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China Youth Daily reports that both of Will's parents are businesspeople and they are engaged in importing goods from China.
Will selected a lot of Chinese goods (mostly toys) and brought them back with him to Australia. However, if he really wants to make some money, he should think about flipping his business model around as well. Sign up for Shanghaiist Daily, which will deliver the day's most popular stories to your inbox at 5 p.m.

Will also wanted to give it a try and asked his parents if he could join them on their trip to China.
The family invited a translator to accompany them as they toured the Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Great Wall, and also tried out a unique foot massage during the trip. Since it was the Christmas season at the time, Will's toys became very popular online, which made him a big seller on eBay.
Chinese students in Australia with an equally strong business sense have found that they can make $3,000 a week by selling Australian baby formulas and health products to Chinese consumers. Well, Will Deeth, a 14-year-old boy from Australia, found out he can make $10,000 a week by reselling stuff that he bought from China.

Will made $10,000 (66,547 RMB) in one week, after spending just $2,500 (16,637 RMB) on the toys.

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