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Gabinet Weterynaryjny Medica-Wetzaprasza do skorzystania z uslug fryzjerskich dla Twojego pupila. Prioritizing grant projects wasn't anything new to us as a nonprofit, but when we started delving into consulting projects, we grappled with the best processes for ensuring they were on budget, on time and of high quality, and the best way to select new projects.
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Many nonprofits are already familiar with concepts like the Dual-bottom Line matrix for prioritizing grant projects, where organizations are trying to find a happy medium between financial sustainability and strong mission impact alignment.

Low mission impact, low sustainability programs are probably opportunities the organization should stop pursuing.
Then deciding between high impact low sustainability and low impact high sustainability projects depend on resources such as time and money. Hopefully, your organization has a good portfolio of projects allowing for an overall organizational balance of mission impact and financial sustainability.Some of the same concepts can be applied to taking on a consulting project, as we found out. However, we decided to expand our list of lenses from which to view our project with a long list of questions about the potential benefits of the project, including whether the project allows us to share knowledge with the field, whether there is a strong learning opportunity, and yes, how much this project aligns with our core mission work. A scope of work details the activities to be performed in the project (sometimes broken down into more detailed tasks), the deliverables, and the timeline, including general deadlines.
Sometimes a scope of work is part of a broader document called a “charter,” a “statement of work,” or one of many other names that also has a cost-benefit analysis and delineates the risks inherent in the project. One trick of the trade I have learned is that sometimes it’s also a good idea to delineate what’s not in scope, especially when collaborating with other organizations on a project.
There are many articles and techniques that talk about these issues, but one thing is clear from all the studies I’ve read: people quite often underestimate.

This creates difficulties both internally if a project is underestimated and then goes over budget, and externally if the client thinks it should take less time than it really does. We use the time-tracking application called Harvest, which allows us to track our hours on a project. We talked in our last article about our quarterly process of creating a capacity spreadsheet where everyone calculates their hours for the next quarter based on the number of hours they’re already assigned to projects.
The process of selecting, planning, estimating, scheduling and detailing the activities for a project proposal is a lot of up-front work before the project is even started or accepted.

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