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Fletching is a members only skill that allows you to make Ranged weapons, including bows, arrows, crossbows and throwing weapons. Go to the Ranger Guild (You need level 40 in Ranged to enter), shoot at the targets untill you have 140 tickets. After completed the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest, you can make Ogre Composite Bows and Brutal Arrows.
To make the Ogre Composite Bow, you need to cut some logs from the Achey Trees in Feldip Hills, then cut the logs with a knife while you have Wolf Bones in your backpack. To make Brutal Arrows, smith some Nails of your choice (also see our Smithing guide), and use them on the Headless Ogre Arrows, while you have a Hammer in your inventory.

Instead of dropping your bows, you can use Low and High Level Alchemy on them to gain magic experience. You can get this at the respawn just south of Lumbridge Castle, and there's also a respawn in Seers' Village, in a house just east from the bank.
But there are special types of bolts, which has a different bolt tip: Opal Tipped Bolts, Pearl Tipped Bolts and Barbed Tipped Bolts. Cut some logs from the Achey trees in Feldip Hills, then use a knife with them to make Ogre arrow shafts. Just withdraw all bows as notes, wear a Fire Staff and have the same amount of Nature Runes as you have bows, and start using High or Low Level Alchemy on them. Nature Runes can be expensive, so you won't earn money if you use High Alchemy on low leveled bows, but you will earn alot of experience.

Then, add feather to the Ogre Arrow Shafts to make Flighted Ogre Arrows, you will need at least 4 feathers per arrow! Remember that you will get more money if it's strung, and High Alchemy will give a better reward and more XP than Low Alchemy. Get some Wolf Bones and use a Chisel on it to get Wolfbone Arrowtips, you can get 2-6 tips.

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