre-sale were going to be big shoppers, we made it easy by giving them post it notes and pens. Prepare yourself with buyers that will purchase items but, they’ll need to return to pick the item or items up.
They may have only come to your garage sale planning on spending a certain amount, but they’ll spend more if they can charge it. With my blog business I don’t have the time I once did to care for our home and my pretty things. Last time we moved I didn’t have time to prepare, so we moved with everything we had and it was ton of work and cost a fortune! Hi, thanks for all the information that you gave… I have a friend who has occasional sales in Tennessee and she has spent the last decade and has supported herself quite well doing so.

I can remember one year you had sale , hardly anybody came, you were rightfully upset and asked advice to how to get more customers. Am very happy for you, wish we lived close as I saw several things would love to have, that round empty frame for instance. We are sure looking forward to seeing our oldest son and 2 grandsons next month, not for his wedding however. Well, a garage sale is held in your garage, a yard sale is in your yard, and a pop up shop is basically a shop that you open up in your garage or home. And start asking for friends or family that can help at your garage, yard or pop up sale event. Although I must admit, I usually don’t start pricing things until I have it all set up.
We have a three car garage, and our third stall has our garbage cans, lawn mower, bikes, all the not so pretty part of the garage.
Make sure you check with your town as far as how big the signs are and how many you can add. This will only work if you have mostly vintage pieces to sell, and you’ll need to contact lots of antique dealers. I not only invited dealers, but I also invited anyone that attended my sale over the past few years. The next day the weather was not so nice and  since we sold most of our stuff, we ended up closing the sale early.
As they were standing in line ready to shop, we handed them post it’s and pens so they could write there name and sold on these pieces of paper. If you really want to sell something, don’t put a huge price on it just because someone on Ebay was able to sell it for that high price. I had thought I might want to do something like that,but with life as it is and me as I am… It all seemed too much and overwhelming. I’ve kept this up for the past three years, by simply rolling it up, and tying it with twine so it was always ready for the next year. You’re not only trying to attract people that saw your ad, but also people driving by. Gather extra folding tables and place a sheet or tablecloth on top of the table to make it look attractive.

I had a sign on each end of our main road to attract buyers, and one in our entrance of our subdivision. As we started setting up for the sale, the garage was getting fuller and fuller with our stuff. If someone is coming back make sure you give them a specific time and day to pick up the items.
So this is my question, if I were to do something on a smaller scale like a one-day sale as you projected here primarily… to you if I were to do, what you call a pop-up sale,at my home one day, what kind of wording in newdpaper or online ads do you use to let people know it is “not getting rid of things (junk)that they would expect usually a traditional garage sale? I am in the process of opening a real shop and know I won’t have the time to look after a house full of stuff. When you place your ad, get to the point, make it short, and word it so you will attract the right people. I know you want to make money, but sometimes you need to give things away for free in order to make money. Make sure you give them your phone number and address, and make sure you get their name and phone number as well.
This was another reason for our success as people will spend more money using a charge card. I like to think that you and I are on the same wavelength, as I have always done my sales like you do… kindred spirits for sure! Wait and have your next sale when you move closer to me-wasn’t it North Georgia that you were moving to?
I am a new follower and I look forward to everything that you say and do because you make it understandable,accessible and absolutely not overwhelming. I have a 1939 French Door that has 15 window panes… it has the original brass hardware and it is white, no doubt painted many years ago.

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