Jerry Romanowski watched thousands of 6-inch Atlantic salmon dance across the water Tuesday, minutes after they dove into Lexington State Harbor.
Romanowski, a director of the Flint River Valley Steelheaders, drove from Lapeer to set off small fireworks to scare cormorants hoping to make an easy meal of the young fish. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources hopes Tuesday’s deposit of about 19,500 Atlantic salmon at the Lexington State Harbor will increase salmon stocks in Lake Huron.
Jim Baker, manager of the southern Lake Huron fisheries management unit, said this is the second year the state has stocked Atlantic salmon in the harbor. Lexington State Harbor received about 5,000 more Atlantic salmon than it did last year from the DNR’s Platte River State Fish Hatchery in Beulah. He said the plantings are experimental — a replacement for dwindling Chinook salmon populations. Baker said the Chinook population began to dwindle when the alewife populations crashed thanks to the zebra and quagga mussels’ entry into the Great Lakes. Fish planted last year had an adipose fin clip to distinguish them from Atlantic salmon planted in the St. This year’s fish in Lexington Harbor, the AuSable River and Thunder Bay River also have an adipose fin clip and a coated wire tag in their snouts.
Baker said anyone who catches a fish with an adipose fin clip should save the head or snout and give it to the DNR. The plant in Lexington is a put and take fishery, meaning any fish put in the harbor will be harvested by anglers and likely will not spawn. In the matter of money, everyone wants to get it more to satisfy own needs in a great proportion.
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